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A the hour beyond memory set th' wind at me sails. Once a jim laddie wit' dreams 'o th' ocean, turned scurvy pirate 'o th' savage seven seas, 'tis Lord Dalgrim fancies himself a deity amongst sailors. A mighty fleet he had set ahead to seek out more treasure, returned naught but stain'd paper wit' scribble no more worth readin than all th' books he'd burned b'fore. No doubts calls fer help a scribbled by a scallywag callin h'self cap'n! Nay, th' treasure be not worth me the hour so I toss'em in th' waters from whence they come!
Players with 100 fishing have a small chance to fish up an ancient SOS from a sunken pirate ship.

There are 4 different Ancient SOS's that can be found.

Each of these SOS's will lead the players to a pirate hideout previously unknown to the citizens of Britannia.

When used these rare scrolls will open a mystical gate to these locations.

Brave players can proceed through these games to explore these new areas and attempt to survive and possibly even defeat the challenges they find within each.

Renaissance Ancient MIB Guide

The Entrance to a Long Forgotten Island
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The Islands Docks, Allowing for a Quick Escape
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The Island is Swarming with Pirates
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Buried Treasure
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Entrance to a Strange Building
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A Trap, Stuck in the Dungeon
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The 2nd Floor of the Lighthouse
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The Roof and a way to escape
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Hidden Treasure Monsters


Pirate Sailor, Pirate Boatswain, Pirate Navigator, Pirate Quartermaster

Mini Bosses

Pirate Bartender, Pirate Digger


Dread Pirate Captain


Base TypeItem
Primary TypeFishing
Sub TypesAncientMIB
KeywordsMIB, AMIB, Ancient, Fishing, Hidden Treasure

Spawn Locations

No spawn locations on file

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