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Ultima Online [UO] "No charter has been specified."

A Watermelon


- Guild Members -
Name Full Name Guild Title
a dirty rat The Fair a dirty rat No
A Watermelon The Trustworthy A Watermelon Too Fruity! [UO] No
Achmalla The Glorious Achmalla, Grandmaster Tamer Newbsauce [UO] No
Acme The Illustrious Acme, Grandmaster Blacksmith Don't pot me bro! [UO] Yes
Amulek The Glorious Amulek, Grandmaster Naturalist Let's Go Crazy [UO] No
Amulek The Illustrious Amulek No
Anguirus The Disreputable Anguirus No
AnimaltheLover The Glorious Lady AnimaltheLover, Grandmaster Stoic No
Anthony Borrego Lord Anthony Borrego, Grandmaster Tailor Yes
Armani Armani No
Arwendian Arwendian No
Arya The Glorious Lady Arya: Opponent of Evil No
AxMan The Famed AxMan No
Banzai The Illustrious Banzai, Grandmaster Pacifier No
Bastian The Glorious Bastian, Grandmaster Rouser No
Bilbo The Rude Bilbo No
Bird McOwnage The Notable Bird McOwnage No
BirdDawg The Great BirdDawg No
Bixby Legbone The Estimable Bixby Legbone Yes
Brainiac The Glorious Lord Brainiac, Grandmaster Scribe Chief Scribe [UO] No
Buckaroo The Glorious Buckaroo, Grandmaster Biologist No
Charlie Kelly The Disreputable Charlie Kelly Mighty Rat Slayer [UO] Yes
Circe Circe Hot and Saucey [UO] No
Colt Lichend The Glorious Lady Colt Lichend, Grandmaster Ranger No
Cookies The Admirable Cookies No
CptSmashin The Vile CptSmashin No
Daenerys The Trustworthy Daenerys: Opponent of Evil Fire and Blood [UO] No
Dagon The Respectable Dagon No
Darkstar The Glorious Darkstar, Grandmaster Cartographer No
Debussy The Glorious Lord Debussy, Grandmaster Rouser Musical Juggernaut [UO] No
Dextros Dextros No
Dirt Wolf The Malicious Dirt Wolf Strolling Minstrel [UO] No
Doctor Barber The Admirable Doctor Barber No
Dusty Gozongas Dusty Gozongas No
Ed the Shoveler The Respectable Ed the Shoveler Can You Dig It? [UO] No
Eduardo The Admirable Eduardo No
el Ray del Mundo The Trustworthy el Ray del Mundo tu eres mi madre? [UO] Yes
Elifasi Msomi The Malicious Elifasi Msomi No
ElizabethSwan The Admirable ElizabethSwan Extra Saucy [UO] No
Emory Emory No
Enedelia Borrego Enedelia Borrego No
Eunuch Eunuch No
Fire Lichend The Glorious Lord Fire Lichend, Grandmaster Naturalist No
Fireball The Illustrious Fireball, Grandmaster Tamer I am Fireball [UO] No
Fireball The Glorious Lord Fireball, Grandmaster Scribe I am Fireball [UO] Yes
Forest Sozer The Fair Forest Sozer No
Freja The Dread Lady Freja Trammy Addict [UO] No
General Kickass General Kickass Whoopen Dat A$$ [UO] No
Gets The Illustrious Lady Gets Kal Ort Por Queen [UO] No
Glarendiil The Renowned Glarendiil, Grandmaster Demoralizer The Angerer [UO] No
Henry The Illustrious Henry, Grandmaster Tactician No
Hobo The Glorious Lord Hobo, Grandmaster Naturalist No
ID King The Respectable ID King Sneaky Sneak [UO] No
Intoxable The Fair Intoxable Shhh. Rare Hunting [UO] Yes
Intoxacide The Glorious Intoxacide, Grandmaster Naturalist Ur Moms my dragon [UO] Yes
James Purdey James Purdey King of Gunsmiths [UO] Yes
Jessica Jessica No
Jet Jaguar The Ignoble Jet Jaguar No
Johnny Crafter The Villainous Johnny Crafter, Grandmaster Blacksmith No
Johnny Rotten The Evil Johnny Rotten, Grandmaster Mage No
Jon Stark The Fair Jon Stark No
Kahun The Glorious Lord Kahun: Spite of Evil, Grandmaster Stoic Yes
Kallima Kallima NewbSauceTew [UO] No
Katana The Upstanding Katana No
Kaysar Kaysar Original [UO] No
Kermit The Glorious Lord Kermit, Grandmaster Scholar Yes
Lara Croft The Glorious Lady Lara Croft No
Laticia Mongano Laticia Mongano No
lolemental The Famed lolemental No
Lunar The Glorious Lady Lunar, Grandmaster Tamer No
Mad Hatcher The Admirable Mad Hatcher Chicken Killer [UO] No
Margot Helphas The Great Margot Helphas: Spite of Evil No
Mary Jane The Wicked Mary Jane: Opponent of Evil Don't pot me bro! [UO] No
Mattie Zeno Mattie Zeno No
