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Resisting Spells grants a passive chance to reduce or prevent the damage of offensive spells cast on your character.

Raising Resisting Spells: Resisting Spells is a passive skill that is checked with harmful spells are cast on your character. Repeatedly casting spells on your character or having monsters or other players cast spells on your character will increase Resist. Resisting Spells is a difficulty based skill - progressively higher level spells must be cast to gain to higher levels.

Gideon's Advice: Resist is one of the more difficult skills to raise and is virtually impossible to increase to GM naturally. Here is the technique I use: 0-30 NPC Train
30-55 shown Firefield
55-62.8 shown Lightning (I have gotten stuck here but you can supposedly go to 65)
65-85 Energy Bolt
85-GM Flamestrike
- The firefield portion can be very fast if you create a corral using tables in a house so your character can only move 3 tiles. Put your healer adjacent to the middle tile and have him heal every 6 seconds using razor. You can run back and forth very quickly and hit 55 with less than 30 casts of firefield (somebody can check this for me but I think it's right).
- The second portion (Lightning, Energy Bolt, Flamestrike) can be worked while you GM Magery but you will probably fall short (usually 93-95 Resist at GM Magery). You can have another character that doesn't need resist (I use crafters getting to 75) to help along at the lower levels so the Flamestrike portion at the end doesn't take so long.


Grandmaster TitleWarder
Starting Items
Skill Gain Info
Skill Gain Chance 90%
Str Stat Gain Chance2.5%
Dex Stat Gain Chance2.5%
Int Stat Gain Chance5%

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