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Project Sanctuary [P] "No charter has been specified."

Doctor Satan


- Guild Members -
Name Full Name Guild Title
a kinoko tamer a kinoko tamer Initiate [P] No
a llama The Glorious Lady a llama, Grandmaster Merchant Paragon Seeker [P] No
a new tambourine The Illustrious Lord a new tambourine, Grandmaster Pacifier Initiate [P] No
a poke The Illustrious a poke, Grandmaster Biologist Initiate [P] No
a slime The Honorable a slime Initiate [P] No
Achaya The Commendable Achaya Decimator [P] No
Adele Stackhouse The Villainous Adele Stackhouse, Grandmaster Warder Decimator [P] No
AfroPuffs The Great AfroPuffs Paragon Seeker [P] No
Ahirman The Unsavory Ahirman Reaver [P] No
Airin The Famed Airin: Spite of Evil Menacer Prime [P] No
Albus The Glorious Lord Albus, Grandmaster Mage Willbender [P] No
Alexender The Estimable Alexender Bondforger [P] Yes
Altaira The Evil Lady Altaira, Grandmaster Demoralizer Bondforger Council [P] No
Amusia The Renowned Amusia, Grandmaster Biologist Initiate [P] No
And The Glorious And Bondforger [P] No
Anderson The Glorious Anderson Willbender [P] No
Andor The Admirable Andor Pathfinder [P] No
Andruil The Famed Andruil Willbender [P] No
Anika The Glorious Lady Anika Mythseeker [P] Yes
Arrack The Respectable Arrack Shatterbane [P] No
Artemis Entreri The Scoundrel Artemis Entreri Vanguard [P] No
Arwen The Respectable Arwen Decimator [P] No
As'hiis The Famed As'hiis Bondforger [P] No
As'hiis II As'hiis II Bondforger [P] Yes
Asaeria Nailo Asaeria Nailo Initiate [P] No
Aspergian The Great Aspergian Bondforger [P] No
Autofish The Proper Autofish Vanguard [P] No
Avenger The Famed Avenger Decimator [P] No
Avenine Ivos The Glorious Avenine Ivos, Grandmaster Scholar Willbender [P] No
Avictus Ivos The Trustworthy Avictus Ivos Vanguard [P] No
Axel Jackson The Respectable Axel Jackson Excavator [P] No
Azerothian The Honorable Azerothian Spellweaver [P] Yes
Badger Badger Waveseeker [P] No
Blain The Glorious Lord Blain, Grandmaster Naturalist Initiate [P] No
Bloodforge Lord Bloodforge, Grandmaster Stoic Merchant [P] No
Bloodlust The Great Bloodlust Decimator Council [P] No
Bloodshed The Wicked Bloodshed: Spite of Evil Bondforger Council [P] No
Boy George The Sinister Lord Boy George, Grandmaster Veterinarian Mythseeker [P] No
Broken LawnChair The Vile Broken LawnChair Initiate [P] No
Caillte Garran The Prominent Caillte Garran Initiate [P] No
Ceorlgar The Honorable Ceorlgar Soothsayer [P] No
Charlie Bronson The Estimable Charlie Bronson Decimator [P] No
Chiquita Banana The Admirable Chiquita Banana Druid [P] No
Chulainn The Respectable Chulainn Initiate [P] No
Cinnamon Bandeau The Great Cinnamon Bandeau Willbender [P] No
Ciri The Glorious Lady Ciri, Grandmaster Naturalist Bondforger [P] No
Coaf The Fair Coaf Initiate [P] No
CrazyDaze The Illustrious CrazyDaze, Grandmaster Blacksmith Excavator [P] No
Cretoman The Admirable Cretoman Druid [P] Yes
Darnassius The Famed Darnassius Creature ofthe Night [P] No
Delavego The Illustrious Delavego, Grandmaster Tamer Bondforger Prime [P] No
