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Ultima Online Ancient MIB

The Ancient SOS - Perfected

May 21st 2013

   A the hour beyond memory set th' wind at me sails. Once a jim laddie wit' dreams 'o th' ocean, turned scurvy pirate 'o th' savage seven seas, 'tis Lord Dalgrim fancies himself a deity amongst sailors. A mighty fleet he had set ahead to seek out more treasure, returned naught but stain'd paper wit' scribble no more worth readin than all th' books he'd burned b'fore. No doubts calls fer help a scribbled by a scallywag callin h'self cap'n! Nay, th' treasure be not worth me the hour so I toss'em in th' waters from whence they come!

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The Platinum Reward System

April 2nd 2013

    The Renaissance staff are proud to unveil our Player Rewards System. Where players can earn platinum coins in their adventures or other chosen profession and trade them in for unique and innovative items.

To learn more about the rewards and how to earn platinum continue reading...

Ultima Online Platinum Rewards

Ultima Online Stone Crafting

The Renaissance Stone Crafting System

March 28th 2013

   Next on our quest for "History Perfected" is the masonry crafting system. Added to OSI shards in 2001 this was a disaster in application.
The staff here at Renaissance have rebuilt this system from the ground up to make it a rewarding trade for players, while maintaining an appropriate level of difficulty in acquiring the items.

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The Combat Log Book

January 13th 2013

    Given the wide variety of combat templates available to players on Renaissance server the staff has created the ultimate tool for analyzing your characters combat proficiency.

To learn more about the combat log book continue reading...

Ultima Online Combat Log Book

Ultima Online Pet Bonding

Pet Bonding in a Felucca Only World

September 30th 2012

   The next step on our quest for "History Perfected" was the system of pet bonding. This system was added by OSI early on in the Renaissance era and was quite popular. However after it was initially added some serious problems were discovered and OSI spent the next several years patching the system repeatedly in an attempt to fix it. In the end bonding was turned into an extremely trammel experience ...

To learn more about the changes to bonding continue reading...

The Bulk Order Reward Review

Sept 12th 2012

    Continuing on our path to History Perfected in this blog post we will look at the bulk order deed system, how it works and the rewards for completing the orders.

To learn more about the changes that were made to the bulk order rewards continue reading...

Ultima Online Bulk Order Rewards

Ultima Online AFK System

The Renaissance Anti AFK Gathering/Selling System

September 2nd 2012

    In order to combat the problem of unattended gathering and selling the Renaissance staff have created a system that will monitor these activities. Since no free shard can have staff online around the clock to respond to player complaints about unattended macro'ers an automated system was needed.

To learn more about the system and how it will affect your game play and the world economy continue reading...

Creating the Fortress

July 7th 2012

    The next step on our quest to perfect the Renaissance experience was fixing what we have always thought was one of the most obvious mistakes with respect for housing. Castles were probably intended in design to be large guild houses from the beginning, however with the size of the courtyard and the general design make this almost impossible.

To learn how we decided to improve the castle by designing it from the ground up with guild functions in mind continue reading...

Ultima Online Fortress

Ultima Online Buff Icons

Buff/Debuff Icon Implementation

July 1st 2012

    Continuing our mantra of "History Perfected" we have reviewed the tools available and researched the Buff Icons system that was created later in the history of Ultima Online. We customized this system in a manner that would integrate it into the Renaissance experience while staying true to our vision.

To learn more about how these icons work and how to enable it continue reading...

Renaissance Boat Crafting

June 28th 2012

    One of our recent projects here at Renaissance was looking into ways to make players who dedicate their time and effort to being a craftsman more rewarding. With the advent of the Renaissance era we were provided with much improved crafting menus but unfortunately limited new crafting options.

As a player I always thought it was strange that boat deeds were bought rather than crafted, and after some discussion we determined that adding boat construction would be a nice improvement to the crafting options.

Ultima Online Boat Crafting

Ultima Online Stone Keep

Perfecting the Stone Keep

June 22th 2012

    On our quest to perfect the Renaissance era of Ultima Online we realized that several classic houses were in desperate need of a few changes. As longtime players we could never understand why stone keeps had so much wasted space. To address this we have created a "large stone keep deed".

By removing two of the empty wells on the east and west sides of the keep we are able to establish more of a great room feel in the keep. Most significantly we are able to convert the back well into a private courtyard for the keep owner.

The Renaissance Begins...

June 1st 2012

    In 2012 the decision was made by a group of friends that there was a need for a true Ultima Online Renaissance era shard that was free from the influences of trammel and infused with the thrilling challenge that was Felucca and the T2A era.

Over the next few months we plan to review every aspect of the Renaissance period and incorporate all the fantastic additions into the Felucca facet. Some great things were added during this time, but some terrible mistakes were made also. We aim to recreate this period as it should have been, but by staying true to the Second Age mechanics we all loved.

Ultima Online Renaissance Begins

"When you do things right, people won't be sure that you've done anything at all."

Ultima Online Renaissance

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