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20d 5h

Balam leads the undead that rise from the graves each year in a conquest of Britain.


Damage24 - 29
Monster TypeMelee
Strength550 - 575
Dexterity126 - 145
Intelligence676 - 905
Hit Points4,500 - 5,500
Taming Info
Minimum TamingN/A
Control SlotsN/A
Barding Info
Barding DifficultyImmune
w/ a GM InstrumentN/A
w/ a Slayer InstrumentN/A
Slayer Info
Dropped Slayer
Effective Slayer
Effective Super Slayer
Base TypeCreature
Primary TypeSpecial
Sub TypesHalloween_Monsters
KeywordsBalam the Daemon Knight

Spawn Locations

No spawn locations on file

2016 Leaderboard

1st Trick Daddy 4 Kills
1st Arrogant Bastard 3 Kills
1st Bloodlust 2 Kills
1st Hugh Glass 2 Kills
1st P i l l 2 Kills
1st Medyum Memis 1 Kills
1st A Creeper 1 Kills
1st Duris Vaughn 1 Kills
1st Chop 1 Kills
1st Perrin Aybara 1 Kills
2016 Kills 19

Lifetime Leaderboard

1st Trick Daddy 7 Kills
1st Arrogant Bastard 4 Kills
1st Dalavar Axemage 4 Kills
1st Topper Harley 3 Kills
1st Cortland Andrus 2 Kills
1st Selotick 2 Kills
1st Perseus 2 Kills
1st a day laborer 2 Kills
1st BuckWild 2 Kills
1st Bloodlust 2 Kills
Lifetime Kills 72

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Balam the Daemon Knight