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We Are One [ONE] "No charter has been specified."

Ragnar LothBrok


- Guild Members -
Name Full Name Guild Title
A A Ron The Malicious A A Ron No
a killer monkey The Dastardly a killer monkey POX [ONE] No
a leprechaun The Glorious a leprechaun, Grandmaster Merchant No
a unicorn The Dread Lady a unicorn: Opponent of Evil, Grandmaster Scholar Mystical [ONE] No
Abia Lois The Scoundrel Abia Lois No
Aenllin The Glorious Lord Aenllin: Hunter of Evil, Grandmaster Tamer No
Aerith The Upstanding Aerith We Are [ONE] No
Akali Akali Where is the other [ONE] No
AkirA The Glorious Lady AkirA: Hunter of Evil Still the [ONE] Yes
Al Bundy The Dread Lord Al Bundy: Spite of Evil, Grandmaster Bard No
Alaric Jaeger The Dread Alaric Jaeger: Spite of Evil, Grandmaster Demoralizer We Are [ONE] No
Alex Drama The Evil Alex Drama, Grandmaster Naturalist No
Alexender The Trustworthy Alexender: Hunter of Evil We Are [ONE] No
Alicin Chainz The Illustrious Alicin Chainz, Grandmaster Scholar No
Amanda Amanda No
Amaris The Glorious Amaris, Grandmaster Naturalist No
Anann The Famed Anann No
Angry Cupid The Dread Angry Cupid: Champion of Evil Back To [ONE] No
Angry Leprechaun The Dread Angry Leprechaun: Champion of Evil Am Now [ONE] No
Anita Naylor The Unsavory Anita Naylor No
Annie Position The Kind Annie Position Acrobatic [ONE] No
Anya Neeze The Despicable Anya Neeze Get Down [ONE] No
APOC The Famed APOC No
Ariel Fedyanina The Renowned Ariel Fedyanina, Grandmaster Naturalist No
Ariok The Villainous Ariok: Spite of Evil, Grandmaster Naturalist Dire [ONE] Yes
Aris Greyst The Illustrious Aris Greyst, Grandmaster Tamer Only [ONE] No
Artaq The Rude Artaq No
Artemis Artemis No
Artemis The Great Artemis I Am NO [ONE] No
Artemis Enteri The Vile Artemis Enteri No
Ash The Dread Ash The DOGE [ONE] No
Ashe The Honest Ashe No
Athelstan The Wretched Athelstan No
Athena The Great Athena No
Athena The Villainous Athena, Grandmaster Naturalist We Are [ONE] No
Atropos The Dread Atropos: Spite of Evil, Grandmaster Tamer The Fates of [ONE] No
Attila the Hunny The Wicked Attila the Hunny We Are [ONE] No
Ava Max The Malicious Ava Max No
Avaya The Respectable Avaya No
Avenger The Villainous Avenger, Grandmaster Tamer No
Averna Averna No
Bam Bam The Trustworthy Bam Bam No
Baradun The Evil Baradun: Spite of Evil, Grandmaster Naturalist No
Bardbunny The Scoundrel Bardbunny No
Barney The Malicious Barney No
Barracuda The Glorious Barracuda, Grandmaster Naturalist Yes
Basil The Nefarious Basil No
Battousai The Glorious Lord Battousai, Grandmaster Tamer Wandering Soul [ONE] No
Beastbunny The Notorious Beastbunny No
Beatnik The Wicked Beatnik No
Beatrice The Evil Lady Beatrice, Grandmaster Demoralizer No
Beer The Villainous Beer We Are [ONE] No
Belgian Force The Vile Belgian Force No
Bin Min PeiMei The Rude Bin Min PeiMei No
Blacksmith The Dastardly Blacksmith: Spite of Evil No
BlackWan The Trustworthy BlackWan White & [ONE] No
BlackWun The Glorious Lady BlackWun White & [ONE] No
