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I Dream of Cub [IDC] "No charter has been specified."



- Guild Members -
Name Full Name Guild Title
Aesir The Dastardly Aesir BDE [IDC] No
Andromeda The Glorious Lady Andromeda: Spite of Evil, Grandmaster Bard No
Apaulling The Glorious Apaulling, Grandmaster Tamer No
Billy Bones The Glorious Lord Billy Bones, Grandmaster Cartographer No
CantMelt The Great CantMelt Jetfuel [IDC] No
Celt God Goibniu The Scoundrel Celt God Goibniu No
Clam Jam The Despicable Clam Jam CUBaholics Anonymous [IDC] No
Clutch The Dastardly Clutch BDE [IDC] No
Daenerys The Vile Daenerys: Opponent of Evil No
DaRock The Honest DaRock Knock em Dead [IDC] No
Delstrudo The Wretched Delstrudo Cub Guzzler [IDC] No
Destiny The Trustworthy Destiny No
Disco Dan The Admirable Disco Dan: Spite of Evil No
Drag-On The Glorious Drag-On: Spite of Evil, Grandmaster Demoralizer No
Goody Addams The Reputable Goody Addams: Spite of Evil Thatsa Spicy Meatbal [IDC] No
Grendel The Outcast Grendel Yes
Honey The Nefarious Honey No
I Spy The Rude I Spy No
Infamous Infamous BDE [IDC] No
Jam The Nefarious Jam No
JetFuel The Wretched JetFuel: Spite of Evil The Orange One [IDC] No
Jon Stark The Scoundrel Jon Stark: Opponent of Evil No
Kahlua The Famed Kahlua: Spite of Evil The Pathfinder [IDC] No
Leeho Fook The Villainous Leeho Fook, Grandmaster Biologist The Dark Rod [IDC] No
Lyra The Glorious Lady Lyra: Spite of Evil, Grandmaster Warder No
Mac Daddy Slim The Despicable Mac Daddy Slim Eight of Eight [IDC] No
Maldeev The Admirable Maldeev: Spite of Evil Zero Fuchs [IDC] No
Mayhem The Illustrious Mayhem: Spite of Evil Master of Disaster [IDC] No
Milla The Commendable Milla: Spite of Evil No
Moonchild The Glorious Lady Moonchild: Spite of Evil, Grandmaster Bard No
MR T The Commendable MR T No
Mrs Someone Else The Scoundrel Mrs Someone Else No
Nina The Trustworthy Nina: Spite of Evil WTB more wives [IDC] No
Nukeproof The Admirable Nukeproof Happy Days [IDC] No
Peanut Butter The Nefarious Peanut Butter: Spite of Evil No
Princess Leia The Notable Princess Leia I'm a Canvas [IDC] No
Provo Pete The Famed Provo Pete: Spite of Evil No
Ramandu The Famed Ramandu: Spite of Evil Five of Eight [IDC] No
Ranja Joe The Honest Ranja Joe I'm an Artist [IDC] No
Roxstar Roxstar No
Salty McGee The Admirable Salty McGee No
Sir Prize The Dastardly Sir Prize: Champion of Evil No
SteelBeams The Villainous SteelBeams, Grandmaster Rouser Jetfuel Can't Melt [IDC] No
StrongestAvenger The Glorious Lord StrongestAvenger, Grandmaster Healer No
Tom Morello The Famed Tom Morello No
Tom Morello The Scoundrel Tom Morello No
Trigger Mortis The Outcast Trigger Mortis The Sex Pistol [IDC] No
Vexyl The Rude Vexyl No
Woodsman The Despicable Woodsman: Champion of Evil No
Xena The Dishonorable Xena: Opponent of Evil Prrrrfect [IDC] No
Guild Data Last Updated: 2/24/2024 6:05:07 AM (CST)

"When you do things right, people won't be sure that you've done anything at all."

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