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Project Sanctuary [P] "No charter has been specified."

Krake Vestahl


- Guild Members -
Name Full Name Guild Title
a llama The Prominent a llama Initiate [P] No
Acelino The Respectable Acelino Initiate [P] No
Achaya The Commendable Achaya Decimator [P] No
Adele Stackhouse The Vile Adele Stackhouse Decimator [P] No
AfroPuffs The Famed AfroPuffs Paragon Seeker [P] Yes
Airin The Noble Airin: Spite of Evil, Grandmaster Pacifier Menacer [P] No
Aligone The Illustrious Aligone, Grandmaster Biologist Duelest [P] No
alliwantisa The Glorious alliwantisa, Grandmaster Scholar Initiate [P] No
Already The Glorious Lady Already, Grandmaster Veterinarian Bondforger [P] No
Alric The Upstanding Alric Decimator [P] Yes
Altaira The Evil Altaira, Grandmaster Demoralizer Bondforger Council [P] No
Althorn The Honest Althorn Initiate [P] No
Amber Shadow The Glorious Lady Amber Shadow, Grandmaster Naturalist Bondforger [P] No
And The Glorious And, Grandmaster Mage Initiate [P] No
Andruil The Admirable Andruil Initiate [P] Yes
Apple Jack Apple Jack Shatterbane [P] No
Artea Artea Initiate [P] No
Artemis Entreri The Scoundrel Artemis Entreri Vanguard [P] No
As'hiis The Illustrious As'hiis, Grandmaster Naturalist Bondforger [P] No
Asmadi The Glorious Asmadi, Grandmaster Bard Willbender [P] No
Aspergian The Illustrious Aspergian Bondforger [P] Yes
Athena The Glorious Lady Athena, Grandmaster Tamer Initiate [P] No
Atma Iscariot The Notorious Atma Iscariot Viper Alpha [P] No
Atropa The Ignoble Atropa Nature's Favor [P] No
Atticus The Renowned Atticus, Grandmaster Mage Initiate [P] No
Avenine Ivos The Glorious Avenine Ivos, Grandmaster Scholar Initiate [P] No
Avictus Ivos The Glorious Avictus Ivos, Grandmaster Swordsman Vanguard [P] No
Azerothian The Honorable Azerothian Spellweaver [P] No
Azoth The Prominent Azoth Initiate [P] No
Baggy The Famed Baggy Willbender [P] No
Bazinga Bazinga Infiltrator [P] No
Billy Smart The Glorious Billy Smart Bondforger [P] No
Bladerunner The Glorious Bladerunner, Grandmaster Biologist Initiate [P] No
Blakezor Blakezor Initiate [P] No
Bloodforge Lord Bloodforge, Master Stoic Merchant [P] No
Bloodlust The Great Bloodlust Decimator Prime [P] No
Bloodshed The Evil Bloodshed, Grandmaster Naturalist Bondforger Prime [P] Yes
Bombadil The Glorious Bombadil, Grandmaster Scholar Reaver [P] No
Boomkat The Prominent Boomkat Initiate [P] No
Bottle The Illustrious Bottle Waveseeker [P] No
Boy George The Prominent Boy George Waveseeker [P] No
Brother Malachai Brother Malachai Guild Provisioner [P] No
Bul-Kathos The Illustrious Bul-Kathos, Grandmaster Biologist Initiate [P] No
Cahir The Glorious Cahir: Spite of Evil, Grandmaster Stoic Bondforger [P] No
Calli The Prominent Calli Initiate [P] No
Canis Ferox The Proper Canis Ferox Shatterbane [P] No
Cartman The Illustrious Lord Cartman, Grandmaster Rouser Willbender [P] No
Casanove The Illustrious Casanove, Grandmaster Stoic Initiate [P] No
Catch The Sinister Catch, Grandmaster Mage Willbender [P] No
Catfish The Noble Catfish, Grandmaster Merchant Waveseeker [P] No
