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Large Keep - By Lyta

Top Floor

Ultima Online House Decor

Bottom Floor

Ultima Online House Decor

Rune Library

The Rune Library is a product of so many reagent and rune shopping trips that I have lost count. It contains runes to any location in Britannia that Altaira would ever want to go; from the rooftop of Britain's bank to treasure map locations. The most sacred runes are stored in color coded books. I would divulge their content, but it's a secret.

Ultima Online House Decor


Not much studying goes on here, because - well, I haven't gotten my hands on any full book cases yet! What would I study? None the less, if any serious reading was to occur it would happen here. Who are we kidding, I don't have time to read, I should be out fishing.

Ultima Online House Decor


This area of my home was inspired by a combination of feng shui and zen. If you want to sip lemon grass tea in yoga pants while dreaming of transcendence and self-reflection, this is where you would go. The calming cross-breeze of the swamp and the humid overbearing swelter make bikram yogis jealous.

Ultima Online House Decor


Dexter-who? The laboratory is my pride and joy. I'm always adding neat looking liquids and glass to the working table; when I'm not being outbid by Amfekk. While it is open to the elements, the balcony was a required location. The number of times a potion has exploded in my face would make an indoor lab against some building code for sure.

Training Room

I wouldn't actually call this a training room. I would call this... a rage room. Yeah, a Rage Room. When I get killed by some yuppie female superstar like Swift or Gomez, this is where I come to punch things. The head? Oh - that belongs to Crooks.

Ultima Online House Decor

Waiting Room

I'm so important that people have to wait to see me. This room and the Rune Library above are sequestered from the rest of the property with lock downs. When I'm gate hopping with friends or taking them out for a hunt, we can gather here and... eat fruit.

Ultima Online House Decor

Entertaining Area

This is the largest area of my house. Not much cooking goes on here anymore, but plenty of entertaining happens. I have plans to host a murder mystery here once I have some friends. I have some weird fascination with glassware and alcohol in it's various colors. My collection, so far, is relatively small but I am working on it diligently. People should be able to recognize me for the alcoholic that I am.

Ultima Online House Decor

Blacksmith Workshop

I can't say that smithing is my thing. I do dabble in the world of smithing BODs, but most of them get filed away for future use. Maybe when I get bored of tailoring. I have included my carpentry and fletching work stations in this area of my house. They seem equally messy and not something I take part in too often. When I do get the urge to sweat profusely while hammering some metal ontop of some other metal, I like to do it in style.

Ultima Online House Decor

Tailor Workshop This is where I spend most of my time. I love tailoring. I love colors, and I love clothing. Fortunately for my laboratory I have avoided delving into the collection of unobtainable threads from historical events. The rainbow of colors I can garner from my BODs seems to satiate the metro-tamer in me.

Ultima Online House Decor

Bedroom There is no hanky panky here. Two single beds. I welcome guests to spend the night at my Keep, but I strive to make it as uncomfortable for them as possible; lest they overstay their welcome. The ventilation in this area of the keep borders on non-existent, so the flatulence that I sooth myself with through the night works it's magic in bringing about uncomfortable environment for unwanted guests.

Ultima Online House Decor


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