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0d 17h

Double-click on a fishing pole, then click on a body of water. If successful, you will catch a fish.You might catch something more interesting than a fish. Success with this skill also depends on the availability of fish in that specific area.

0-65 - On land you will fish up Footwear, Magic Fish, and Normal Fish.
80+ - Sea Serpents (No SoS Message), Special Fishing Nets.
90+ - Treasure Maps 95+ - You can reel in Big Fish which can be used to make Trophys via Taxidermi Kits.
100 - Messages in a Bottle (aka MIB) / Waterstained SoS Message
100 - Ancient Messages in a Bottle (1 in 20)

You can get to 100% fishing on land, but deep sea fishing gives much faster skillgains.
Monsters will never spawn by fishing from land.

Note: Big fish are often used in player run fishing contests and will come stamped with the weight, angler name and time of the catch.

Note: You must attend any fishing while at 100 fishing. Fishing at this point will be monitored by the attended verification system.

Gideon's Advice: You can gain to GM Fishing easily from any coast or dock even without moving much because the water tiles will respawn relatively quickly and you can reach 2-3 different spots from where you are standing. You will begin to see the AFK macroing gump at this point and will need to start attended macroing fishing in the ocean.


Base TypeSkill
Primary TypeSkills
Sub TypesMisc

Spawn Locations

No spawn locations on file

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