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Reporting a Murder / Placing a Bounty

Bounty, Murder Count, Murderer

Should you come across one of the many dastardly and insidious villians in the world of Ultima Online it is quite possible you might perish during one of these encounters.

If this happens you will be presented with the option of reporting this player as a murderer. Additionally you can place a bounty on his head to encourage other players to hunt them down and seek justice for the good of the land.

If you are an innocent(blue) are are attacked and killed by another player you will be presented with one of the following menus.

If the player in question have more than 4 long term murder counts and if you have at least 1 gold coin in your bank you will see the following.

Bounty, Murder Count, Murderer

Otherwise you will see the following menu.

Bounty, Murder Count, Murderer

The first menu will give you the option of reporing the player for the murder and place a bounty on their head. The max bounty you can place is based on the amount of gold coins in you bank, but cannot exceed 60,000 gold. Regardless of if you enter a bounty amount or not if you click the Okay button it will report the player for the murder.

Should you choose to place a bounty on the head of your killer you will see the following overhead message.
Bounty, Murder Count, Murderer

The system message will indicate that your murder count was successfully given, show the amount of the bounty and the total bounty currently on this player if applicable.

Note: If you are a member of the thieves guild, a criminal, in a private house that you are not friended to, or taking part in an event which includes player vs player the option to provide the player with a murder count will not be provided.

The murderer at the time that the bounty is placed will be presented with the following information.
Bounty, Murder Count, Murderer

Each time a player is reported for murder they will have their short term and long term murder count timers reset and extended by the following.

Each Short Term Count = 8 Hours.
    Determines if and how much the player will face stat loss should they resurrect

Each Long Term Count = 40 Hours.
    Determines how long the player is considered a murderer and flagged red.

To learn more see the murder count guide link at the top of this article.

Bounty, Murder Count, Murderer  The Bounty Board  Bounty, Murder Count, Murderer

Bounty, Murder Count, Murderer
To view a list of current open bounties you can find the bounty board at any bank in the land.
Double clicking the board will provide you with a list of any open bounties.

To see details on any bounty that is listed just double click it.
Bounty, Murder Count, Murderer

A bounty message showing the murders this character is responsible for.
Bounty, Murder Count, Murderer

Should you manage to dispatch a vile murderer make sure to remove his head (using the nearest bladed item) and present the head in a timely fashion to the nearest guard.
Bounty, Murder Count, Murderer

Should the players head have a bounty on it and it is within 24 hours of their death the guards will reward you with a check for the players bounty at the time of their death.

Should this player no longer have a bounty on their head they will be removed from the bounty board.
Bounty, Murder Count, Murderer
Note: Bounties can decay from the bounty board if the player does not kill another player for 30 days. This cleanup process happens each time the server restarts. Given that Renaissance only restarts around once a month you can go 60 days without a bounty decaying from the board.


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