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Like dogs, cats are often taken as pets and are rarely found feral in the wild. Thus, these small animals are found primarily where humans dwell. They can be extremely temperamental but are rarely aggressive, unless backed into a corner. Even then, all but the weakest of children fare well against them. When feral, they will often roam or gather in packs. Cats offer little in the way of resources and their status as pets makes killing them extremely taboo.

- Melochabre the Wise


Damage1 - 1
Monster TypeMelee
Strength9 - 9
Dexterity35 - 35
Intelligence5 - 5
Hit Points6 - 6
Taming Info
Minimum Taming0
Control Slots1
Barding Info
Barding Difficulty6
w/ a GM Instrument5
w/ a Slayer Instrument5
Slayer Info
Dropped Slayer
Effective Slayer
Effective Super Slayer
Base TypeCreature
Primary TypeAnimals
Sub TypesTown_Animals


1 Raw Rib (Carve)1/1 Ultima Online Items

Spawn Locations

No spawn locations on file

2018 Leaderboard

1st ValoriVinyl 2,376 Kills
1st Christoph Brock 524 Kills
1st Farquaad 85 Kills
1st Belle Fontaine 63 Kills
1st Huwl'r 37 Kills
1st Liam Coonrod 22 Kills
1st Lacan 21 Kills
1st patscout 21 Kills
1st Musiq 19 Kills
1st Xor 18 Kills
2018 Kills 4,712

Lifetime Leaderboard

1st 2,315 Kills
1st Christoph Brock 733 Kills
1st Basoosh 272 Kills
1st Kylie Lutz 260 Kills
1st Figgy Fireblade 189 Kills
1st patscout 165 Kills
1st Seifer Almasy 137 Kills
1st MeLvIn 132 Kills
1st ValoriVinyl 121 Kills
1st Moustachio 103 Kills
Lifetime Kills 16,375

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