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Forensic Evaluation is the skill by which a player can deduce certain details of information about other characters or objects. It is rarely used by players and is considered a Useless Skill. The few players who undertake this skill do so mainly for roleplaying purposes

Forensic Evaluation can be handy for learning about living characters as well. Targeting a living characters may tell you if he or she is a member of the Thieves Guild.

0 - 30: Train at NPC Healer
30 - 41: Use skill on corpses - I sat on a roof in a graveyard and dropped down EV's. Jhelom farms is also a good place.
41 - 100: Use the skill on corpses or picked chests
(needs verification)

Patch 45 Changes
Forensic evaluation when used on a thief who is currently flagged as perma grey will now provide the player with the following
- That individual is a thief and a wanted criminal.
When using on a guilded thief that has not stolen an item from an innocent since his last death the following will be indicated;
- That individual is a thief!
Note: This will not flag a target grey, however it will give you the information to determine if the target qualifies for guard protection.


Base TypeSkill
Primary TypeSkills
Sub TypesRogue
KeywordsForensic Evaluation

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