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55d 20h


Damage18 - 28
Monster TypeMagic, Drain Attack
Strength750 - 850
Dexterity105 - 115
Intelligence420 - 475
Hit Points4,500 - 5,000
Taming Info
Minimum TamingN/A
Control SlotsN/A
Barding Info
Barding DifficultyImmune
w/ a GM InstrumentN/A
w/ a Slayer InstrumentN/A
Slayer Info
Dropped Slayer
Effective Slayer
Effective Super SlayerSilver
Base TypeCreature
Primary TypeSpecial
Sub TypesHalloween_Monsters
KeywordsQueen of the Damned

Spawn Locations

No spawn locations on file

2018 Leaderboard

1st Leroy Jenkins 18 Kills
1st Angry Cupid 16 Kills
1st Vella 15 Kills
1st Joe Black 10 Kills
1st Angry Leprechaun 7 Kills
1st Hugh Glass 6 Kills
1st Crown 6 Kills
1st Source 6 Kills
1st Otis Patotis 5 Kills
1st Mondrakus 5 Kills
2018 Kills 170

Lifetime Leaderboard

1st Trick Daddy 17 Kills
1st Ha ha 15 Kills
1st Firemunki 11 Kills
1st 11 Kills
1st Perrin Aybara 10 Kills
1st Bloodlust 10 Kills
1st A Creeper 8 Kills
1st Kane 7 Kills
1st Perseus 7 Kills
1st Sarif 6 Kills
Lifetime Kills 193

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