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Besides dungeons and swamps, chickens are found just about everywhere. Humans have found ways to use chickens in numerous ways. Their eggs and meat are used in cooking and their feathers are used in fletching. Chickens are not at all aggressive, but oddly they will fight back if attacked.

- Melochabre the Wise


Damage1 - 1
Monster TypeMelee
Strength5 - 5
Dexterity15 - 15
Intelligence5 - 5
Hit Points3 - 3
Taming Info
Minimum Taming0.9
Control Slots1
Barding Info
Barding Difficulty4
w/ a GM Instrument4
w/ a Slayer Instrument3
Slayer Info
Dropped Slayer
Effective Slayer
Effective Super Slayer
Base TypeCreature
Primary TypeAnimals
Sub TypesBirds

Spawn Locations

No spawn locations on file

2018 Leaderboard

1st ValoriVinyl 516 Kills
1st Tinnian 120 Kills
1st Snowjackel Jr 103 Kills
1st Snow Bird 93 Kills
1st Jord 81 Kills
1st Snow Hare 73 Kills
1st Cathy Fox 72 Kills
1st Alura 72 Kills
1st Fletch 59 Kills
1st Huwl'r 50 Kills
2018 Kills 7,602

Lifetime Leaderboard

1st Khan Kristopher 606 Kills
1st Rebel Yell 588 Kills
1st Muete 582 Kills
1st Melochabre 566 Kills
1st Azdin 451 Kills
1st Medlock 371 Kills
1st Amulek 337 Kills
1st Kylie Lutz 301 Kills
1st Geoffrey Longbow 300 Kills
1st 252 Kills
Lifetime Kills 39,677

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