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Anatomy is a skill that compliments other associated skills by improving their results. The skill can be used directly to assess the physical attributes of any living creature, human or otherwise. To do so, use the skill and click on your target. Success will result in a message describing the target's physical condition.

For every 10.0 Skill in Anatomy, base damage of all physical attacks will increase by %2, for a maximum of %20 at Grandmaster Anatomy.

Healing benefits greatly from the addition of Anatomy skill, with the following formulae
Minimum amount healed = Anatomy/5 + Healing/5 + 3
Maximum amount healed = Anatomy/5 + Healing/2 + 10
Thus with a Grandmaster of both Healing and Anatomy one would have a range of 43-80 points of damage healed.
Curing poison with bandages is possible, with a success rate of %80 at a minimum level of 60.0 in both Anatomy and Healing

Resurrection of players is possible with bandages, with a success rate of %25 at a minimum level of 80.0 in both Anatomy and Healing

Special Hits:
Each melee class has its own associated Special Hit, for two-handed weapons only, that requires Anatomy skill for a chance to apply, with the formula % = Anatomy/4.
See the following examples:
0.0 Anatomy skill yields a 0% chance
40.0 Anatomy skill yields a 10% chance
100.0 Anatomy skill yields a 25% chance

Special Move:
Stun Punch is a special move, requiring Anatomy (and Wrestling) skill of 80 or higher, that can immobilize a target for a 4 second duration

Defensive Wrestle:
A formula of Anatomy skill + Evaluating Intelligence skill / 2 = Defensive Wrestling %
Example - 100.0 Anatomy + 100.0 Evaluating Intelligence = 100.0 Defensive Wrestling, which will result in an attacking player of 100.0 combat skill having a %50 chance to land a hit.

Gideon's Advice: Use Anatomy on mobiles (players, monsters, animals, etc.) in the world until you reach 100 skill. Anatomy is also gained in combat when swinging a weapon so it's easy to GM it by sparring with a partner and training it simultaneously. Anatomy will also build your character's intelligence decently taking you from 10 to 25 easily on a dex based fighter character by the time you hit GM.


Grandmaster TitleBiologist
Starting Items3 Bandages, Robe (grey)
Skill Gain Info
Skill Gain Chance90%
Str Stat Gain Chance1.5%
Dex Stat Gain Chance1.5%
Int Stat Gain Chance7%

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