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Tame -n- Tough [TnT] "No charter has been specified."

Sir Billy


- Guild Members -
Name Full Name Guild Title
a dragon The Admirable a dragon No
A Lich Lord A Lich Lord * [TnT] No
Agnes of Ale The Commendable Agnes of Ale No
Ancient Wyrm Ancient Wyrm No
Apocalypse The Unsavory Apocalypse Taco Lips [TnT] No
Aron The Famed Aron: Spite of Evil * [TnT] No
AshBorn The Glorious AshBorn, Grandmaster Tamer * [TnT] No
Aurora The Glorious Aurora, Grandmaster Demoralizer No
Balanar The Villainous Balanar, Grandmaster Naturalist * [TnT] No
Beastly Beastly * [TnT] No
Bill The Famed Bill The One and Only [TnT] No
Bill Jackson The Illustrious Bill Jackson, Grandmaster Biologist * [TnT] No
Billy Jean The Illustrious Billy Jean, Grandmaster Naturalist * [TnT] No
Bishop The Glorious Bishop Dueces [TnT] No
Bjorn Ironside The Glorious Bjorn Ironside, Grandmaster Naturalist No
Black Rose The Glorious Black Rose: Spite of Evil * [TnT] No
BLinG BLaU The Great BLinG BLaU * [TnT] No
BlueRose The Glorious BlueRose, Grandmaster Naturalist * [TnT] No
Bob Bob * [TnT] No
Bozo The Commendable Bozo The Old Man [TnT] No
Breaking The Law The Illustrious Breaking The Law, Grandmaster Naturalist No
Burberry Burberry No
Bytch Fayse The Villainous Bytch Fayse Heavy Artillery [TnT] No
Camilla The Illustrious Camilla, Grandmaster Naturalist * [TnT] No
Canute The Dark Lord Canute * [TnT] No
Cap Flint The Notable Cap Flint * [TnT] No
Casados The Glorious Casados * [TnT] No
Cerulean The Illustrious Cerulean, Grandmaster Rouser No
Chance The Glorious Chance, Grandmaster Naturalist * [TnT] No
Charles The Fair Charles No
Charles Woodson The Noble Lord Charles Woodson: Opponent of Evil * [TnT] Yes
Charlotte Charlotte * [TnT] No
Cirdan The Illustrious Cirdan, Grandmaster Archer No
Corruption The Glorious Corruption, Grandmaster Infiltrator * [TnT] No
Cosmito Cosmito No
Cpt Jack Sparrow The Admirable Cpt Jack Sparrow * [TnT] No
Creager The Admirable Creager Yes
Creager The Famed Creager No
Dalangar Dalangar * [TnT] No
Daphne The Dark Lady Daphne, Grandmaster Swordswoman * [TnT] No
Dar The Admirable Dar No
Dark Angel The Scoundrel Dark Angel * [TnT] No
Dawn Brancheau The Glorious Dawn Brancheau, Grandmaster Demoralizer No
Defarious The Glorious Defarious, Grandmaster Scholar No
Deuce The Glorious Deuce: Opponent of Evil * [TnT] No
Dioxy The Ignoble Dioxy * [TnT] No
Dirty Pirate The Glorious Dirty Pirate, Grandmaster Naturalist No
Dirty Pirate The Trustworthy Dirty Pirate No
doobie The Prominent doobie * [TnT] No
Dragons Wrath The Unsavory Dragons Wrath * [TnT] No
E'm The Illustrious E'm, Grandmaster Naturalist * [TnT] No
El Gringo The Sinister El Gringo, Grandmaster Naturalist No
Elinor Svint The Glorious Lady Elinor Svint No
Emilio Lopez Emilio Lopez No
Enkidu The Famed Enkidu No
Enthalpy The Villainous Enthalpy, Grandmaster Veterinarian Yes
Envy The Illustrious Envy, Grandmaster Tamer * [TnT] No
Enyx The Infamous Enyx, Grandmaster Biologist * [TnT] No
Epikness The Glorious Lord Epikness, Grandmaster Fencer KaBoom [TnT] No
Eris Eris No
Farquaad The Glorious Lord Farquaad, Grandmaster Shade Yes
Faucheur The Kind Faucheur No
Fingolfin The Glorious Fingolfin, Grandmaster Swordsman No
