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Boars are the larger cousins of the pig. They are males that can usually be found scurrying about the underbrush of forests or rooting through trash near civilization. Boars are herbivores and are not known to attack those that do not threaten them. They have two tusks that protrude from both sides of their mouth which they can use to great effect. It is not unheard of for a man to be eviscerated by a charging boar.

The meat from the boar is best when taken from around the belly. Racks of ribs are harvested from boars in a similar fashion to that of pigs.

Some woodsmen have returned from the forests telling stories of a golden-colored wild boar. The Moonglow zookeeper has offered a reward to anyone that can bring this specimen to him so that he may exhibit it in his zoo.

- Melochabre the Wise


Damage3 - 6
Monster TypeMelee
Strength25 - 25
Dexterity15 - 15
Intelligence5 - 5
Hit Points15 - 15
Taming Info
Minimum Taming29.1
Control Slots1
Barding Info
Barding Difficulty7
w/ a GM Instrument6
w/ a Slayer Instrument6
Slayer Info
Dropped Slayer
Effective Slayer
Effective Super Slayer
Base TypeCreature
Primary TypeAnimals
Sub TypesMisc_Animals


2 Raw Ribs (Carve)1/1 Ultima Online Items

Spawn Locations

No spawn locations on file

2018 Leaderboard

1st of Bones 247 Kills
1st Aurius Snow 139 Kills
1st VowVelecher 127 Kills
1st Nose Goblin 104 Kills
1st Bush Wookie 101 Kills
1st Salick 101 Kills
1st Loquitor 95 Kills
1st Grand Royal 92 Kills
1st Sticky Finger 61 Kills
1st Harmen Tor 56 Kills
2018 Kills 2,586

Lifetime Leaderboard

1st ValoriVinyl 216 Kills
1st El Diablo 215 Kills
1st Jax 192 Kills
1st Batterd Heart 185 Kills
1st The Crowing 165 Kills
1st Hiji Zuru 142 Kills
1st Byron Dumante 121 Kills
1st Roscoe Redding 115 Kills
1st gbus 111 Kills
1st Mr Brownstone 96 Kills
Lifetime Kills 7,025

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