Dexter Fletcher The Kind Dexter Fletcher Fell Hand of Deamons [P] No
Dill Doe Baggins The Proper Dill Doe Baggins Decimator [P] No
diran The Great diran Vanguard [P] No
Disco Fever The Great Disco Fever Willbender [P] Yes
DismalRayne DismalRayne Initiate [P] No
dissident The Estimable dissident Willbender [P] No
Divinora The Respectable Divinora Mythseeker [P] No
Doctor Satan The Admirable Doctor Satan Guildmaster Proxy [P] No
Doe Boy The Commendable Doe Boy Menacer [P] No
Drizzt The Scoundrel Drizzt Viper [P] No
Duatha The Proper Duatha Forgemaster [P] No
Duke Drew of LI The Famed Duke Drew of LI Earthen Crippler [P] No
El Captain The Glorious El Captain Bondforger [P] No
Elanil The Famed Elanil Windcaller [P] No
Emain Macha The Glorious Lady Emain Macha, Grandmaster Demoralizer Initiate [P] No
Everlast One The Great Everlast One Bondforger [P] Yes
Evie Frye The Famed Evie Frye Hellraiser [P] No
Fett The Great Fett: Spite of Evil Mythseeker [P] Yes
Fiona The Villainous Fiona, Grandmaster Chef Waveseeker [P] No
Forseti The Reputable Forseti Initiate [P] Yes
Genesis The Glorious Lord Genesis, Grandmaster Tamer Bondforger [P] Yes
Goddess Sol The Dishonorable Goddess Sol Cadaver Cleaver [P] No
Granny flaps The Great Granny flaps Shatterbane [P] No
Greyhame The Admirable Greyhame Initiate [P] No
Grievance The Great Grievance Initiate [P] No
Griffon The Admirable Griffon Initiate [P] No
Ground Control The Prominent Ground Control Druid [P] No
Gwenno The Honest Gwenno Initiate [P] No
Hagenbeck The Estimable Hagenbeck Bondforger [P] No
Hemp Pants Hemp Pants Initiate [P] No
Heretic The Glorious Lord Heretic, Grandmaster Mage Soothsayer Council [P] No
Hingle McCringle Hingle McCringle Initiate [P] No
Hinzor The Commendable Hinzor Vanguard [P] No
Hitorogoshi The Illustrious Hitorogoshi Initiate [P] No
Imogen The Distinguished Imogen Willbender [P] No
In Red In Red Mythseeker [P] No
Isla The Great Isla Waveseeker [P] No
Issilrah The Glorious Issilrah Initiate [P] No
Jalil Jalil Initiate [P] No
Jaluk The Glorious Jaluk, Grandmaster Naturalist Initiate [P] No
Jane Doe The Commendable Jane Doe Willbender [P] No
Janie Herman The Admirable Janie Herman Duelest [P] No
Jarlaxle The Famed Jarlaxle Willbender [P] No
Jenna Jameson The Glorious Jenna Jameson, Grandmaster Pacifier Reaver [P] Yes
Jlo The Admirable Jlo Initiate [P] No
Joan of Arc The Famed Joan of Arc Windcaller [P] No
John Doe The Noble John Doe, Grandmaster Naturalist Bondforger [P] No
Kai Nara The Sinister Lady Kai Nara, Grandmaster Blacksmith Iron Crafter [P] No
Kan Nibal Karim The Admirable Kan Nibal Karim Reaver [P] No
Keza The Glorious Keza Bondforger Council [P] No
Keza Axer The Famed Keza Axer Druid [P] No
Keza Clef The Famed Keza Clef Willbender Council [P] No
Keza Dart The Honorable Keza Dart Windcaller Council [P] No
Keza Fade The Respectable Keza Fade Scout [P] No
Keza Fire The Great Keza Fire Paragon Seeker [P] No
Keza Forge The Illustrious Keza Forge Forgemaster [P] No
Keza Proto The Great Keza Proto Druid [P] No
