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Cake Pound University [CPU] "Turtle Enthusiasts"

Urinal Cake


- Guild Members -
Name Full Name Guild Title
a white walker The Outcast a white walker Weinerfell [CPU] No
Aliawen The Despicable Aliawen Joe Bot irl [CPU] No
Aurumvorax The Wretched Aurumvorax Meat Pocket Rocket [CPU] No
Banned Tryin' The Scoundrel Banned Tryin' Get Rich or [CPU] No
Brother Jacob The Outcast Brother Jacob No
ChesterCopperpot The Malicious ChesterCopperpot Orange Fingers [CPU] Yes
Combat Looter The Despicable Combat Looter 2..1..Drop [CPU] No
Combat Looter The Scoundrel Combat Looter 2..1..Drop [CPU] No
Combat Looter The Despicable Combat Looter 3 2 1 Drop! [CPU] No
Deathboy The Wicked Deathboy: Hunter of Evil No
Deathboy The Wretched Deathboy: Venom of Evil No
Deathboy The Nefarious Deathboy: Hunter of Evil No
el Ray del Mundo The Fair el Ray del Mundo Eres Tu Mi Mama? [CPU] No
Enoch The Scoundrel Enoch No
Entropy The Scoundrel Entropy Taco Tangler [CPU] No
Ex Libris The Scoundrel Ex Libris Uncle Donnie irl [CPU] No
Faye Reagan The Despicable Faye Reagan Cream Sauce [CPU] No
Funeral Director The Outcast Funeral Director Red Velvet [CPU] No
Gadianton The Unsavory Gadianton Vindaloo [CPU] No
Gamble a fart The Evil Lord Gamble a fart, Grandmaster Veterinarian Win Some Lose Some [CPU] No
Hijinx The Malicious Hijinx Clam Slam [CPU] No
Jack Napier The Dastardly Jack Napier I'm Not Above It [CPU] Yes
Jord The Glorious Jord, Grandmaster Veterinarian Fresh Load [CPU] No
King Leo The Sinister King Leo, Grandmaster Biologist No
Luciano The Outcast Luciano Cake Eater [CPU] No
Mandy Moore The Outcast Mandy Moore Master Baker [CPU] No
Mera'din The Dastardly Mera'din Yes
Mera'din The Despicable Mera'din Crab Cakes [CPU] No
Michael E Bolton The Outcast Michael E Bolton Love Loaf [CPU] No
Pablo Chacon The Scoundrel Pablo Chacon No
PattY- The Despicable PattY- Yes
Pepsi The Glorious Lord Pepsi, Grandmaster Stoic No
Pepsi The Malicious Pepsi All I wanted was one [CPU] No
RedBeard The Disreputable RedBeard BeardRed [CPU] No
Sasquatch The Despicable Sasquatch Sansquatch! [CPU] No
Scoobs The Wretched Scoobs I R THE [CPU] No
Scuba The Despicable Scuba Oppressive Presence [CPU] No
Scuba S The Malicious Scuba S Cooter Catcher [CPU] No
Scuba Steve The Dastardly Scuba Steve Complaint Department [CPU] No
Sniznatchian The Wretched Sniznatchian Italian Dunker [CPU] Yes
Sniznatchian The Infamous Sniznatchian Yes
Sofa King Red The Scoundrel Sofa King Red Deluxe [CPU] No
Sterling Archer The Wretched Sterling Archer Cake Decorator [CPU] Yes
The Honey Badger The Wretched The Honey Badger Serum Dispatcher [CPU] No
Trent Trent No
Urinal Cake The Despicable Urinal Cake No
Urinal Cake The Scoundrel Urinal Cake Complaint Department [CPU] No
Guild Data Last Updated: 1/21/2018 8:36:55 AM (CST)

"When you do things right, people won't be sure that you've done anything at all."

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