Cha Poe The Glorious Cha Poe, Grandmaster Mage Willbender [P] No
Charsi The Noble Charsi Initiate [P] No
Cherry The Glorious Lady Cherry: Spite of Evil, Grandmaster Warder Myth Seeker [P] No
Chiquita Banana The Scoundrel Chiquita Banana Initiate [P] Yes
Chronos The Admirable Chronos Initiate [P] No
Cinnamon Bandeau The Glorious Cinnamon Bandeau, Grandmaster Bard Willbender [P] No
Ciri The Glorious Lady Ciri, Grandmaster Naturalist Bondforger [P] Yes
Cludus Krevil The Fair Cludus Krevil Initiate [P] No
Copaxone Copaxone Landlord [P] No
Cosmo The Notable Cosmo Forestweaver [P] No
Crafty McGee The Notable Crafty McGee Crafter Extrodenaire [P] No
CrazyDaze The Admirable CrazyDaze No
Daenerys Unburnt The Glorious Lady Daenerys Unburnt, Grandmaster Naturalist Initiate [P] No
Darnassia The Honest Darnassia Vanguard [P] No
Death by Stereo The Illustrious Death by Stereo, Grandmaster Warder Reaver [P] No
Debra Morgan Debra Morgan Waveseeker [P] No
Delavego The Noble Delavego, Grandmaster Tamer Bondforger Prime [P] No
Dexter Fletcher Dexter Fletcher Windcaller [P] No
Diante The Renowned Diante, Grandmaster Stoic Initiate [P] No
diran The Estimable diran Vanguard [P] No
Disco Fever The Trustworthy Disco Fever Willbender [P] No
DOC The Great DOC Initiate [P] No
Doctor Satan The Admirable Doctor Satan Shatterbane Council [P] No
Dora t'Explorer The Malicious Dora t'Explorer Battle Miner [P] No
DrDolittle The Evil DrDolittle: Executioner of Evil, Grandmaster Rouser Bondforger [P] No
Drizzt The Scoundrel Drizzt Viper [P] No
DRUGLORD The Notable DRUGLORD Initiate [P] No
Edelweiss The Great Edelweiss Justicar [P] No
Edward The Kind Edward Initiate [P] No
El Captain The Great El Captain Initiate [P] No
Ervin Bloodstone Ervin Bloodstone Initiate [P] No
Esponda The Disreputable Esponda Shadeslip [P] No
Everlast One The Trustworthy Everlast One Bondforger [P] Yes
ExpondaUDL The Renowned ExpondaUDL, Grandmaster Biologist Bondforger [P] No
Felix Jaegar The Infamous Felix Jaegar, Grandmaster Naturalist Bondforger [P] No
Fiona The Villainous Fiona, Grandmaster Chef Waveseeker [P] No
Fire The Notable Fire Seeker [P] No
Flor The Illustrious Flor Bondforger [P] No
Fluttershy The Great Fluttershy Initiate [P] No
Forrest Fenn The Glorious Lord Forrest Fenn, Grandmaster Merchant Paragon Seeker [P] No
Freya The Fair Freya Vanguard [P] No
Fuinacious The Glorious Lord Fuinacious: Spite of Evil, Grandmaster Tamer Bondforger [P] No
Fungus The Glorious Fungus Willbender [P] No
Geb The Great Geb Bondforger [P] No
Gen The Glorious Gen, Grandmaster Veterinarian Reaver Alpha [P] No
Genesis The Glorious Lord Genesis, Grandmaster Tamer Bondforger [P] No
Grenseal The Eminent Grenseal, Grandmaster Armsman Shatterbane [P] No
Gucci The Glorious Lord Gucci, Grandmaster Pacifier Initiate [P] No
Haeweth The Glorious Lord Haeweth: Spite of Evil Bondforger [P] No
Handy Man Handy Man Initiate [P] No
Harry Beavers The Scoundrel Harry Beavers No
Harry Dresden The Glorious Harry Dresden, Grandmaster Mage Initiate [P] Yes
