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The Great Council [TGC] "To serve the Realm in the absence of the King"



- Guild Members -
Name Full Name Guild Title
Akiro The Proper Akiro The King's Diplomat [TGC] No
Alexander The Scoundrel Alexander Citizen [TGC] No
Alexander The Fair Alexander Citizen [TGC] No
Anita Sarkeesian The Glorious Anita Sarkeesian, Grandmaster Naturalist Equality Advisor [TGC] No
Artex The Glorious Lord Artex, Grandmaster Scholar Hunter [TGC] No
Aurora Snow The Vile Aurora Snow CPU Ambassador [TGC] No
Baelof the Bold Baelof the Bold Citizen [TGC] No
Bianca Bianca The King's Cardinal [TGC] No
BlackBlade BlackBlade Citizen [TGC] No
Cara Cacciatore The Respectable Cara Cacciatore Whisperer [TGC] No
Caska The Admirable Caska Head Lumberjill [TGC] No
Catman the Quick Catman the Quick Citizen [TGC] No
Council Herald Council Herald Town Crier [TGC] No
Coward McCree The Notable Coward McCree Hunter [TGC] No
Crazy Harry The Honorable Crazy Harry Recruit [TGC] No
Dingleberry The Honorable Dingleberry Recruit [TGC] No
Doujia The Honorable Doujia Recruit [TGC] No
Edric Ayton The Respectable Edric Ayton First Knight [TGC] No
Fabbro Fierar Fabbro Fierar Paws Ambassador [TGC] No
Far Wanderer Far Wanderer Citizen [TGC] No
Fletcher Fletcher Citizen [TGC] No
Gaylord Gaylord Whisperer [TGC] No
Ginger Vitus The Famed Ginger Vitus Recruit [TGC] No
Grimey The Notable Grimey Master Merchant [TGC] No
Infuse Infuse Armsman [TGC] No
Infuse The Glorious Lord Infuse, Grandmaster Naturalist Master of the Hunt [TGC] No
kaplan The Illustrious kaplan Citizen [TGC] No
King Kek King Kek Citizen [TGC] No
Kraitos Kraitos Citizen [TGC] No
kumagi kumagi Recruit [TGC] No
Lothro Maesari The Honorable Lothro Maesari Guardsman [TGC] No
Max Engel The Infamous Max Engel, Master Miner +N+ Ambassador [TGC] No
Minuet The Glorious Lady Minuet, Grandmaster Naturalist Citizen [TGC] No
Nyarlothotep The Glorious Nyarlothotep, Grandmaster Rouser Hunter [TGC] No
Payton The Glorious Payton, Grandmaster Biologist Hunter [TGC] No
Ravnkjell-Eyr The Prominent Ravnkjell-Eyr Arcane Artist [TGC] No
Rhino The Admirable Rhino Hunter [TGC] No
Sean McGuinness Sean McGuinness Citizen [TGC] No
Skippy Skippy Citizen [TGC] No
The Lord Kek The Renowned The Lord Kek, Grandmaster Rouser Recruit [TGC] No
Tim Taylor Tim Taylor Merchant [TGC] No
Twinkle Toes Lady Twinkle Toes, Grandmaster Scholar Citizen [TGC] No
Zantorian The Dishonorable Zantorian Recruit [TGC] No
Guild Data Last Updated: 6/24/2018 1:08:33 AM (CST)

"When you do things right, people won't be sure that you've done anything at all."

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