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Bloodrock Clan [URK] "No charter has been specified."



- Guild Members -
Name Full Name Guild Title
Azruk The Wicked Azruk Mojoka ob Krenbluk [URK] No
Bashnag The Notable Bashnag Grunt [URK] No
Blag'eRat The Scoundrel Blag'eRat Snaga [URK] No
Blog The Unsavory Blog Grunt [URK] No
Bula Bula Snaga [URK] No
Buurz'Dush The Dishonorable Buurz'Dush Mojoka ob Belok [URK] No
D'umUrk The Rude D'umUrk Snaga [URK] No
Drutha The Scoundrel Drutha Snaga [URK] No
Furkag Furkag Snaga [URK] No
Ghonk The Scoundrel Ghonk No
Glurk Glurk No
Gna'rekk The Scoundrel Gna'rekk Snaga [URK] No
Gnabadug The Scoundrel Gnabadug No
gobwort The Fair gobwort Gukka [URK] No
Gol Metzak-Dok The Honorable Gol Metzak-Dok Snaga [URK] No
Grak Grak Gukka [URK] No
Grak The Notable Grak Snaga [URK] No
Grur'bak The Unsavory Grur'bak Eldur [URK] No
Hidurg The Glorious Hidurg, Grandmaster Bard Mojoka [URK] No
Huklug The Dishonorable Huklug Grunt [URK] No
Izugog The Rude Izugog No
kgrug The Dishonorable kgrug No
Knaghock Knaghock Snaga [URK] No
Kor'Kesh The Scoundrel Kor'Kesh Ard Grunt [URK] No
KorKhesh The Fair KorKhesh Grunt [URK] No
Krothu The Scoundrel Krothu Lord [URK] No
LudKrud The Malicious LudKrud Klerggoth [URK] No
Mor'Shagdub Mor'Shagdub Mojoka [URK] No
Morglor The Villainous Morglor Mojoka [URK] No
Mugraugh Mugraugh Snaga [URK] No
Nazlug The Despicable Nazlug Burnt Ise [URK] No
Ne'rull The Despicable Ne'rull Eldur Orc Mage [URK] No
Ognob The Scoundrel Ognob Grunt [URK] No
Omegutho The Scoundrel Omegutho No
Pemak The Malicious Pemak No
Rilug Rilug Snaga [URK] No
Riv'gak The Rude Riv'gak Snaga [URK] No
Rotgrub The Scoundrel Rotgrub Ggrultuk'r [URK] No
Sharog The Scoundrel Sharog Sh'kah'r ob Belok [URK] No
Shik'Bah The Scoundrel Shik'Bah Grunt [URK] No
Skul'nuk The Malicious Skul'nuk Mojoka [URK] No
Snargul The Dastardly Snargul Grunt [URK] No
Snog Snog Snaga [URK] No
Snogugh The Malicious Snogugh Grunt [URK] No
Tank'a The Scoundrel Tank'a No
Tarshakt The Vile Tarshakt Grunt [URK] No
Thigog The Notable Thigog Eldur [URK] No
Thra'll Thra'll Warg Rydr [URK] No
Uruk'n The Unsavory Uruk'n Snaga [URK] No
Urzog The Respectable Urzog Grunt [URK] No
Uzgak The Outcast Uzgak Lord [URK] No
Var'bugg The Vile Var'bugg Mez's Mawlur! [URK] No
Var'Gug The Fair Var'Gug Grunt [URK] No
Vidarok Vidarok Eldur Klerg'r [URK] No
Vishakt The Dastardly Vishakt Lord [URK] No
Wormgut The Scoundrel Wormgut Da Smelli Ise [URK] No
Xegugg The Despicable Xegugg Eldur [URK] No
Xuthakug The Scoundrel Xuthakug Klerggoth [URK] No
Yamug The Malicious Yamug No
Yokagu Yokagu Snaga [URK] No
Yulakgh The Unsavory Yulakgh Grunt [URK] No
Z'haa'l Trok The Nefarious Z'haa'l Trok Sh'kah'r ob Krull'nu [URK] No
Zu'utah The Admirable Zu'utah Ard Grunt [URK] No
Zug'nok The Scoundrel Zug'nok Leetul Snaga [URK] No
Guild Data Last Updated: 9/20/2017 11:36:59 AM (CST)

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