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Nujel'm is located on a remote island off the coast of Vesper. This is a hot place: bathing suits, shorts, pastel colors and filmy fabrics adorn the locals, nothing heavy. Although its level of technology is high, it exists as a place to get away from it all. Nujel'm is built of gleaming white and orange sandstone, and black and white marble. It is full of arches, sweeping buttresses, narrow and crowded bazaars full of cloth-draped stalls, warrens of ghettoes carefully hidden from the tourists, and large airy palaces with pools and Grecian style columns. Nujel'm is considered a pleasure city, and often nobles from Magincia or Moonglow can be found vacationing on it's sandy beaches. There are rumors however that beneath it's glittery exterior Nujel'm is a city of corruption that nearly rivals Buc's Den.

In contrast to the sprawling, luxurious buildings that comprise the town, towards the northern end of the island is a large collection of grim hovels, ostensibly located just outside the town walls.

Nujel'm boasts a number of interesting landmarks such as a large palace, a life-size chessboard, guillotine and a large conservatory.

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Base TypePlace
Primary TypeBritannia
Sub TypesTown

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