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Adventure Time [A^T] "www.uorenaissance.com"



- Guild Members -
Name Full Name Guild Title
Barnicle The Glorious Barnicle, Grandmaster Ranger Valiant Virtuoso [A^T] No
Beth-Anne The Illustrious Beth-Anne, Grandmaster Bard Wyrm Cleric [A^T] No
Blaise The Notable Blaise AdventureNerd [A^T] No
Che'rie The Good Che'rie King's Guard [A^T] No
Dallin The Great Dallin Beast Handler [A^T] No
DevilsReject The Glorious DevilsReject, Grandmaster Mage Vile Virtuoso [A^T] No
Faust Draketamer The Great Faust Draketamer: Spite of Evil Master of Hue [A^T] No
Fraggle The Commendable Fraggle Nature Boy [A^T] No
Ganyon The Illustrious Ganyon, Grandmaster Assassin Exalted Assassin [A^T] No
Gray Cload The Great Gray Cload Wyrm Cleric [A^T] No
Gromph The Illustrious Gromph: Spite of Evil, Grandmaster Wrestler Adventurer [A^T] No
Heidi The Estimable Heidi Friendly Stranger [A^T] No
koden The Admirable koden Beast Handler [A^T] No
Korbin The Glorious Korbin, Grandmaster Infiltrator Grand Archeologist [A^T] No
Larry LaLonde The Great Larry LaLonde Lead Lute [A^T] No
Markos The Famed Markos: Hunter of Evil Adventurer [A^T] No
Max The Trustworthy Max Wyrm Maven [A^T] No
May The Prominent May Princess of OoO [A^T] No
Milo The Glorious Lord Milo, Grandmaster Bard Adventurer [A^T] No
Mobolin The Glorious Lord Mobolin: Opponent of Evil Beast Master [A^T] No
Perry Mason Perry Mason Treasure Hunter [A^T] No
Rudyom The Glorious Lord Rudyom Wyrm Cleric [A^T] No
Selotick The Great Selotick Badass Woodsman [A^T] No
Sir Tames Alot The Dishonorable Sir Tames Alot Wyrm Cleric [A^T] No
Stevie Ray The Illustrious Stevie Ray Adventurer [A^T] No
Valentine The Eminent Valentine: Spite of Evil, Grandmaster Tactician The Wise One [A^T] No
Vaytal The Glorious Lord Vaytal, Grandmaster Scholar No
Voltar The Glorious Lord Voltar: Opponent of Evil, Grandmaster Mage Provocateur [A^T] No
Wudan The Illustrious Wudan, Grandmaster Swordsman Adventurer [A^T] No
Zorn The Eminent Lord Zorn, Grandmaster Blacksmith Ancient Smithy [A^T] No
Guild Data Last Updated: 10/25/2021 4:25:51 PM (CST)

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