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All Day Every Day [247] "No charter has been specified."



- Guild Members -
Name Full Name Guild Title
Al'gore Al'gore Humanistic Tamer [247] No
Arusha The Estimable Arusha Yes
Aspi The Famed Aspi No
BallermyRollies BallermyRollies No
Cassius The Renowned Cassius, Grandmaster Stoic Simple Diplomat [247] No
Cicero Cicero Orator [247] No
Control The Rude Control Texas Made [247] No
Craftsmens Guild The Honorable Craftsmens Guild We Are Now [247] No
Destruco Destruco The Mule [247] No
Diyari Diyari No
Donovan Donovan No
Dora Drachenfels The Wicked Dora Drachenfels Tame well [247] No
Dryad The Admirable Dryad Dances with Wolves [247] No
Faux News Anchor The Noble Faux News Anchor, Grandmaster Tamer SpinZone [247] No
FlapJack FlapJack No
Franrico Vegana The Kind Franrico Vegana No
Grand Father The Glorious Grand Father, Grandmaster Ranger Yes
Griz The Trustworthy Griz Man I Dont Know [247] No
Gunthorian Gunthorian No
hand The Reputable hand Zenithar [247] No
Hans Mayer The Kind Hans Mayer No
Hawkeye Lord Hawkeye No
Home Depot Home Depot More Doing [247] No
Jamez The Commendable Jamez No
Jesus Jesus Your Savior [247] No
Jokerman The Fair Jokerman No
Juicy Couture The Kind Juicy Couture Live For Juicy [247] Yes
Kirk Kirk No
madhat madhat No
MadHatta The Villainous MadHatta No
Magic Mike The Fair Magic Mike No
Mariposa The Glorious Lady Mariposa Aye Que Linda! [247] No
Mens Wearhouse Mens Wearhouse I Guarantee It [247] Yes
Merari Merari No
Nuloh The Fair Nuloh No
Persayus Persayus No
Praga Khan The Famed Praga Khan No
Qaddafi The Ignoble Qaddafi No
RangerUp RangerUp Yes
Rembrandt The Glorious Lord Rembrandt, Grandmaster Tamer Only One Master [247] No
Rembrandt The Honorable Rembrandt Only One Master [247] No
Rembrandt Rembrandt Only One Master [247] Yes
Requiem Requiem No
Saro Saro 420 [247] No
Savyk The Fair Savyk No
Serra Angel The Dishonorable Serra Angel No
Sitting Bull Sitting Bull No
Stark Industries Stark Industries No
Tacos The Glorious Tacos, Grandmaster Alchemist Delicious [247] No
Thisbe Thisbe Fated Lover [247] No
Tiny Timz The Notable Tiny Timz No
Under Armour Under Armour Protect This House [247] No
Viking The Prominent Viking Texas Made [247] No
Xanthus The Great Xanthus Treasure Hunter [247] Yes
ZeRaX The Prominent ZeRaX No
Guild Data Last Updated: 2/24/2018 4:57:26 AM (CST)

"When you do things right, people won't be sure that you've done anything at all."

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