Maynard The Glorious Maynard, Grandmaster Naturalist No
Megatron The Illustrious Megatron, Grandmaster Blacksmith Yesssssssss! [UO] No
Meth Head Meth Head Fallen Angel [UO] No
Mike Hunt The Unsavory Mike Hunt Don't Touch [UO] No
Minnow Minnow No
Misses Plague The Illustrious Misses Plague, Grandmaster Naturalist Toucher of Sheep [UO] No
Mithril The Famed Mithril Mining for Justice [UO] No
Mr Pickles Mr Pickles No
Murenius Murenius No
Naitachal The Vile Naitachal No
Nargle Bargle The Illustrious Nargle Bargle, Grandmaster Biologist Bargle My Nargle [UO] No
Naughty Parts The Illustrious Naughty Parts, Grandmaster Biologist No
Nautica The Illustrious Nautica, Grandmaster Merchant No
nebulos nebulos No
Nightshade The Scoundrel Nightshade No
Noah McOwnage Noah McOwnage No
Not Yours Not Yours No
Oak McAble The Disreputable Oak McAble No
Oatmeal The Glorious Oatmeal, Grandmaster Veterinarian No
of The Axe The Glorious Lord of The Axe, Grandmaster Lumberjack No
Oglethorpe The Illustrious Oglethorpe, Grandmaster Merchant Don't pot me bro! [UO] No
Old Sea Hag Old Sea Hag No
Onepercent Ruler The Illustrious Onepercent Ruler, Grandmaster Mage Blue Game Robe [UO] Yes
Osmosis Lichend The Prominent Osmosis Lichend No
Pete Pete No
Phoenix The Illustrious Phoenix, Grandmaster Tamer Berzerk [UO] No
Proton The Famed Proton No
Psycrewl Psycrewl No
Renim The Respectable Renim Chief Engineer [UO] No
Requiem The Honorable Requiem Llama Servant [UO] No
Riddilen The Respectable Riddilen No
Robert Shaw The Fair Robert Shaw Jawbreaker [UO] No
Rockmoreland The Admirable Rockmoreland Can You Dig It? [UO] No
Rocko The Glorious Rocko, Grandmaster Shade No
Romulox The Illustrious Romulox, Grandmaster Blacksmith Do you even...? [UO] Yes
S t i c k y The Good S t i c k y Don't pot me bro! [UO] No
Saabe' The Trustworthy Saabe' No
Sal Lichend The Admirable Sal Lichend No
Sardine Sardine No
Seloria Seloria No
Sharii Lichend The Admirable Sharii Lichend No
Siegfried The Glorious Siegfried, Grandmaster Veterinarian Pet Food [UO] No
Sir Donger The Admirable Sir Donger No
Sky The Glorious Lord Sky, Grandmaster Naturalist No
Sky The Glorious Lord Sky, Grandmaster Bard No
Slick The Glorious Slick No
Smokey The Scoundrel Smokey No
Stark Lichend The Glorious Stark Lichend: Spite of Evil, Grandmaster Mage An Ex Por [UO] No
Starlet The Eminent Starlet, Grandmaster Fisherwoman Tamer of da Fish [UO] No
Stickyicky The Prominent Stickyicky Don't pot me bro! [UO] No
Stryker Lichend The Fair Stryker Lichend No
Sturm Ruger Sturm Ruger No
Swen The Illustrious Swen, Grandmaster Biologist No
Talon Lichend The Notable Talon Lichend No
Taric The Illustrious Taric No
Tassels Lichend The Illustrious Tassels Lichend, Grandmaster Scout Word to the herd [UO] No
The Avatar The Upstanding The Avatar No
Thelron Coldhand The Fair Thelron Coldhand No
Thom Merrilin The Glorious Thom Merrilin, Grandmaster Tamer No
Throwaway Throwaway No
Titanpower The Dastardly Titanpower: Opponent of Evil /r/ [UO] No
Trash Eighty The Famed Trash Eighty Tandy Shack [UO] No
VanClaude The Famed VanClaude Bwhahahahaha [UO] No
Vanessa The Fair Vanessa No
Wolfgang The Evil Lord Wolfgang, Grandmaster Demoralizer No
Wonton The Glorious Lord Wonton, Grandmaster Stoic No
Woodsman The Illustrious Lord Woodsman: Spite of Evil, Grandmaster Ranger No
Xavaan The Renowned Xavaan, Grandmaster Tamer White Light [UO] No
Xoneker Xoneker No
Xx-GoD-xX The Glorious Xx-GoD-xX, Grandmaster Biologist No
Z'Ha'Dum The Dread Lady Z'Ha'Dum: Spite of Evil Trammy Addict [UO] No
Zelda The Glorious Zelda, Grandmaster Cartographer No
Zen The Glorious Zen, Grandmaster Stoic No
Zucoti Manicotti The Malicious Zucoti Manicotti: Spite of Evil No
Guild Data Last Updated: 9/23/2017 11:39:16 PM (CST)

"When you do things right, people won't be sure that you've done anything at all."

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