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The Frozen Continent

The Frozen Continent is one of the unique Renaissance Christmas event dungeons that players can challenge each December. By hunting the overworld/dungeons for Christmas monsters players can find special scrolls that allow access to these dungeons.

In this dungeon players are tasked with defeating the dark elf vanguard army and defeating the guardians of the fortress entrance. Players join the battle as the few remaining good polar bears are fighting in vain against polar bears under the influence of dark magic. Players can even find and rescue a few polar bears willing to allow players to ride them into battle. Once enough of the Dark Elf army is defeated the Dark Spirits will awaken to find out who is attacking the fortress.

Once the Dark Spirits are defeated the scroll owner will be given a key to the army camps loot which could have one or more of the following.

10% Chance for one of the following items
    Snowpile (25% chance)
    Wreath Deed (25% chance)
    Holiday Tree Deed (25% chance)
    Rare MistleToe (12% chance)
    Potted Plant/Cactus Deed (6% chance)
    Christmas Light Deed (4% chance)
    Snowman (2% chance)

10% chance for one of the following items
    Holiday Chest, Hue 1151
    Holiday Chair, Hue 1151

20% chance for one of the following items
    White Witch Dungeon Scroll (50% chance)
    Krampus Dungeon Scroll (50% chance)

100% chance
    40 Holiday Coins (100% chance)

Dark Elf Battlemage, Dark Elf Knight, Dark Elf Ranger, Dark Elf Archer,
Dark Elf Axer, Dark Elf Fencer, Dark Elf Mage, Dark Elf Macer,
Evil Polar Bear, Ice Golem, Snow Vortex, Yeti, Corrupt Soul,
Dark Elf Spirit

How the holiday events work
• Players must hunt the world high and low to find the various event monsters that spawn.
• Each of these monsters ranges in difficulty from easy (elf archer) moderate (reindeer) to very difficulty (dark elf knight).
• Each monster has a chance to drop holiday coins and a specific event scroll (see below)
• These challenges will vary from performing a specific task, killing specific monsters, or killing a certain amount of monsters.
• Once these conditions are met additional areas will open up for you to explore.
• Once these tasks are complete you will be faced with one of 4 fearsome bosses that defend each event.
• If you manage to defeat the boss in the time allotted you will be given a key to their treasure chests.
• The player who owns the scroll that started the event will be provided with the key.
• In this chest players can find normal treasure style loot, holiday coins, holiday rares, and possibly a scroll to another holiday event.

How the holiday events work
These events were designed with the following difficulty in mind.
   1 Player - Near Impossible
   2 Players - Very Challenging
   3 Players - Moderate Challenge
   4 Players - Medium Challenge
   5+ Players - Easy
• A good sample grouping would be 3 friends. A Hybrid Mage, A Tamer, and a Fighter, One of which has bardic skills.
• It is HIGHLY recommended you take friends with you on your first attempt on any event to learn proper strategy.
• All of the creatures in these events will provide a variety of challenges.
• Make sure you have enough supplies to last the duration of the event.
• A variety vendor is provided in each event area for emergency supplies.
• You will not have access to a bank, stable master during the event.
• Should you leave the event area you will not be allowed to return.

Christmas Scrolls / Tips
• The scrolls open a portal to a special holiday dungeon and will remain open for 60 seconds.
• Anyone can enter the scroll gate so make sure to only use it in a safe location.
• The staff cannot assist you with adding people to an event in progress so plan accordingly.
• Once the gate closes you are on your own until you complete or fail the event.
• Each event will allow you 60-115 minutes to complete the challenge present within.

• Players who complete the Christmas events will have their event attempt scored by the following values.
• At the end of the event players who have scored at the top of the leaderboards or accomplished other features during the event will earn a special reward.
Note: Much like Halloween these will be special named/colored trophies awarded for a variety of accomplishments.
   • Player Count
   • Follower Slots / Pets
   • Boss Kills
   • Mini Boss Kills
   • Minion Kills
   • Completion Time
Holiday Event Leaderboard

The Ironman System
Should you feel that your skills are greater than all your peers you are welcome to attempt the holiday ironman challenge for additional rewards and infamy.
By using only 1 character to complete any instance in the 60 minute time window you will earn an ironman award depending on the amount of follower slots you used.

Ironman Award, Awarded for using 2 or less followers. (6 Platinum Value)

Ironman Award, Awarded for using 5 or less followers. (4 Platinum Value)

Ironman Award, Awarded for using 8 or less followers. (2 Platinum Value)
Note: The hue of the Ironman statue will match the event.
Should you manage to complete all 4 holiday ironman challenges with a single character you will be awarded with the following statue in your choice of event color (hue 1194,1193,1151,1153)

Note: To qualify for the ironman challenge you must defeat the events boss and loot the holiday coins from their chests.

Practiced Success
•Should you fail to complete the event in the time allotted or due to overall difficulty/team makeup all is not lost.
•Simply take your completed scroll to the nearest holiday vendor found in most banks and drag the scroll onto him.
•He will reward you with some bonus holiday coins and a holiday gift bag.
•The player who completed the scroll does not have to be the one who turns it in.
•The good or naughty bags can contain 10 holiday coins and a few classic holiday items.


Base TypeEvent
Primary TypeHoliday
Sub TypesChristmas
KeywordsChristmas Event, Frozen Continent

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