bob The Malicious bob No
Bob Ross The Scoundrel Bob Ross Painter of [ONE] No
Bobby Digital The Glorious Lord Bobby Digital, Grandmaster Scholar Cybernated [ONE] No
Bodger The Scoundrel Bodger No
Bones The Dread Bones: Hunter of Evil, Grandmaster Naturalist SIX of [ONE] No
Bonzon The Dread Bonzon: Spite of Evil, Grandmaster Mage Pull a Fast [ONE] No
Boobelix The Outcast Boobelix: Spite of Evil We Are [ONE] No
Boogie The Evil Lady Boogie, Grandmaster Demoralizer No
Boombunny The Dread Boombunny, Grandmaster Naturalist No
Boombunny The Dread Boombunny, Grandmaster Naturalist No
Boombunny The Dread Boombunny, Grandmaster Naturalist No
Boomshakalaka The Dread Boomshakalaka: Spite of Evil, Grandmaster Rouser Back To Square [ONE] No
Borhal Jawler The Great Borhal Jawler No
Born Again The Dread Lord Born Again: Executioner of Evil Barefoot [ONE] Yes
Boxxy The Illustrious Lady Boxxy, Grandmaster Rouser No
Bozo The Rude Bozo No
Brandi The Despicable Brandi We Are [ONE] No
Brandi Lynn The Wicked Brandi Lynn No
Brickey Treece The Glorious Brickey Treece, Grandmaster Tamer No
Bubba Jay The Great Bubba Jay No
Bud The Prominent Bud We Are [ONE] No
Busta Chimez The Trustworthy Busta Chimez Belle [ONE] No
C C Avenger The Outcast C C Avenger No
C-Note The Trustworthy C-Note: Lover of the Valentines Massacre No
Canada The Dread Canada No
Canadians Canadians No
Captain Browneye The Despicable Captain Browneye No
Cary Grant The Prominent Cary Grant: Spite of Evil No
Casados The Trustworthy Casados No
Catherine Catherine No
Cecilia The Wretched Cecilia: Spite of Evil We Are [ONE] No
Channel Three The Malicious Channel Three No
Charles Woodson The Illustrious Charles Woodson: Opponent of Evil Yes
Chiara The Evil Lady Chiara, Grandmaster Tamer Also [ONE] No
Chipper Jones The Scoundrel Chipper Jones The Brave [ONE] No
Chloe Things The Villainous Chloe Things, Grandmaster Demoralizer No
Chuggington The Ignoble Chuggington Chug Another [ONE] No
Citharium The Great Citharium No
Clotho The Dread Clotho: Spite of Evil, Grandmaster Tamer The Fates of [ONE] No
Colt The Famed Colt No
Colt Lichend The Despicable Colt Lichend: Spite of Evil We Are [ONE] No
ComMANdo The Famed ComMANdo No
Cookie Monster The Vile Cookie Monster No
Coressa The Great Coressa No
Corona The Renowned Corona We Are [ONE] No
Cort The Glorious Cort, Grandmaster Scholar No
Cowboy The Glorious Lord Cowboy, Grandmaster Mage Yes
Crilus The Distinguished Crilus, Grandmaster Naturalist Silent [ONE] No
Crotch Rot The Dastardly Crotch Rot No
Crush Lady Crush, Grandmaster Mage No
Cybela The Glorious Cybela, Grandmaster Tamer Yes
Daisy Daisy No
Daiyu Omakira The Evil Daiyu Omakira Silent [ONE] No
Damisjana The Despicable Damisjana No
Daridax The Glorious Lady Daridax, Grandmaster Rouser No
Darius The Ignoble Darius Where is the other [ONE] No
Darkshadow Lord Darkshadow: Spite of Evil We Are [ONE] No
Deamon The Glorious Deamon: Spite of Evil, Grandmaster Mage No
Dear Baby Jesus The Great Dear Baby Jesus We Are [ONE] No
