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100d 9h

Black Eye's Entry into the Summer 2015 House Decor Contest
4th Place Award

Small House Contribution: 5D Headquarters.

So, YOU want to become a thief, eh?!

Well, everybody with roguish skills and a good attitude is welcome to our honorable society. Let me show you the way to our humble hideout.

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But beware, before you can enter you will have to pass Bugs, our clan bunny. She can smell bad vibes and has a nasty bite. You better get used to carrying carrots with you, just in case. And don't get hit by some gold coins, the roof has a leakage lately. We simply haul too much loot. I have to tell the others to get their crap and store it in some vault. *Opens front door*

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This is the assembly room. Enjoy your stay here, eat some (stolen) fruits or play a game of chess against your future comrades (I recommend asking Tuco), or take a peek into our deepest secrets in our rune library. Perhaps, one day, you may acquire Ninja Skills too.

Now let's head upstairs and get a bit more serious.

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Before you are allowed to join our business club, you have to show your skills and dexterity. You can either steal from our training dummy with your sleek fingers, punch the fighting dummys weapon out of its hand like a master ruffian, unlock some chests (they are not trapped, promise) or my preferred test of skill: Change your clothes and set up a disguise. Just don't put too much rouge in your face, you want to look like a Trammy and not like a Tranny.

Now, that you have demonstrated your worth (*looks at the bearded lady in front of him*), you are allowed to enter our sanctuary: the treasure roof!

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Here we trash store our endless treasures that we acquire during our adventures. You will find many relics, snatched out of the hands of the most elite men and women on this world... *sigh* Well, to be honest, the best stuff everybody keeps for themselves, but you are certainly free to store your belonging on this roof and show the world what a smart thief you are. Just bring your gold coins to the bank, else I fear the roof might finally break and burry us all in gold and platin. (Memo to myself: plug the two holes on the front side. All that gold is melting in the braziers!)

I hope you enjoyed your tour. Now, would you please touch this stone over there. Yes, that one with the many skulls on it. Go on, don't worry, it's just a symbolic gesture of your goodwill.

See, that wasn't that hard. Welcome, brother! Remember, we have a saying here: Once in the family, always in the family. *evil grin*

Now, get out, the world is yours to steal!


Base TypeHouseDecor
Primary TypeSummer2015
Sub TypesSmallHouse

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