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Alchemy skill is used to create magical potions which can be used by any character. The details of how each potion functions can be found below.

In order to craft a potion, one must have the requisite reagent(s), one mortar and pestle and at least one empty bottle. Simply double-click the mortar and pestle and you will be presented with a menu to select which type of potion and the subsequent strength. Stronger potion variants require more reagents to craft so stock accordingly. Click the button to the right of the potion variant to see the details for success rates and required resources.

When you select your desired potion strength, you will attempt to craft the potion. If successful, an empty bottle will be filled automatically and placed in your main pack (this will be patched in time, to place the potions in the container the empty bottle was in when crafted). If you have a keg in your pack, containing at least one potion of kind, the similar potion will be automatically added to the keg, leaving the bottle empty in your pack. You cannot craft directly to a keg. You must have at least one empty bottle in order to add potions to a keg.

Potion Types with Cost and Success Rate at Grandmaster Alchemist level. (%100 if not indicated)
Note: Click any potion icon for more information on that type.
  Refresh Potion
Refresh - 1 Black Pearl
Total Refresh - 5 Black Pearl
  Agility Potion
Agility - 1 Blood Moss
Greater Agility - 3 Blood Moss
  Night Sight Potion
Night Sight - 1 Spiders Silk
  Heal Potion
Lesser Heal - 1 Ginseng
Heal - 3 Ginseng
Greater Heal - 7 Ginseng (%90)
  Strength Potion
Strength - 2 Mandrake Root
Greater Strength - 5 Mandrake Root
  Poison Potion
Lesser Poison - 1 Nightshade
Poison - 2 Nightshade
Greater Poison - 4 Nightshade (%90)
Deadly Poison - 8 Nightshade (%20)
  Cure Potion
Lesser Cure - 1 Garlic
Cure - 3 Garlic
Greater Cure - 6 Garlic (%70)
  Explosion Potion
Lesser Explosion - 3 Sulfurous Ash
Explosion - 5 Sulfurous Ash
Greater Explosion - 10 Sulfurous Ash (%70)
Staff Note: On UO:R There is no bonus to Explosion Potion effectiveness for having Alchemy skill.

- An excerpt from the journal of Caine -
Another day I work in the lands of Britannia, plying my trade as an alchemist. My hands move with an agility one might expect from consumption of my masterfully crafted concoctions. Grinding away at my mortar, pestle in hand, I see the bubbling of magic before me.

Then to my delight, I hear a pounding at the door and the voice of a man, most gruff and sour. "I need potions and I need them right away!" the voice booms.

I make way for the door "Yes yes!" I say. "Patience sir, I'm not as quick on my feet as I am with my hands." I open the door to find before me a monster of a man, towering in my doorway. Despite is tones, the smile on his face washes away any doubt I had of his intention. "You seem weary sir. Might I offer you some tea while you wait?" I say as I usher him inside.

"Nay," says the man "I must do my business and be off. I have need of a full keg each of all of your finest potions."

Stunned by the grand order, I assure the man it will be several days before the order can be completed, but it will be the best available.

He slams a pouch of golden coin on the table and says "Here is thy payment. If you can finish by tomorrow's sunset, I will pay thee double on delivery."

"I cannot promise anything but my commitment to attempt such a task. I will send word with haste, when my work is finished." Seemingly pleased with my response the man extends his thanks, bids me fare well and shows himself out as I'm already toiling with my supplies. To my dismay...that was the last I ever saw of the manů

Gideon's Advice: You can GM entirely from poison potions (of the appropriate strength), pour the potions into kegs, and then use them for raising the Poisoning skill. See Ezekiel's guide above.

Staff Note: Currently potions when created are not placed in the same container that the bottle was taken from. This is a known issues and will be addressed.


Grandmaster TitleAlchemist
Starting ItemsBag of Reagents, 5 Bottles, Mortar & Pestle, Robe
Skill Gain Info
Skill Gain Chance90%
Str Stat Gain Chance0%
Dex Stat Gain Chance5%
Int Stat Gain Chance5%

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