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The House of Oor'tael [H*O] "To live out the virtues in our lives"



- Guild Members -
Name Full Name Guild Title
Adunatos The Proper Adunatos Honour Guard [H*O] No
Artemis Aeginea The Ignoble Artemis Aeginea Acolyte [H*O] No
Artemis Aetole The Prominent Artemis Aetole Acolyte [H*O] No
Artemis Alphaea The Prominent Artemis Alphaea Acolyte [H*O] No
Arthur Arthur No
Beregond The Glorious Lord Beregond, Grandmaster Tamer Beastmaster [H*O] Yes
Cullinarn The Glorious Lord Cullinarn, Grandmaster Mage House Master [H*O] Yes
Cullinarn Cullinarn No
Darnell Williams The Estimable Darnell Williams Liveguard [H*O] No
Dunatos Dunatos Investigator [H*O] Yes
Guts The Prominent Guts Liveguard [H*O] No
Hutch The Distinguished Hutch: Spite of Evil Beastmaster [H*O] No
Industry The Renowned Industry No
Ivan Doroschuk The Good Ivan Doroschuk The Loyal One [H*O] No
Jagermeister Jagermeister Acolyte [H*O] No
Kerbouchard The Notable Kerbouchard Acolyte [H*O] No
Kuthuman Kuthuman Yes
Magic Fingers The Glorious Lord Magic Fingers, Grandmaster Pacifier Acolyte [H*O] Yes
Martin Brody Martin Brody Admiral [H*O] No
Medieval Name The Glorious Lord Medieval Name, Grandmaster Biologist Disciple [H*O] No
Mevras Mevras Acolyte [H*O] No
Mykos The Glorious Mykos, Grandmaster Naturalist Chancellor [H*O] No
Mykos Darkcloud The Great Mykos Darkcloud Beastmaster [H*O] No
Narya Littlefoot The Glorious Narya Littlefoot, Grandmaster Veterinarian Beast Mistress [H*O] No
Odysseus Odysseus No
Pereuko The Illustrious Pereuko, Grandmaster Biologist Acolyte [H*O] No
Piranha Swagger The Glorious Piranha Swagger, Grandmaster Shade House Tailor [H*O] No
Pluvious Pluvious Master of Sheeps [H*O] No
Policarpo The Proper Policarpo Squire [H*O] No
Sarano The Illustrious Sarano Disciple [H*O] No
Sarano The Glorious Sarano Conciliator [H*O] No
Sarrano The Proper Sarrano Honour Guard [H*O] No
Severus Severus No
Shamino Shamino No
Shiloh The Famed Shiloh Disciple [H*O] Yes
Styles Styles Artisian [H*O] Yes
Survival Gear Survival Gear No
Thiago The Great Thiago Beastmaster [H*O] Yes
Uriah Uriah No
Ursala Major The Honorable Ursala Major Druken Monk [H*O] No
Ursala Minor Ursala Minor No
Wyatt Wyatt No
Zeitz The Glorious Zeitz Beastmaster [H*O] No
Guild Data Last Updated: 11/24/2017 5:49:16 PM (CST)

"When you do things right, people won't be sure that you've done anything at all."

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