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Listed below you will find the rules for the Renaissance server. While this list is fairly comprehensive, please use common sense, as other rules may apply.

Keep in mind that Ultima Online is a very dangerous world. Lord British provides guards for our residents while they are within town limits, however, safety is in your own hands. Unless in extreme situations the staff will not intervene in player interactions.
  • Account Limitations
  •   • You are allowed to have 3 accounts.
  •       We are concerned with a balanced environment for our players, not with our online player count.
  •   • There will be a limit of 3 accounts online per IP address.
  •       Sharing access to your accounts with others is expressly forbidden.
  •       This can result in the loss of access to the accounts in question.
  •   • Exceptions to this policy will be made should multiple players share the same internet access.
  •   • Please choose unoffensive, non sexual and non obscene character names.
  •       Should your character name be deemed inappropriate it will be changed, this is a family game.
  •   • Accounts will never be deleted due to inactivity.

  • General Conduct
  •   • Treat the staff with respect.
  •   • Treat other players in game and on the forums with respect.
  •       Keep the trash talk in the trash talk forum.

  • Ingame, Forum & IRC Conduct
  •   • Harassment
  •       We will not tolerate insults, attacks, threats, and/or denigration from any member on another member at any time.
  •       We have zero tolerance for taking an argument about any topic to a personal level.
  •       Name calling, repeated critical and sharply negative posts toward a member, flaming, or slanderous posts are not
  •       acceptable.
  •   • Obscenity
  •       As a community with a diverse group consisting of various age groups and gender, we ask that our members post
  •       without using vulgarity.
  •       Vulgarity not only includes vulgar language and pictures but also sexist, racist, anti-religious and homophobic language
  •       which may offend other members.
  •   • Scamming
  •       Players may not use the public community to advertise a scam, dishonest trade, or trap ingame.
  •       Players may not use the public community to conduct a scam, dishonest trade, or trap ingame.
  •       Players found to have been advertising or conducting these activities can lose their access to IRC or the Forums.
  •       Scamming other players can easily fall under the discouraging gameplay policy.
  •   Not complying with these rules can result in the loss of IRC privileges , and in extreme situations access to the game server.
  •  Comprehensive Renaissance Code of Conduct

  • Discouraging Gameplay
  • Just because this is a felucca world does not give players the permission to harass and discourage other players in ways that exceed the boundaries of common sense. If your conduct is judged to be primarily focused on activities that will result in players no longer enjoying playing on Renaissance this conduct will be addressed.
  •     Examples of understood felucca game play:
  •       • Killing a player in a dungeon, looting their items
  •       • Stealing from players
  •       • Looting other players houses.
  •     Examples of discouraging game play:
  •       • Telling a player to get good or leave the server
  •       • Excessive verbal harassment
  •       • Trapping players in locations that force them to use the help stuck system to escape
  •       • Using ghost scouts to track players locations in dungeons and at champion spawns
  •       • Excessive attempts to scam other players.
  •       • Choosing abusive, but valid, character names or guild titles with the goal of discouraging others.
  •       • Spreading false narratives regarding the development and direction of the server. (aka fear mongering)
  •       • Abusing house item decay mechanics to impact the gameplay of others.
  •       • Excessive attempts to extort players in order to be left alone or allowed to engage in an activity

  • Note: When in doubt, if you think a certain behavior is discouraging to other players, then do not do it. It is not our job to provide an environment where players can prey on other players outside the expected world mechanics. If the staff notices a pattern of behavior that indicate to us that a player does not appreciate their access to the Renaissance server and exist here only to torture others for their own amusement you will be removed from the community.

  • Shard / Game Advertising
  •   • Any player found to be using the Renaissance community to advertise services unrelated to Renaissance can find their access to our game server, community and forums immediately revoked.
  •   • There is no warning for advertising, if you engage in this activity your access will be immediately terminated.
  •   • Our players have put endless time and effort into this server and our community. As a free server with limited resources we do not feel that our community should have to bear the burden of hosting advertising for other paid services and for profit UO servers. A great deal of our players have their own projects, interests other than Renaissance. We request that they limit discussions on those topics to the communities that are focused on those areas.

  • Housing & Boats
  •   • All characters on Renaissance will be able to own a single house.
  •   • Houses decay in approximately 14 days.
  •   • Houses will enter a condemned status if the account is inactive for 90 days.
  •   • Boats decay in approximately 14 days.

  • Soliciting Transactions for any Real Currency
  •   • Buying or Selling items for any form of currency outside the game world, virtual or tangible is not allowed.
  •   • This includes cross server trades of any sort.
  •   • Should you be caught buying or selling items in this manner the items in question could be subject to deletion.

  • Unattended Macroing
  •     Unattended macroing using razor is allowed with the following conditions
  •   • No software other than razor may be used for repetitive tasks.
  •   • You may not kill monsters unattended using any means.
  •   • You may not gather items and resources unattended.
  •       This includes, but is not limited to, mining, lumberjacking, fishing, lockpicking chests in dungeons and town, sheep shearing and cotton harvesting.
  •   • You may not sell items to NPC's unattended.
  •   • You may not place houses unattended.
  •   • You may not click house signs as a ghost unattended.
  •   • You may not collect items in any manner unattended.
  •       Regardless if it is farming, rare hunting, using the scavenger agent. Please do it attended.

  • Permitted Third Party Applications
  •      Allowed
  •         • Razor
  •         • UOAM
  •         • UO Rudder
  •      Explicitly Not Allowed
  •         • Assist UO (AUO)
  •         • Steam UO (SUO)
  •         • Easy UO (EUO)
  •         • Adrenaline
  •         • Non Electronic Arts(EA) or Origin Systems (OSI) Clients.