Keza Ward The Famed Keza Ward Stalwart [P] No
Keza Warrior The Honorable Keza Warrior Viper [P] No
killian The Renowned killian, Grandmaster Veterinarian Druid [P] No
Kirby The Notable Kirby Decimator Prime [P] No
Kirby The Honorable Kirby Cadaverous [P] No
Kirby the healer The Notable Kirby the healer Lifegiver [P] No
Kirby the scout The Unsavory Kirby the scout Shade Finder [P] No
Krake Vestahl The Great Krake Vestahl The Old One [P] No
Lana Del Rey The Glorious Lady Lana Del Rey, Grandmaster Mage Bard [P] No
Legault The Illustrious Legault Initiate [P] No
Leopold The Noble Leopold Justicar Prime [P] No
Liam Coonrod The Malicious Liam Coonrod Initiate [P] No
Lucifer The Notorious Lucifer Pathfinder [P] No
Luna Garza The Glorious Lady Luna Garza: Spite of Evil Bondforger [P] No
Lunet The Glorious Lady Lunet, Grandmaster Scholar Shatterbane [P] No
Luven Litefinger The Famed Luven Litefinger Willbender [P] No
Lyta The Illustrious Lyta, Grandmaster Scholar Willbender [P] No
Magpie The Renowned Magpie Initiate [P] No
Mahaut Folly The Trustworthy Mahaut Folly Dryade [P] No
Manbearpig The Glorious Lord Manbearpig, Grandmaster Pacifier Willbender [P] No
ManBearPig The Glorious Lord ManBearPig, Grandmaster Naturalist Bondforger [P] No
Manik The Admirable Manik Initiate [P] No
maobear The Upstanding maobear Paladin [P] No
Maria Brink The Despicable Maria Brink Reaver [P] No
Marros Pegason The Illustrious Marros Pegason, Grandmaster Demoralizer Waveseeker [P] No
Max Power The Glorious Max Power, Grandmaster Demoralizer Initiate [P] No
Medas The Great Medas Druid [P] No
Merek Tybalt Merek Tybalt Merchant Extrodinair [P] No
Misery The Prominent Misery Vanguard [P] No
Mole Mole Waveseeker [P] No
Molly Holly The Famed Molly Holly Bondforger [P] No
Mystic The Fair Mystic Initiate [P] No
Nicolle Neuville The Glorious Nicolle Neuville Willbender [P] No
Nolan Steelfist The Famed Nolan Steelfist Shatterbane [P] No
Omga Omga Initiate [P] No
Peaceful Markus Peaceful Markus Soothsayer [P] No
Pearl The Illustrious Pearl, Master Tamer Initiate [P] No
Pekka The Famed Pekka Reaver [P] No
Pekkus Fisher The Famed Pekkus Fisher Waveseeker [P] No
Pekkus Pilatus The Admirable Pekkus Pilatus Excavator [P] No
PekkusSmith The Renowned PekkusSmith, Grandmaster Weapon Master Blacksmith [P] No
Phil The Glorious Phil, Grandmaster Bard Initiate [P] No
Pierce The Respectable Pierce Initiate [P] No
Pillowy Mounds The Glorious Pillowy Mounds, Grandmaster Demoralizer Bondforger [P] No
Playful The Glorious Lord Playful, Grandmaster Naturalist Bondforger [P] No
Psycho Elf The Great Psycho Elf Decimator Prime [P] No
Ratty Ratty Waveseeker [P] No
Riddler The Glorious Riddler, Grandmaster Naturalist Druid [P] No
Rifkin The Illustrious Rifkin Viper [P] No
Saitor The Illustrious Saitor Initiate [P] Yes
Saleena The Glorious Saleena Bard [P] No
Sally The Famed Sally Waveseeker [P] No
sansta The Great sansta Bondforger [P] No
Sara Dale The Notable Sara Dale Initiate [P] No
Sara Rue The Renowned Sara Rue, Grandmaster Shade Treasure Hunter [P] No
Satan's Hand The Prominent Satan's Hand Outfitter [P] No