Heretic The Glorious Lord Heretic, Grandmaster Mage Soothsayer Council [P] No
Hingle McCringle Hingle McCringle Initiate [P] No
Hinzor The Famed Hinzor Vanguard [P] No
Hugo Boss The Notable Hugo Boss Craftsmen [P] No
Isla The Great Isla Waveseeker [P] No
Jane Doe The Famed Jane Doe Initiate [P] No
Janie Herman The Honorable Janie Herman Duelest [P] No
Jarlaxle The Famed Jarlaxle Willbender [P] No
Jenna Jameson The Glorious Jenna Jameson, Grandmaster Bard Willbender [P] Yes
Jeremiah The Disreputable Jeremiah Honored Protector [P] No
Joan of Arc The Honest Joan of Arc Windcaller [P] No
John Doe The Disreputable John Doe Initiate [P] Yes
Kai Nara The Eminent Lady Kai Nara, Grandmaster Blacksmith Iron Crafter [P] No
Kanza The Glorious Kanza Bondforger [P] No
Karic The Glorious Karic, Grandmaster Tamer Bondforger [P] No
Kasandra Poe Kasandra Poe Shatterbane [P] No
Keira Tamarra The Glorious Lady Keira Tamarra Initiate [P] No
Kevlon The Glorious Kevlon, Grandmaster Mage Thunder Bard [P] No
Keyra Lyandar The Glorious Lady Keyra Lyandar Bondforger [P] No
Keza The Glorious Keza Bondforger Council [P] No
Keza Axer The Famed Keza Axer Druid [P] No
Keza Fire The Glorious Lord Keza Fire Paragon Seeker [P] No
Keza Proto The Glorious Lady Keza Proto Druid [P] No
Keza Ward The Admirable Keza Ward Stalwart [P] No
Keza Warrior The Honorable Keza Warrior Viper [P] No
Kilgore Trout The Prominent Kilgore Trout Shatterbane [P] No
Kirby The Notable Kirby Decimator Prime [P] Yes
Kirby The Kind Kirby Cadaverous [P] Yes
Kirby the healer The Notable Kirby the healer Lifegiver [P] No
Krake Vestahl The Glorious Krake Vestahl, Grandmaster Biologist Guildmaster [P] No
Kvothe The Glorious Kvothe, Grandmaster Bard Initiate [P] No
Lara Poe The Glorious Lady Lara Poe, Grandmaster Scout Paragon Seeker [P] No
Laretheo The Glorious Laretheo Willbender [P] No
Lars Hanson Lars Hanson Initiate [P] No
Le The Glorious Le, Grandmaster Stoic Willbender [P] No
Leo The Honorable Leo No
Leonardo The Great Leonardo Windcaller [P] No
Leopold The Notable Leopold Initiate [P] No
Leroy Merlin The Glorious Leroy Merlin, Grandmaster Merchant No
Lomax The Respectable Lomax Initiate [P] No
Lucien Le Malin The Glorious Lucien Le Malin, Grandmaster Scout Treasure Hunter [P] No
Lucifer The Prominent Lucifer Pathfinder [P] No
Luna Garza The Glorious Lady Luna Garza: Spite of Evil Bondforger [P] No
Lycus The Admirable Lycus Viper [P] No
Lyta The Eminent Lyta, Grandmaster Scholar Willbender [P] No
Mahaut Folly The Glorious Lady Mahaut Folly Bondforger [P] No
Malikon The Glorious Lord Malikon, Grandmaster Veterinarian Bondforger [P] No
Marella The Famed Marella Initiate [P] No
Maria Brink The Scoundrel Maria Brink Reaver [P] No
Marros Pegason The Illustrious Marros Pegason, Grandmaster Demoralizer Waveseeker [P] No
Mephistopheles The Prominent Mephistopheles Initiate [P] No
Mevish Lyandar The Glorious Mevish Lyandar Justicar [P] No
Miliardo Miliardo Initiate [P] No
Miller Light The Admirable Miller Light Initiate [P] No
Misery The Prominent Misery Vanguard [P] No
Miss Mix A Lot The Ignoble Miss Mix A Lot No