Deas The Glorious Deas, Grandmaster Demoralizer No
Deborah De Luca The Malicious Deborah De Luca: Spite of Evil We Are [ONE] No
Del The Glorious Del, Grandmaster Naturalist Round Bottom Rider [ONE] No
Delino The Notable Delino No
Demos The Vile Demos No
Denise Fox The Scoundrel Denise Fox Always The Same [ONE] No
Devil Anse The Illustrious Devil Anse No
DevilKing The Glorious DevilKing: Spite of Evil, Grandmaster Mage No
Digler The Reputable Digler No
Dimebag The Glorious Dimebag No
Dirk Diggler The Evil Dirk Diggler No
Dirk Struan The Admirable Dirk Struan No
Discobunny The Dread Lady Discobunny, Grandmaster Naturalist No
Dominic The Glorious Lord Dominic: Opponent of Evil No
DoowBee The Nefarious DoowBee No
Doowkcalb The Great Doowkcalb No
Doowsee The Outcast Doowsee No
Dr Kevorkian The Scoundrel Dr Kevorkian No
Dragon Lamer The Dread Lord Dragon Lamer: Spite of Evil No
Dragon Lamest The Outcast Dragon Lamest: Spite of Evil We Are [ONE] No
Draxion Ripper The Glorious Lady Draxion Ripper, Grandmaster Demoralizer No
Duke Gregor The Dread Duke Gregor: Spite of Evil, Grandmaster Naturalist We Are [ONE] Yes
Duke Martell The Dread Lady Duke Martell: Spite of Evil, Grandmaster Naturalist We Are [ONE] Yes
Duluth The Unsavory Duluth We Are [ONE] No
DunBar DunBar Juan of [ONE] No
Duplo The Infamous Duplo No
Dutchess The Dread Dutchess: Spite of Evil, Grandmaster Naturalist We Are [ONE] Yes
Edith The Illustrious Lady Edith We Are [ONE] No
ElementaleWatson The Glorious ElementaleWatson, Grandmaster Biologist No
Elena The Illustrious Lady Elena: Hunter of Evil We Are [ONE] No
Elidius The Glorious Elidius: Spite of Evil, Grandmaster Naturalist No
Ellaria Sand The Noble Lady Ellaria Sand, Grandmaster Naturalist No
Emeralda The Glorious Emeralda, Grandmaster Tamer No
Emyr Crestfall Emyr Crestfall High and Tight [ONE] No
Encarnacion Encarnacion Black Widow [ONE] No
End the Fed The Dread Lord End the Fed: Opponent of Evil We Are [ONE] Yes
Enough The Dastardly Enough No
Enwen The Evil Lady Enwen, Grandmaster Tamer Yes
Enzo The Good Enzo We Are [ONE] No
Eric Lecarde The Scoundrel Eric Lecarde Quitter [ONE] No
Eskeleto The Dread Eskeleto: Spite of Evil Master Merchant [ONE] No
Eternal Blue The Glorious Eternal Blue, Grandmaster Naturalist The Easy [ONE] No
Ethan The Illustrious Ethan, Grandmaster Naturalist We Are [ONE] No
Evangelist The Glorious Evangelist, Grandmaster Rouser No
Fafnir The Glorious Lady Fafnir No
Fein Gulgazh The Scoundrel Fein Gulgazh A Goblin [ONE] No
Feiro The Glorious Lord Feiro: Spite of Evil, Grandmaster Naturalist We Are [ONE] No
Fela The Glorious Fela: Spite of Evil, Grandmaster Demoralizer Where is the other [ONE] No
Feldor The Great Feldor Yes
Fellatio The Scoundrel Fellatio Suck [ONE] No
Felonious Capers The Vile Felonious Capers Yes
Fenix The Dread Fenix The DOGE [ONE] No
Fenix II The Vile Fenix II No
Fenix III The Ignoble Fenix III Skeletal Knight [ONE] No
Ferro The Despicable Ferro No
Feyd The Scoundrel Feyd No
Fiat Fox Fiat Fox No