Schlego The Honorable Schlego Shieldbearer [P] No
Sebastian Bach The Glorious Sebastian Bach, Grandmaster Rouser Bondforger [P] No
Seroa The Glorious Seroa, Grandmaster Naturalist Druid [P] No
Shazzam The Illustrious Shazzam, Grandmaster Tamer Pathfinder [P] No
Siberys The Glorious Lord Siberys: Spite of Evil, Grandmaster Rouser Bondforger [P] No
Silly Girl The Famed Silly Girl Metalcrafter [P] No
Silverflame The Infamous Silverflame, Grandmaster Biologist Initiate [P] No
Simone The Illustrious Simone, Grandmaster Fisherwoman Waveseeker [P] No
Sir Allistar The Commendable Sir Allistar Shatterbane [P] No
Slickboo Slickboo Initiate [P] No
Soear The Famed Soear Viper [P] No
Spida The Fair Spida Initiate [P] No
Stian The Prominent Stian Initiate [P] No
Stressful The Great Stressful Reaver [P] Yes
Stunner Stunner No
Sunsal Banmari The Famed Sunsal Banmari Decimator [P] No
Tastyboo Tastyboo Initiate [P] No
Tedjamin The Trustworthy Tedjamin Willbender [P] No
Teldrassilian The Fair Teldrassilian Mechanist [P] Yes
Terpischore The Unsavory Terpischore Yes
Tetrapak The Prominent Tetrapak Initiate [P] No
The Boatswain The Famed The Boatswain Waveseeker [P] No
Theodore The Glorious Theodore: Spite of Evil, Grandmaster Naturalist Willbender [P] No
Theomer The Illustrious Theomer, Grandmaster Shade Initiate [P] No
Thoradyn Ironaxe Thoradyn Ironaxe Initiate [P] No
Timiredis The Glorious Timiredis, Grandmaster Merchant Paragon Seeker [P] No
Torrand The Great Torrand Initiate [P] No
Traci Lords The Great Traci Lords Shatterbane [P] No
Trinitease The Commendable Trinitease Vanguard [P] No
Triss Merigold The Glorious Triss Merigold, Grandmaster Naturalist Bondforger [P] No
Tuneful The Glorious Lord Tuneful, Grandmaster Pacifier Menacer Prime [P] Yes
Turbo Cossack The Prominent Turbo Cossack Willbender [P] No
Twister The Renowned Twister, Grandmaster Lumberjack Decimator [P] No
Useful The Glorious Useful, Grandmaster Alchemist Relic Diviner [P] Yes
Vanaondo The Glorious Vanaondo: Spite of Evil, Grandmaster Naturalist Bondforger [P] No
Velhox The Glorious Velhox Initiate [P] No
Violeta The Honorable Violeta Waveseeker [P] No
Vivaldi The Great Vivaldi Initiate [P] No
Wellsworth The Illustrious Wellsworth Paragon Seeker [P] No
Which The Fair Which Textile Master [P] No
Who is John Doe The Glorious Who is John Doe, Grandmaster Naturalist Menacer [P] No
Will Turner The Honest Will Turner Windcaller [P] No
Xeili The Glorious Xeili: Spite of Evil, Grandmaster Naturalist Myth Seeker [P] No
Yadalynn The Famed Yadalynn Bondforger [P] Yes
Yennefer The Glorious Lady Yennefer, Grandmaster Naturalist Bondforger [P] No
Your Mom The Sinister Your Mom, Grandmaster Weapon Master Crafter of [P] No
Zavgard The Illustrious Zavgard, Grandmaster Biologist Initiate [P] No
Zoe Lady Zoe, Grandmaster Stoic Willbender [P] No
Zools The Commendable Zools Willbender [P] No
Zools The Glorious Lord Zools, Grandmaster Demoralizer Bondforger [P] No
Guild Data Last Updated: 4/26/2018 10:33:39 PM (CST)

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