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Platium coins are a hard to find and very valuable commodity on UO:Renaissance. Players can earn/find the coins in a variety of ways. To learn more about the program click here

The coins can be used to buy things like ethereal mounts, runebook bless deeds, house expansions, carpet pieces, special dye tubs, monster statuettes and much more.

You can also earn platinum just by playing as part of the platinum rewards program. To find more about the program click here.

Unlike most servers that sell donation coins, platinum can only be earned by playing the game.

Players can earn platinum coins in a variety of ways.
  - As a reward for defeating the various champions(Live!)
  - As a reward for defeating the harrower(Live!)
  - As a reward for defeating the champions defenders (Live!)
  - As a rare drop from most monsters, depending on difficulty. (Live!)
  - As a common drop from boss monsters. (Live!)
  - As an uncommon drop from various events (Live!)
  - As a reward for winning a tournament (Live!)
  - Leading your team in a capture the flag match (Patch 50+)
  - Winning or placing in the various server wide events. (Live!)
  - Winning or placing in various player run events.(Live!)
  - Winning an automated scavenger hunt. (Patch 50+)
  - Winning a holiday event (Patch 50+)
  - As a common drop during an ancient mib event. (Live)
  - As an uncommon drop in level 3 MIB chests (Live!)
  - A common chance in a level 5 dungeon chest (Patch 50+)
  - As a rare chance in a level 4 dungeon chest (Patch 50+)
 Treasure Hunting
  - A common drop in level 6 treasure chests (Live!)
  - An uncommon drop in level 5 treasure chests (Live!)
 Tradecraft / Bulk Orders
  - As a reward for completing upper level bulk order deeds. (Patch 50+)
 Rougish Behavior
  - Attempting Ironman Ancient MIB's (Live!)
  - Stealing from other players. (Live!)
  - Player Activity - Monthly Vet Rewards
  - Players can earn platinum via our monthly veteran system. (Live!)

Players can also earn trophies from various staff and player run events. Each of these statues can be traded in for platinum at a statue vendor found in most banks. Type appraise to check the value of your statue and drag the statue onto the vendor to convert it to platinum.
Ultima Online Platinum


Base TypeItem
Primary TypeCurrency
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KeywordsPlatinum Coins

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