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Wulver's Entry into the Summer 2015 House Decor Contest

Wulver's Massive Let Down entry:

Main ground level where I can stock up on anything! Faction robes on the ground, dye tub ready for getting color coordinated with a rune on a table because who needs rune books when you are this efficient?

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An outdated loom/spinning wheel set up when you could run them all at the same time, smithy room where you can make transactions through the window (I used to repair an RPers armor, it was so damn cool). A ton of event loot in the main entrance like viles of blood and other rares that I just unloaded quickly for the next event. Efficiency PEOPLE!!!

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This is where I gate things into my Fortress safe and secure like. If you notice, I just transferred a ton of crap, IT WORKS!!!

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This is my pvp arena. I have bandages, weapons, pouches, regs. I have no stupid ring because this is field PVP, the REAL stuff!!! No Refs, Rules or ROOKIES ALLOWED!!!!

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This is where you can see my first generation Christmas robe in the top left, it hasn't faded yet! If you take a look in the courtyard you can see where a box was broken by a mongbat spilling out all the contents, adding some natural deco, along with some wheat that I am growing. 1159 Ebolt scrolls!! Wow! I also have a trophy for when I got into the AMIB areas before anyone else and took the rares because I had runes to those locations that weren't blocked. (I notified the devs and returned the loot for the trophy)

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I apologize if I don't have enough rares, but you can see I am a minimalist and everything runs on efficiency. Get in, get out and HOP ON THAT HYPE TRAIN!!!!


Base TypeHouseDecor
Primary TypeSummer2015
Sub TypesMassiveHouse
KeywordsDecor, Wulver

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