Flash Gordon Flash Gordon * [TnT] No
Fritz The Glorious Lord Fritz, Grandmaster Bard * [TnT] No
Funkasaurus The Glorious Lord Funkasaurus, Grandmaster Tamer * [TnT] No
Gamedec The Glorious Lord Gamedec, Grandmaster Naturalist * [TnT] No
Geddy The Admirable Geddy No
Genius The Glorious Lord Genius Wu Tang [TnT] No
GiNGerBrEadMaN The Prominent GiNGerBrEadMaN No
God The Respectable God * [TnT] No
GutSCranK The Renowned GutSCranK No
Hayley Williams Hayley Williams * [TnT] No
Heala The Admirable Heala * [TnT] No
Herbert Shtumply The Sinister Lord Herbert Shtumply, Grandmaster Tamer No
Hex The Great Hex * [TnT] No
Hey billy The Glorious Hey billy, Grandmaster Naturalist * [TnT] No
Holden The Glorious Holden, Grandmaster Demoralizer * [TnT] No
Homer The Villainous Homer, Grandmaster Naturalist No
Ifirit The Glorious Ifirit * [TnT] No
Indika The Honest Indika * [TnT] No
Iron Fist The Illustrious Iron Fist, Grandmaster Blacksmith No
Iron Magnolia The Unsavory Iron Magnolia No
Isabella The Estimable Isabella: Spite of Evil * [TnT] No
IsThisLoL The Great IsThisLoL * [TnT] No
IX The Glorious IX Yes
Jesse Jesse * [TnT] No
Jesse Pinkman The Glorious Lord Jesse Pinkman, Grandmaster Rouser No
John Boy John Boy No
John Roberts John Roberts * [TnT] No
johnny johnny * [TnT] No
Julian The Glorious Julian, Grandmaster Bard No
Kahlan Amnel The Glorious Lady Kahlan Amnel, Grandmaster Rouser * [TnT] No
Kaleb Mandrake The Illustrious Kaleb Mandrake * [TnT] No
Kalvan Kalvan No
Khal Drogo The Glorious Lord Khal Drogo, Grandmaster Naturalist No
KidRock The Glorious KidRock, Grandmaster Armsman * [TnT] No
Kingoffun The Honorable Kingoffun No
knighthawk The Estimable knighthawk Yes
Krafty Krafty No
Labeler The Noble Labeler * [TnT] No
Lablina The Illustrious Lablina, Grandmaster Demoralizer No
Lamer The Sinister Lord Lamer, Grandmaster Rouser * [TnT] No
Lea The Estimable Lea * [TnT] No
Lefty The Illustrious Lefty, Grandmaster Fisherman No
Loxx The Glorious Lord Loxx, Grandmaster Naturalist No
Luven Litefinger The Illustrious Luven Litefinger, Grandmaster Demoralizer * [TnT] No
Lysander Spooner The Fair Lysander Spooner No
Macabre- The Glorious Macabre-, Grandmaster Rouser Yes
MaryJane The Admirable MaryJane No
Melian The Glorious Lady Melian Maia Queen [TnT] No
Michelle The Respectable Michelle No
Milakunis The Glorious Lady Milakunis, Grandmaster Tamer * [TnT] No
Milky The Glorious Lord Milky, Grandmaster Scholar No
Milky Milkerson Milky Milkerson No
mindcrank The Estimable mindcrank No
Mojo Jojo The Glorious Mojo Jojo No
Morbius The Glorious Morbius No
Mr Fisher The Famed Mr Fisher Yes
Naoshi The Illustrious Naoshi, Grandmaster Bard No
NathanWei The Glorious NathanWei No
Nemster The Glorious Nemster, Grandmaster Fisherman Ultimate Trawler [TnT] No
Nickelback The Illustrious Nickelback, Grandmaster Ranger * [TnT] No
Noble Hierarch The Trustworthy Noble Hierarch * [TnT] No
NotCraft NotCraft * [TnT] No
Octubious The Evil Octubious * [TnT] No
Odeth The Villainous Odeth, Grandmaster Naturalist * [TnT] No
on me on me * [TnT] No
Orecrist The Fair Orecrist No
Orianna The Glorious Orianna, Grandmaster Warder No
Orome The Glorious Lord Orome Valarin Hunter [TnT] No
Ouranos The Estimable Ouranos No
