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325d 13h

Much like Blacksmithy.Double-click on a carpenters tool (virtually any woodworking tool will suffice), and you will be presented with a window from which you can select the item you wish to try to make.You must have a sufficient supply of wood to select any item.

Using the carpentry skill you can also craft boats and ladder addons making this trade even more profitable.

Wodan / Gideon's combined experience:
0-30 Buy from Carpenter NPC
30-50 SHOWN SKILL = Medium Crates
50-60 SHOWN SKILL = Ballot Box Deeds (switch to Ballot Box Deeds as soon as it's available)
60-73.6 SHOWN SKILL = Wooden Shield
optional: switch to fishing poles at 69 and make those to 77.4
73.6-78.9 SHOWN SKILL = Quarter Staff
78.9-100 SHOWN SKILL = Gnarled Staff
Gideon's Advice: I used about 50-60k boards (I think) GMing Carpentry from 30 following this exactly. If others have a better method, let me know.

New Experimental Method
purchased skill to 47.3 - Medium Crates and then Small Tables
(build like 20 crates to hold all the junk you're going to make)
47.3 to 68.4 - Ballot Box Deed
68.4 to 78.9 - Fishing Pole
78.9 to GM - Gnarled Staff
Gideon's Advice: I didn't keep track all the way but the board use to 78.9 was much lower since Ballot Box Deeds and Fishing Poles are so cheap to make.


Grandmaster TitleCarpenter
Starting Items10 Boards, Half Apron (brown), random carpentry tool
Skill Gain Info
Skill Gain Chance75%
Str Stat Gain Chance20%
Dex Stat Gain Chance5%
Int Stat Gain Chance0%

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