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Skills Required: Wrestling and Arms Lore

Application: With 80 Wrestling and 80 Arms Lore you can attempt to disarm your opponent. The chance to succeed with the disarm depends on your ability with these two skills. Application is manually triggered by a hotkey setup in your UO client options.

Active state: You get yourself ready to disarm your opponent.
(Next time you are within range of your target you will attempt to Disarm, using 15 stamina each attempt)

Inactive state: You decide to not try to disarm anyone.
(You will not attempt to Disarm until reactivated)

Activation: In the UO Client hit alt-O to bring up the options screen. Go to the macros tab and make a new macro. Once you pick a key assignment scroll down to [SecondaryAbility]. When you want to disarm someone toggle the ability using this hotkey. Every wrestling attempt while this is active will attempt to stun the target. Each attempt will cost 15 stamina.

Weapon Types: Unarmed (Fists)

Effect on target: Targets weapon is dropped from their hand to their main pack.


Base TypeAbility
Primary TypeCombat
Sub Types

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