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Village of Paws [VoP] "No charter has been specified."

Kiln the Dwarf


- Guild Members -
Name Full Name Guild Title
abby The Great abby Maven of [VoP] No
Angel Fiere The Glorious Lady Angel Fiere, Grandmaster Ranger Freemaiden of [VoP] No
Anrai The Commendable Anrai Freemaiden of [VoP] No
Arasys Llanor The Noble Arasys Llanor, Grandmaster Mage Freespirit of [VoP] No
Arya Stark The Prominent Arya Stark Pilgrim of [VoP] No
Ascher Kraw The Famed Ascher Kraw Watchman of [VoP] No
Athena The Glorious Athena: Spite of Evil, Grandmaster Tamer Freemaiden of [VoP] No
Bandarlog The Glorious Lord Bandarlog, Grandmaster Bard Freeman of [VoP] No
Bellasaris The Kind Bellasaris Pilgrim of [VoP] No
Berry Bug The Unsavory Berry Bug Freemaiden of [VoP] No
Bili The Axe The Estimable Bili The Axe Freeman of [VoP] No
Brandaycia Trawl The Admirable Brandaycia Trawl Freemaiden of [VoP] No
Catalin The Great Catalin: Spite of Evil Freeman of [VoP] No
Cortland Andrus The Malicious Cortland Andrus Freeman of [VoP] No
Crucious The Unsavory Crucious No
Dirk Pitt The Prominent Dirk Pitt Freeman of [VoP] No
Dorian Andrael Dorian Andrael Purveyor of [VoP] No
Draco Neoone The Great Draco Neoone Viceroy of [VoP] No
Elander McTavish Elander McTavish Pilgrim of [VoP] No
Enna The Admirable Enna Freemaiden of [VoP] No
Felshernur The Great Felshernur Viceroy of [VoP] No
FenderFellhammer The Estimable FenderFellhammer Freeman of [VoP] No
Grifty McBegg The Unsavory Grifty McBegg Pilgrim of [VoP] No
Guy Fawkes The Malicious Guy Fawkes Freeman of [VoP] No
Hugo Rowntree The Glorious Hugo Rowntree, Grandmaster Warder Freeman of [VoP] No
Hypatia The Notable Hypatia Wandering Healer of [VoP] No
Ishbu The Admirable Ishbu Freeman of [VoP] No
Jackson Trawl The Great Jackson Trawl Freeman of [VoP] No
Jean Sparkle The Glorious Jean Sparkle, Grandmaster Scholar Freeman of [VoP] No
Jhon Redhair The Unsavory Jhon Redhair Fisherman of [VoP] No
Jupiter The Illustrious Jupiter: Spite of Evil, Grandmaster Warder Free Council of [VoP] No
Khan Kristopher The Famed Khan Kristopher Freeman of [VoP] No
Kiln the Dwarf The Famed Kiln the Dwarf Freesmith of [VoP] No
Krasis The Honorable Krasis Villager of [VoP] No
Lestat The Glorious Lord Lestat, Grandmaster Mage Freeman of [VoP] No
Max of Paws The Prominent Max of Paws Freeman of [VoP] No
Muse The Glorious Lord Muse Freeman of [VoP] No
Nemo The Famed Nemo Pilgrim of [VoP] No
Ningauble The Illustrious Ningauble, Grandmaster Fisherman Freecian Magician [VoP] No
Odysseus The Estimable Odysseus Freeman of [VoP] No
Ragar Truesword The Famed Ragar Truesword Freeman of [VoP] No
Raktar Drako Raktar Drako Pilgrim of [VoP] No
Robicus The Rude Robicus Freeman of [VoP] No
Shadbak The Glorious Shadbak, Grandmaster Healer Stablemistress of [VoP] No
Sherelle The Glorious Sherelle, Grandmaster Tactician Freemaiden of [VoP] No
Shub-Niggurath Shub-Niggurath Clockwork Oracle of [VoP] No
Sir Orrin The Great Sir Orrin Free Knight [VoP] No
Song Bird The Famed Song Bird Freemaiden of [VoP] No
Tabitha Varn Tabitha Varn Freemaiden of [VoP] No
The Librarian The Librarian Historian of [VoP] No
Thomas Whaley The Glorious Thomas Whaley, Grandmaster Bard Freeman of [VoP] No
Timothy Hawkwood The Respectable Timothy Hawkwood Pilgrim of [VoP] No
Tomah of Thamara The Illustrious Tomah of Thamara, Grandmaster Stoic Steward of [VoP] No
Trazy The Wicked Trazy Freeman of [VoP] No
Tybris Varn The Rude Tybris Varn Freeman of [VoP] No
Velkena Velkena Freeman of [VoP] No
Victor Magnus The Notable Victor Magnus Freelance Detective [VoP] No
Vot Zu'ur The Scoundrel Vot Zu'ur Freeman of [VoP] No
Zyler The Notable Zyler Angler of [VoP] No
Guild Data Last Updated: 5/24/2019 3:09:15 AM (CST)

"When you do things right, people won't be sure that you've done anything at all."

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