Paris The Great Paris * [TnT] No
Perrin The Glorious Perrin, Grandmaster Rouser No
Peta The Renowned Peta, Grandmaster Naturalist No
Peter Parker The Villainous Peter Parker, Grandmaster Tamer Spidey [TnT] No
Phunk The Fair Phunk * [TnT] No
PissMiggy The Honest PissMiggy No
Praetor The Dark Lord Praetor, Grandmaster Naturalist * [TnT] No
Pruslas Sicarius The Glorious Pruslas Sicarius, Grandmaster Tamer No
Rad The Noble Rad Yes
Ragnar LothBrok The Glorious Ragnar LothBrok, Grandmaster Demoralizer SKULL [TnT] No
Raheem The Respectable Raheem * [TnT] No
Randy Marsh The Villainous Randy Marsh, Grandmaster Mage Yes
Raxer The Glorious Raxer, Grandmaster Naturalist No
Recrius The Glorious Lord Recrius No
Rem The Illustrious Rem, Grandmaster Tamer * [TnT] No
Remy LaCroix Remy LaCroix No
Rhino The Glorious Lord Rhino, Grandmaster Tamer * [TnT] No
Rich Homie Quan The Glorious Lord Rich Homie Quan, Grandmaster Bard No
Richard Rahl The Upstanding Richard Rahl No
Ringmaster The Glorious Lord Ringmaster, Grandmaster Naturalist * [TnT] No
Rydian The Admirable Rydian * [TnT] No
Sake The Glorious Sake, Grandmaster Fisherman Fishy Tamer [TnT] No
Sam Sam No
Savage The Respectable Savage No
Savalia The Great Savalia No
ShamWow The Glorious ShamWow, Grandmaster Stoic No
Shantyman The Scoundrel Shantyman * [TnT] No
Shido The Dread Lord Shido: Eradicator of the Vermin Horde, Grandmaster Tamer Lovable Tamer [TnT] No
Sir Billy The Noble Sir Billy: Spite of Evil, Grandmaster Demoralizer Guild Master [TnT] No
Sir Calvin The Glorious Sir Calvin * [TnT] No
Siren The Illustrious Siren, Grandmaster Rouser * [TnT] No
Skinner The Glorious Lord Skinner No
Sloth Sloth * [TnT] No
Sonny Wade The Glorious Sonny Wade, Grandmaster Tamer * [TnT] No
Stansfield The Glorious Stansfield No
StarScream Lord StarScream, Grandmaster Naturalist No. You stop staring [TnT] Yes
Steve Irwin The Glorious Steve Irwin, Grandmaster Naturalist The Grinch [TnT] Yes
Stygian Fantast The Glorious Stygian Fantast: Spite of Evil * [TnT] No
Tacheles The Estimable Tacheles * [TnT] No
The Doobie The Doobie No
The Harrower The Harrower No
TheEnforcer The Glorious TheEnforcer, Grandmaster Fencer * [TnT] No
Thrash Thrash Yes
Tink Tink Tinker Bell [TnT] No
Tiny Tina The Honorable Tiny Tina * [TnT] No
TnT The Scoundrel TnT * [TnT] No
Toaster Toaster No
Tritium The Glorious Lord Tritium No
Twisted Fate The Glorious Lord Twisted Fate, Grandmaster Tamer * [TnT] No
TwistedHope The Glorious TwistedHope, Grandmaster Tamer * [TnT] No
Twistedpawn The Glorious Lord Twistedpawn, Grandmaster Mage * [TnT] No
Tyranny The Glorious Tyranny, Grandmaster Scholar No
Uinen The Illustrious Uinen, Grandmaster Warder No
Ulmo The Glorious Lord Ulmo Lord of Water [TnT] No
Valora The Honorable Valora * [TnT] No
Vampire Hunter D Vampire Hunter D * [TnT] No
Vicky Vicky * [TnT] No
Vulcan Vulcan * [TnT] No
Wild The Commendable Wild * [TnT] No
Willie Nelson The Glorious Willie Nelson, Grandmaster Bard No
Xilor Starbane The Glorious Lord Xilor Starbane, Grandmaster Rouser * [TnT] No
Zen Zen No
Zershii Zershii No
Zylphie The Evil Lady Zylphie, Grandmaster Mage No
Guild Data Last Updated: 9/20/2017 11:36:59 AM (CST)

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