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Project Sanctuary [P] "No charter has been specified."

P'S Maestro


- Guild Members -
Name Full Name Guild Title
a poke The Illustrious a poke, Grandmaster Biologist Initiate [P] No
a slime The Admirable a slime Initiate [P] No
Achaya The Great Achaya Decimator [P] No
Adele Stackhouse The Villainous Adele Stackhouse, Grandmaster Warder Decimator [P] No
AfroPuffs The Great AfroPuffs Paragon Seeker [P] No
Airin The Admirable Airin: Spite of Evil Menacer Prime [P] No
Altaira The Evil Lady Altaira, Grandmaster Demoralizer Bondforger Council [P] No
And The Estimable And Bondforger [P] No
Andor The Famed Andor Pathfinder [P] No
Andruil The Famed Andruil Willbender [P] No
Anika The Glorious Lady Anika, Grandmaster Mage Mythseeker [P] No
Artemis Entreri The Scoundrel Artemis Entreri Vanguard [P] No
As'hiis The Glorious Lady As'hiis, Grandmaster Naturalist Bondforger [P] No
As'hiis II As'hiis II Bondforger [P] No
Aspergian The Great Aspergian Bondforger [P] Yes
Autofish The Admirable Autofish Vanguard [P] No
Axel Jackson The Famed Axel Jackson Decimator [P] No
Axl Rose The Glorious Axl Rose Mythseeker [P] No
Azerothian The Glorious Lord Azerothian, Grandmaster Scribe Spellweaver [P] Yes
Badger Badger Waveseeker [P] No
Bloodforge Lord Bloodforge, Grandmaster Stoic Merchant [P] No
Bloodlust The Great Bloodlust Decimator Council [P] No
Bloodshed The Wicked Bloodshed: Spite of Evil Bondforger Council [P] No
Cambria The Upstanding Cambria Menacer [P] No
Catch The Sinister Catch, Grandmaster Demoralizer Menacer [P] No
Charlie Bronson The Estimable Charlie Bronson Decimator [P] No
CrazyDaze The Famed CrazyDaze Excavator [P] No
Cronos The Famed Cronos Paladin [P] No
Danger The Estimable Danger Bondforger [P] No
Darnassius The Famed Darnassius Creature ofthe Night [P] No
Death by Stereo The Illustrious Death by Stereo, Grandmaster Rouser Bondforger [P] No
DeepSeaDiverHAR The Illustrious DeepSeaDiverHAR Initiate [P] No
Delavego The Illustrious Delavego, Grandmaster Tamer Bondforger Prime [P] No
Dexter Fletcher The Kind Dexter Fletcher Fell Hand of Deamons [P] No
diran The Trustworthy diran Vanguard [P] No
Direrose Direrose Bondforger [P] No
Disco Fever The Estimable Disco Fever Menacer [P] No
dissident The Great dissident Willbender [P] No
DOC The Great DOC Bondforger [P] No
Doctor Satan The Admirable Doctor Satan Guildmaster by proxy [P] No
Drizzt The Scoundrel Drizzt Viper [P] No
Duatha The Proper Duatha Forgemaster [P] No
El Captain The Estimable El Captain Bondforger [P] No
Everlast One The Glorious Everlast One Bondforger [P] No
Felicia The Glorious Felicia, Grandmaster Tamer Bondforger [P] Yes
Fett The Great Fett: Spite of Evil Mythseeker [P] No
Fingolfin The Great Fingolfin Willbender [P] No
Fullmetal Fullmetal Willbender [P] No
gitchuone The Trustworthy gitchuone Willbender [P] No
Granny flaps The Great Granny flaps Shatterbane [P] No
Hagenbeck The Great Hagenbeck No
Heretic The Glorious Lord Heretic, Grandmaster Mage Soothsayer Council [P] No
Hope The Famed Hope Menacer [P] Yes
Hugo Boss The Notable Hugo Boss Ironcrafter Prime [P] Yes
Imogen The Prominent Imogen Willbender [P] No
Isla The Great Isla Waveseeker [P] No
Jalil Jalil Initiate [P] No
Jaluk The Glorious Jaluk, Grandmaster Naturalist Initiate [P] No
Jarlaxle The Famed Jarlaxle Willbender [P] No
Jenna Jameson The Illustrious Jenna Jameson, Grandmaster Demoralizer Reaver [P] No
Joan of Arc The Famed Joan of Arc Windcaller [P] No
Kai Nara The Sinister Lady Kai Nara, Grandmaster Blacksmith Iron Crafter [P] No
Kasandra Poe The Famed Kasandra Poe Shatterbane [P] No
Keza The Glorious Lady Keza, Grandmaster Naturalist Bondforger Council [P] No
