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Mage 7x Duelists Leaderboard

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List of the top 50 7x Mage duelists

Player Name Guild World Rank Level Experience Wins Losses Win % Matches
Unholy 10th
369 17 2 89.5% 19
Isabel 62nd
50 2 0 100% 2
S Quentin Quale 95th
25 1 0 100% 1
Ian Blackthorn 207th
0 0 1 0% 1

Scoring Methodology - Duels: Experience gained from duels is based on your current experience(rank) vs the players experience(rank) that you dueled. As you rise in rank you will gain less and less experience from duels with players below your rank eventually ceasing to gain experience for a lopsided duel.

Scoring Methodology - Other: All other non duel combat is graded on a two part system. The killers combat rank is determined by their experience in the related type of combat, while their victims experience is based on a weighted average of their total combat experience (non duel). The amount of times that a player has killed another player also will factor into the process. The more you have killed someone, combined with their overall combat experience will determine your experience gain, if any, in a combat situation.

Updates: Duel Ladders are updated every 2 hours. The Overall PvP leaderboards are updated nightly.

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