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Faction PvP Leaderboard

Standard 7x

Mage 5x

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List of the top 50 players ranked by faction kills

Player Name Guild World Rank Level Experience Kills
Isabel 7th
1,417 563
Relentless 12th
1,264 317
Otis Driftwood 17th
1,192 311
Ron DonQ 31st
1,056 186
Mr Sinister 32nd
1,053 147
Les Claypool 58th
877 127
S Quentin Quale 116th
539 54
Dread Lady Raven 121st
508 57
Ian Blackthorn 122nd
504 50
Dadbod 123rd
495 57
BaaL 129th
474 52
Demonax 148th
408 33
Akhorahil 163rd
354 33
Medic 165th
344 33
Les Claypool 178th
313 30
Nova 188th
297 26
Hanzo 235th
217 18
Belial 244th
204 19
Mourning Would 251st
195 19
Chuck Norris 257th
183 18
SneakyT 305th
108 9
Perry Mason 315th
94 9
45 3
Necrosis 366th
43 3
Black Mamba 376th
33 3
Zorn 388th
20 2
Badillac 395th
11 1
Beardsley 396th
10 1

Scoring Methodology - Duels: Experience gained from duels is based on your current experience(rank) vs the players experience(rank) that you dueled. As you rise in rank you will gain less and less experience from duels with players below your rank eventually ceasing to gain experience for a lopsided duel.

Scoring Methodology - Other: All other non duel combat is graded on a two part system. The killers combat rank is determined by their experience in the related type of combat, while their victims experience is based on a weighted average of their total combat experience (non duel). The amount of times that a player has killed another player also will factor into the process. The more you have killed someone, combined with their overall combat experience will determine your experience gain, if any, in a combat situation.

Updates: Duel Ladders are updated every 2 hours. The Overall PvP leaderboards are updated nightly.

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