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  When the Renaissance shard was founded, it was decided that we would do things differently when it came to shard support. Rather than ask our players for donations, we will only ever ask our players to publicize the shard in their own way. From web posts, forum advertising, to voting this is all we will ever ask.

Shard Support Information
  • Renaissance staff will never solicit items or advancement for donations.
  • Renaissance will never implement a donation shop.
  • Renaissance will never implement any form of website advertising.
  • The Server will never shut down due to lack of funds.
  • Donations will be used primarily for advertising services to attract more players to Renaissance.
  • Any leftover funds will be used for our hosting costs.
  • No funds will ever be used to pay staff or contractors for services.

Players can help support UO:Renaissance in the following ways.

Paypal allows you to easily make a one time donation or setup a recurring monthly donation to support UO:Renaissance. Should you choose to subscribe make sure that you provide your forum nickname so we can properly thank you.
Make a one time donation
Setup a monthly subscription
   Subscription Level
   Forum Name (optional)      

If you choose the recurring donation option, you can cancel at any time by clicking here:   

Note: All Payments are handled via Rockwell Medical Consulting
Note: Paypal charges approximately 4.5% of fees on each donation. Renaissance recieves 95% of the funds donated.

Patron allows you to support Renaissance in a more interactive fashion. You can donate monthly via paypal or a credit card and will recieve regular updates on the progress of Renaissance development and advertising projects.
Visit our profile on Patreon and pledge your support!

Note: Patreon charges 5% of each donation, with an additional 4% for credit card fees. Renaissance recieves 91% of the funds donated.
Why Support Renaissance?
    • Your generous donations help keep Renaissance free of donation coins and the pay to play model.
    • All donations are spent on the betterment of the server, from advertising to web hosting to software licenses.
    • All Renaissance supporters will be given access to a special forum to discuss the shards direction and development.

Can't afford to Donate? Help us popularize the shard!
    • Posting information and media about the shard on various gaming sites and blogs.
    • Contacting current and former Ultima Online players to let them know about Renaissance.
    • Internet advertising donations on other related websites.
    • To learn more about the various ways to help the shard grow click here

Vote for UO:Renaissance
JoinUO: Vote! Ultima Online Free server Vote For UOR

Another valuable service that you can provide is to assist our players in your free time.
Listed below are a variety of methods in which you can help.
    • Assist players with questions they may have in our IRC channel.
    • Assist players on the forums with any problems or questions they have.
    • Contribute useful guides about various topics on the Renaissance Forums.
    • Help the staff isolate, research, reproduce and test bugs.

You may also spread the word about Renaissance by using some of the following graphics in your forum signatures or web posts on various Ultima and Gaming related forums. Simply right click and select copy image link to use these images elsewhere.