Keza Axer The Famed Keza Axer Druid Council [P] No
Keza Clef The Famed Keza Clef Willbender Council [P] No
Keza Dart The Proper Keza Dart Windcaller Council [P] No
Keza Fade The Proper Keza Fade Scout Council [P] Yes
Keza Fire The Glorious Keza Fire, Grandmaster Cartographer Paragon Seeker [P] No
Keza Forge The Illustrious Keza Forge, Grandmaster Blacksmith Forgemaster [P] No
Keza Proto The Glorious Keza Proto, Grandmaster Mage Druid Council [P] No
Keza Rider The Admirable Keza Rider Pathfinder Council [P] No
Keza Ward The Commendable Keza Ward Stalwart Council [P] No
Keza Warrior The Eminent Keza Warrior, Grandmaster Veterinarian Viper Council [P] No
Keza Web The Illustrious Keza Web, Grandmaster Ranger Pathfinder Council [P] No
Kilgore Trout The Prominent Kilgore Trout Shatterbane [P] No
Kirby The Notable Kirby Decimator Prime [P] No
Kirby the healer The Upstanding Kirby the healer Lifegiver [P] No
Kirby the scout The Unsavory Kirby the scout Shade Finder [P] No
Krake Vestahl The Great Krake Vestahl The Old One [P] No
Lara Poe The Glorious Lara Poe, Grandmaster Cartographer Paragon Seeker [P] No
Legault The Illustrious Legault Initiate [P] No
Leopold The Great Leopold Bondforger Council [P] No
Lilyakka The Famed Lilyakka Initiate [P] No
Lyta The Illustrious Lyta, Grandmaster Scholar Willbender [P] No
Mahaut Folly The Great Mahaut Folly Dryade [P] No
Maria Brink The Wicked Maria Brink Reaver [P] No
Medas Medas Willbender [P] No
Misery The Prominent Misery Vanguard [P] No
Mole Mole Waveseeker [P] No
Molly Holly The Famed Molly Holly Bondforger [P] No
Mrs Pancakes The Trustworthy Mrs Pancakes Soothsayer [P] No
Mystery The Trustworthy Mystery Bondforger [P] No
Nicolle Neuville The Glorious Nicolle Neuville Willbender [P] No
Nolan Steelfist The Famed Nolan Steelfist Shatterbane [P] No
P'S Maestro P'S Maestro No
Peaceful Markus Peaceful Markus Soothsayer [P] Yes
Pillowy Mounds The Glorious Pillowy Mounds, Grandmaster Demoralizer Bondforger [P] Yes
Psycho Elf The Estimable Psycho Elf Decimator Council [P] No
Ratty Ratty Waveseeker [P] No
Riddler The Glorious Lord Riddler, Grandmaster Naturalist Druid [P] No
Saleena The Illustrious Saleena Bard [P] No
sansta The Great sansta Bondforger [P] No
Satan's Hand The Prominent Satan's Hand Outfitter [P] No
Schlego The Honorable Schlego Shieldbearer [P] No
Sebastian Bach The Great Sebastian Bach Bondforger [P] No
Seroa The Glorious Seroa, Grandmaster Naturalist Druid [P] No
Siberys The Glorious Siberys, Grandmaster Rouser Bondforger [P] Yes
Soear The Famed Soear Viper [P] No
Stressful The Glorious Lord Stressful, Grandmaster Warder Reaver [P] Yes
Teldrassilian The Fair Teldrassilian Mechanist [P] No
Terpischore The Unsavory Terpischore No
Tetrapak The Prominent Tetrapak Initiate [P] No
Theomer The Illustrious Theomer, Grandmaster Shade Initiate [P] No
Traci Lords The Great Traci Lords Shatterbane [P] No
Treasure The Notable Treasure Paragon Seeker [P] No
Trinitease The Commendable Trinitease Vanguard [P] No
Tuneful The Trustworthy Tuneful Menacer Prime [P] No
Useful The Glorious Lord Useful, Grandmaster Weapon Master Relic Diviner [P] No
Vishkara Vishkara Bondforger [P] No
Which The Fair Which Textile Master [P] No
Will Turner The Glorious Will Turner, Grandmaster Bowyer Windcaller [P] No
Your Mom The Sinister Your Mom, Grandmaster Weapon Master Crafter of [P] No
Zools The Famed Zools Willbender [P] No
Zools The Glorious Zools, Grandmaster Demoralizer Bondforger [P] No
Guild Data Last Updated: 4/25/2019 5:15:44 AM (CST)

"When you do things right, people won't be sure that you've done anything at all."

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