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94d 12h

Cero's Entry into the Summer 2015 House Decor Contest
5th Place Award

Theme: Tavern

History: I acquired this lovely place in my early years here after a certain unnamed player had a late night rager. Used it as a main dumping ground for a long time till I decided to take my first crack at this deco game everyone seems to enjoy.

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Location!, Location!, Location! Also you can see the lanterns we keep burning, on the front stoop, to draw the drunks in and keep what lurks in the dark out!!

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First floor is the tavern, with a basket full of free ale (Hasselhoff approved!!) for visitors. Herbs line the walls to keep the place smelling decent from all the drunkards. Key notes: the bottle display behind the bar.

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Second floor is the casino/game room. Cards and dice for those that wish to gamble their hard earned gold. A vendor to sell the few wares I gather on my hunts. There is a runebook filled with stones for all the city taverns for you to use if The Ale House is not suitable for watering your whistle. Coming Soon: Lottery vendor, loaded with locked boxes with chance of platinum!!

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Third Floor Roof is for getting some fresh air during your stay, enjoy some freshly grown fruit also while sit by the poor man's fireplace!


Base TypeHouseDecor
Primary TypeSummer2015
Sub TypesSmallHouse

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