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On the Renaissance server you will find a perfected version of the pet bonding system.
Some of the differences from the default bonding system are listed here
  - You may currently only have one bonded pet. This will be expanded soon.
  - Bonded Pets will not travel with you when you recall.
  - When resurrecting a bonded pet it will sustain 2.5% skill loss.
  - Pet summoning balls only work on dead pets, and can only summon your pets ghost.
  - Bonding powerful pets can require a special item obtained from various monsters. Peculiar Meat

Bonding Basics
  - Players may have 1 bonded pet per character.
  - Note: To be expanded in a future patch.
  - To bond a pet you must have enough skill to control the pet.
  - Note: This is based on your real skill.
  - To bond a pet that requires 1 control slot, you must successfully feed your pet over a period of 7 days.
  - Once your pet has been with you long enough and on a successful feeding the pet will bond with you
  - A pet will only bond with you if you do not already have a bonded pet.
  - To bond a pet that requires more than one control slot, you must find and feed your pet a special type of meat as shown below.
  - Should your bonded pet die, you will be able to resurrect your pet using the veterinary and animal lore skills.
  - However each time yourpet dies, it will experience a 2.5% skill loss on death.
  - A bonded pet abandoned by its master will break the bond after 24 hours.

Using Animal lore on a pet you control will provide you with the following Status Messages

  - This pet is already bonded with you -
Indicates that the targeted pet is already bonded with you

  - You lack the skill to establish a bond with this pet. -
Your taming skill is currently below the amount required to start the bonding process

  - You should try feeding your pet to begin to bond with it. -
This pet needs to be fed any of its desired foods in order to start the bonding process

  - You must spend more time with your pet. -
7 days has not passed since you successfully started the bonding process with this pet.

  - This pet craves peculiar meat -
You need to feed your pet enough peculiar meat to enabled pet bonding. (The same as control slots required)

  - This pet is ready to be bonded. -
This pet is ready to bond the next time you successfully feed it food that it likes.


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