Molly Holly The Illustrious Molly Holly, Grandmaster Naturalist Initiate [P] No
Mukruil The Prominent Mukruil Initiate [P] No
Muleface The Honorable Muleface Battleminer [P] No
Mystic The Admirable Mystic Initiate [P] No
Naelini The Illustrious Naelini, Grandmaster Pacifier Initiate [P] No
Namarra The Glorious Lady Namarra, Grandmaster Naturalist Mythseeker [P] No
Nepenthe The Glorious Nepenthe Bondforger [P] No
Nepenthe The Notable Nepenthe Spellweaver [P] No
Neurodivergent Neurodivergent Landlord [P] No
Nicolle Neuville The Glorious Nicolle Neuville Willbender [P] No
Nildro-Hain The Villainous Nildro-Hain: Opponent of Evil, Grandmaster Tamer Bondforger [P] No
Nilla The Prominent Nilla Duelist [P] No
Nolan Steelfist The Famed Nolan Steelfist Shatterbane [P] No
NoX The Famed NoX Initiate [P] No
Osirus Darksun The Prominent Osirus Darksun Initiate [P] No
Otpek The Glorious Otpek, Grandmaster Pacifier Willbender [P] No
Paul of Bunyan The Famed Paul of Bunyan Decimator [P] No
Peaceful Markus Peaceful Markus Soothsayer [P] No
Pekka The Famed Pekka Event Coordinator [P] Yes
Pekkus Fisher The Famed Pekkus Fisher Waveseeker [P] No
PekkusSmith PekkusSmith Blacksmith [P] No
Perrilin The Illustrious Perrilin, Grandmaster Bard Soothsayer [P] Yes
Phil The Glorious Phil, Grandmaster Bard Initiate [P] No
Philip The Famed Philip Duelist [P] No
Pickles The Upstanding Pickles No
PimpHand PimpHand No
Psycho Elf The Great Psycho Elf Decimator Prime [P] No
PunisherX The Glorious PunisherX Bondforger [P] No
Pyrotice The Glorious Pyrotice, Grandmaster Biologist Initiate [P] No
Quayle The Illustrious Quayle, Grandmaster Pacifier Initiate [P] No
Ramona Flowers The Upstanding Ramona Flowers Waveseeker [P] No
Ren The Famed Ren Reaver [P] No
Rifkin The Illustrious Rifkin Viper [P] No
Roflcopter The Admirable Roflcopter Vanguard [P] No
roflcopter The Infamous roflcopter Initiate [P] No
Rugdumph The Glorious Rugdumph Vanguard [P] No
Sally The Famed Sally Waveseeker [P] No
Sandra Poe The Prominent Sandra Poe Decimator [P] No
sansta The Glorious sansta Bondforger [P] No
Sarah Poe The Glorious Lady Sarah Poe, Grandmaster Tamer Mythseeker [P] No
Satan's Hand The Prominent Satan's Hand Outfitter [P] No
Schlego The Honorable Schlego Shieldbearer [P] No
Seroa The Glorious Seroa, Grandmaster Naturalist Initiate [P] Yes
Serrin Lord Serrin Initiate [P] No
Shad The Glorious Shad Decimator [P] No
Shazzam The Illustrious Shazzam, Grandmaster Naturalist Pathfinder [P] No
She-Ra The Kind She-Ra Druid [P] Yes
Short Story The Despicable Short Story Reaver [P] No
Shosara The Glorious Shosara, Grandmaster Mage Justicar [P] No
Siberys The Glorious Siberys: Spite of Evil, Grandmaster Rouser Bondforger [P] Yes
Sid Fishous The Notorious Sid Fishous Waveseeker [P] No
Silvamord The Evil Silvamord, Grandmaster Naturalist Menacer [P] No
Silvara The Glorious Silvara, Grandmaster Naturalist Initiate [P] No
Simone The Illustrious Simone, Grandmaster Fisherwoman Waveseeker [P] No
Sir Allistar The Commendable Sir Allistar Shatterbane [P] No
Smash The Honorable Smash Viper [P] No
