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Archery is a combat skill used to calculate chance to hit with bows, crossbows, and heavy crossbows.

Gideon''s Advice: Farm Arrows from Ratmen in Rat Valley and use a nooby bow on an NPC trapped in your house and have another character heal them and pick up the arrows on the floor using Razor Scavenger. It takes ~8 to 10k Arrows to GM and you will need 2-3 bows. Tactics will lag by about 20 points so you might want to train wrestling or fencing until tactics hits GM.

While archery lacks a special attack, you can fire on the run by pausing for .25 seconds. Accuracy for archery is determined by a variety of factors including if you are moving, your range to the target and your archery skill. So when training the skill the most effective method is to be close to the target. However if you go toe to toe with a target while holding a bow, the bow is considered a standard melee weapon when calculating your chance to hit.


Grandmaster TitleArcher
Starting Items
Skill Gain Info
Skill Gain Chance90%
Str Stat Gain Chance2.5%
Dex Stat Gain Chance7.5%
Int Stat Gain Chance0%

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