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chumbucket and Associates [cA] "PVM, RP'ing, Crafting, Helping others."

the papua tailor


- Guild Members -
Name Full Name Guild Title
a papuan citizen a papuan citizen from papua [cA] No
a papuan citizen The Despicable a papuan citizen IRC: majinkO [cA] No
a wild magikarp a wild magikarp APPEARS! [cA] No
a wild snorlax The Wretched a wild snorlax #143 [cA] No
Actaeon The Admirable Actaeon Jhelom PK [cA] No
Algar Goode The Scoundrel Algar Goode nahh [cA] No
Allegro Blackeye The Great Allegro Blackeye Salad [cA] No
Aloysius O'Hare The Scoundrel Aloysius O'Hare Roleplayer [cA] No
Avery The Scoundrel Avery Duchess of OoO [cA] No
Avery The Outcast Avery Duchess of OoO [cA] No
Bald SOB The Malicious Bald SOB Scavenger [cA] No
BaldSOB BaldSOB No
Buffy Summers The Vile Buffy Summers Vampire Slayer [cA] No
Buster Blackeye The Scoundrel Buster Blackeye Paladin [cA] No
Camorri Blackeye Camorri Blackeye No
Carl von Linne Carl von Linne Peace in IRC [cA] No
chumbucket The Unsavory chumbucket GLD PLS [cA] No
chumbucket chumbucket Mystic Llama Herder [cA] No
chumbucket chumbucket PK TAK MY GLD [cA] No
chumbucket The Rude chumbucket Swedaan Citizen [cA] No
chumbucket The Unsavory chumbucket GLD PLS [cA] No
chumbucket chumbucket PK TAK MY GLD [cA] No
chumbucket chumbucket Guildmaster [cA] No
Donald Trump The Scoundrel Donald Trump POTUS [cA] No
Downs The Scoundrel Downs Tender Heart [cA] No
Downs The Unsavory Downs Tender Heart [cA] No
Downs The Famed Downs Guild Crafter [cA] No
DrasticFantastic The Nefarious DrasticFantastic Miniature Disaster [cA] No
Franz Pfniffel Franz Pfniffel Deathboy's Alt [cA] No
galaxy crisis The Wicked galaxy crisis No
Gestas The Scoundrel Gestas Stealth Llama [cA] No
Gustav II Adolf The Scoundrel Gustav II Adolf skunkApe [cA] No
Hoominaga The Outcast Hoominaga The Real Slim Shady [cA] No
Horny Toad The Unsavory Horny Toad Trigs Lackey [cA] No
Hulk Hulk No
Jerome Jackson The Scoundrel Jerome Jackson 3/5 [cA] No
Miguel Cabrera The Scoundrel Miguel Cabrera Roleplayer [cA] No
Miller Miller No
MomsCozySlipper The Vile MomsCozySlipper No
new tokyo terror The Despicable new tokyo terror tsugunai [cA] No
PeeterR The Notable PeeterR Brother Floop [cA] No
Pocahontas The Wretched Pocahontas Pwncahontas [cA] No
Populus Populus a'r' en noob [cA] No
Prometheus The Rude Prometheus No
Randy the Savage The Villainous Randy the Savage, Grandmaster Naturalist Slim Jims!! [cA] No
Robin Hood The Scoundrel Robin Hood RobsFromTheEverybody [cA] No
Rose Rose aka spacecat [cA] No
Sea C Avenger The Vile Sea C Avenger: Spite of Evil Skara Landmark [cA] No
Shadowthrone The Honorable Shadowthrone some newbie [cA] No
Silas Blackeye The Unsavory Silas Blackeye Paladin [cA] No
snap dragon The Scoundrel snap dragon No
snap dragon The Despicable snap dragon No
snap drake The Scoundrel snap drake Actually Blaise [cA] No
the Mountain the Mountain No
the papua tailor The Reputable the papua tailor Native Papuan [cA] No
Torgo Torgo Hands of Fate [cA] No
Willie Nelson Willie Nelson No
Wise The Proper Wise Wise from IRC [cA] No
Guild Data Last Updated: 5/25/2020 3:31:11 AM (CST)

"When you do things right, people won't be sure that you've done anything at all."

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