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Team Trammel [TT] "Team Trammel/Team Cartel, Baja, AOS"

Mesdoram Elmdor


- Guild Members -
Name Full Name Guild Title
Adam West The Nefarious Adam West Team Trammel [TT] No
Aequitas The Dastardly Aequitas Team Trammel [TT] No
Ahab The Honest Ahab: Opponent of Evil AY YO [TT] No
Allanon Allanon No
Balla The Evil Balla: Spite of Evil Team Technine [TT] No
Bananer The Honorable Bananer Knight Zero [TT] No
Bolt Vanderhuge The Dastardly Bolt Vanderhuge: Spite of Evil LesClaypool [TT] No
Buck Nasty The Famed Buck Nasty: Spite of Evil Naporama [TT] No
Cactus The Notable Cactus No
ChesterCopperpot The Dastardly ChesterCopperpot Blaise [TT] No
Chupon The Notorious Chupon No
Claudio The Admirable Claudio: Hunter of Evil Team Trammel [TT] No
Cthugha The Wicked Cthugha Team Trammel [TT] No
Cyberpunk The Wretched Cyberpunk Dr. Akhath MD [TT] No
Cyrus The Great Cyrus: Venom of Evil The Kane Train [TT] No
Danger Man The Illustrious Danger Man, Grandmaster Biologist No
Dangeresque The Good Dangeresque No
DJ Bleats The Scoundrel DJ Bleats No
Doctor Doak The Dastardly Doctor Doak Team Trammel [TT] No
Drakhath The Vile Drakhath The Drak Attack [TT] No
Drbigs The Nefarious Drbigs No...CaptainBigs [TT] No
Eddie Dean The Notorious Eddie Dean No
Everything Evil The Nefarious Everything Evil Team Trammel [TT] No
Evil Omen The Glorious Lord Evil Omen, Grandmaster Naturalist Big Balla [TT] No
Falanor The Dastardly Falanor Team Trammel [TT] No
Garmon The Admirable Garmon No
Gestahl Gestahl No
Grendella Grendella No
I Smelt Rocks The Rude I Smelt Rocks No
Johnny Utah The Nefarious Johnny Utah Team Trammel [TT] No
Knight ZerO Knight ZerO Urdenator [TT] No
Lynx The Illustrious Lynx: Opponent of Evil Release The Draken [TT] No
Mallabelle The Nefarious Mallabelle Team Trammel [TT] No
Mesdoram Elmdor The Honorable Mesdoram Elmdor: Opponent of Evil Guildmaster [TT] No
Miriya The Eminent Miriya: Opponent of Evil, Grandmaster Scholar No
muleone The Illustrious muleone, Grandmaster Naturalist No
North West North West No
Nyarlathotep The Wretched Nyarlathotep Team Trammel [TT] No
Proletarian The Nefarious Proletarian On a Pilgrimage [TT] No
Psychex The Respectable Psychex No
Rickety Cricket Rickety Cricket No
Science Warlord The Wicked Science Warlord: Spite of Evil LesClaypool [TT] No
SmellyTuna The Wretched SmellyTuna Tugboat [TT] No
Soul Harvester The Nefarious Soul Harvester Dread Saint [TT] No
Soul Harvester The Dread Soul Harvester, Grandmaster Biologist Dread Saint [TT] No
Spike The Dastardly Spike Team Trammel [TT] No
Sproll The Glorious Sproll, Grandmaster Naturalist Tugboat [TT] No
Technician The Nefarious Technician Team Trammel [TT] No
The Crowing The Admirable The Crowing: Opponent of Evil Team Trammel [TT] No
Thrillhouse The Upstanding Thrillhouse Thrillho [TT] No
Tyrael The Trustworthy Tyrael: Opponent of Evil Kane My Mane [TT] No
Tyrius Auron The Ignoble Tyrius Auron the Curse of Kane [TT] No
Ultros The Proper Ultros Seafood Soup [TT] No
Ultros The Glorious Ultros: Spite of Evil Octopus Royalty [TT] No
VonViggio The Glorious VonViggio, Grandmaster Lumberjack Visibly Vella [TT] No
Guild Data Last Updated: 5/25/2020 1:31:08 AM (CST)

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