Soear The Famed Soear Initiate [P] No
Solomon The Glorious Lord Solomon, Grandmaster Naturalist Bondforger [P] No
Stalwart The Commendable Stalwart Willbender [P] No
Stilgaron The Glorious Lord Stilgaron, Grandmaster Demoralizer Bondforger [P] No
Syndel The Glorious Lady Syndel, Grandmaster Demoralizer Menacer [P] No
Taste The Honorable Taste Initiate [P] No
Teddy Roosevelt Teddy Roosevelt Shade Finder [P] No
Teldrassilian The Fair Teldrassilian Mechanist [P] No
Terpischore The Unsavory Terpischore Soothsayer [P] No
The Boatswain The Famed The Boatswain Waveseeker [P] Yes
theMurphy The Glorious theMurphy, Grandmaster Biologist Initiate [P] No
Theodore The Glorious Theodore: Spite of Evil, Grandmaster Naturalist Willbender [P] No
Thomas The Illustrious Lord Thomas: Spite of Evil, Grandmaster Tamer Bondforger Council [P] No
Threarah Lady Threarah: Spite of Evil, Grandmaster Demoralizer Bondforger [P] No
Tol The Trustworthy Tol: Spite of Evil Bondforger [P] No
Toladar The Prominent Toladar Initiate [P] No
Tool The Evil Tool, Grandmaster Tamer Bondforger [P] No
Totoro The Admirable Totoro Vanguard [P] No
Treasure The Prominent Treasure Initiate [P] No
Trinitease The Honest Trinitease Vanguard [P] No
Triss Merigold The Glorious Lady Triss Merigold, Grandmaster Naturalist Bondforger [P] Yes
Tuneful The Glorious Lord Tuneful, Grandmaster Pacifier Initiate [P] No
Tycho The Great Tycho Bondforger [P] No
Uijo The Glorious Uijo, Grandmaster Veterinarian Bondforger [P] No
Ulysia The Proper Ulysia Ferrymaster [P] No
Utu The Famed Utu Initiate [P] No
Uvaer The Admirable Uvaer Axeman Rampager [P] No
Valmore The Glorious Valmore Willbender [P] No
Valtamer The Glorious Lady Valtamer Bondforger [P] No
Vanaondo The Great Vanaondo: Spite of Evil Bondforger [P] Yes
Vanilla Ice The Distinguished Vanilla Ice Paragon Seeker [P] No
Vim Vim Reaver [P] No
Vim Targaryen The Glorious Vim Targaryen, Grandmaster Tamer Bondforger [P] No
Vimbot Vimbot Initiate [P] No
Vimlich The Glorious Vimlich, Grandmaster Demoralizer Master Tradesman [P] No
Vortex The Noble Vortex, Grandmaster Fisherman Storekeeper Prime [P] No
Which The Fair Which Textile Master [P] No
Who is John Doe The Great Who is John Doe Initiate [P] Yes
Willow The Great Willow Bondforger [P] No
Wulf The Glorious Wulf Bondforger [P] Yes
X-Factor The Glorious Lord X-Factor, Grandmaster Tamer Initiate [P] Yes
Xeili The Illustrious Lady Xeili: Spite of Evil, Grandmaster Naturalist Mythseeker [P] No
Xorine The Glorious Xorine Infector [P] No
Yadg Firestone The Upstanding Yadg Firestone Initiate [P] No
Yadg Firestorm The Upstanding Yadg Firestorm Ironcrafter [P] No
Yennefer The Glorious Lady Yennefer, Grandmaster Naturalist Bondforger [P] Yes
Your Mom The Sinister Your Mom, Grandmaster Weapon Master Crafter of [P] No
Zakalwe The Illustrious Zakalwe, Grandmaster Tactician Initiate [P] No
Zombeh The Great Zombeh Initiate [P] No
Guild Data Last Updated: 9/22/2017 1:37:59 AM (CST)

"When you do things right, people won't be sure that you've done anything at all."

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