Finbar The Glorious Finbar: Spite of Evil, Grandmaster Rouser Where is the other [ONE] No
Fiora Fiora Where is the other [ONE] No
Fire Lichend The Outcast Fire Lichend: Spite of Evil We Are [ONE] No
Fish Tacos The Notable Fish Tacos No
Fisher Mary The Renowned Fisher Mary, Grandmaster Biologist No
Flap Jacks The Glorious Lord Flap Jacks, Grandmaster Naturalist No
Flo The Glorious Flo, Grandmaster Demoralizer Not From TV [ONE] Yes
FloKi The Prominent FloKi We Are [ONE] No
Foxtrot Alpha The Respectable Foxtrot Alpha The Blue [ONE] No
Fresh the Tamer The Glorious Lord Fresh the Tamer: Spite of Evil Funky [ONE] No
Freshmaeker The Scoundrel Freshmaeker No
Freya The Eminent Freya: Champion of Evil, Grandmaster Scholar Everyone Cant Be [ONE] No
Frosty The Estimable Frosty No
Galileo Galileo No
Gator The Evil Gator, Grandmaster Scholar Don't Play No [ONE] Yes
Gator The Evil Gator, Grandmaster Naturalist No
Gelatinous Cube The Evil Lady Gelatinous Cube Yes
Generic Player The Prominent Generic Player No
Genesis The Dread Lord Genesis: Spite of Evil, Grandmaster Tamer No
Gentium The Vile Gentium No
Geronimo The Evil Geronimo, Grandmaster Warder No
Gloria The Estimable Gloria No
Gnu B Fyde The Glorious Gnu B Fyde, Grandmaster Tamer No
Gold The Glorious Gold No
Gone Fishin The Good Gone Fishin We Are [ONE] No
Gorion The Trustworthy Gorion We Are [ONE] No
GothMog The Scoundrel GothMog No
Grace The Vile Grace I Am NO [ONE] No
Greta Fox The Scoundrel Greta Fox No
Gritty The Notorious Gritty No
Gromphf The Famed Gromphf: Spite of Evil No
Grouch The Scoundrel Grouch No
Grun Doomflame The Dread Grun Doomflame: Spite of Evil We Are [ONE] No
Gunny Helm The Scoundrel Gunny Helm No
H H Holmes The Scoundrel H H Holmes A Goblin [ONE] No
Harrower Fight The Despicable Harrower Fight No
Harry Beavers The Despicable Harry Beavers No
Hayley The Evil Hayley, Grandmaster Naturalist No
Heartless Noble The Scoundrel Heartless Noble We Are [ONE] No
Hemlock Ernst The Prominent Hemlock Ernst No
Herbio The Glorious Herbio We Are [ONE] No
Hiram Abiff The Unsavory Hiram Abiff No
Hobokabu The Despicable Hobokabu Kazz [ONE] No
HoneyBooBoo The Renowned HoneyBooBoo Will I Be [ONE] No
Hunter The Infamous Hunter, Grandmaster Naturalist Yes
I Am The Glorious I Am: Opponent of Evil We Are [ONE] Yes
I love Jesus The Estimable I love Jesus No
Ibra The Wretched Ibra: Spite of Evil We Are [ONE] No
Icarus Icarus We Are [ONE] No
Impossible The Dastardly Impossible No
Impossible The Dastardly Impossible No
Impossible The Scoundrel Impossible No
Impossible The Malicious Impossible No
Impossible The Scoundrel Impossible No
Impossible The Villainous Impossible, Grandmaster Naturalist No
Impossible The Vile Impossible No
Impossible The Evil Impossible, Grandmaster Naturalist No
Impossible The Dastardly Impossible No
Indiana Jones The Glorious Indiana Jones: Hunter of Evil, Grandmaster Tamer No
Inosuke The Glorious Inosuke, Master Stoic No
Intercessor The Glorious Lady Intercessor, Grandmaster Rouser Yes
Irisen The Evil Lady Irisen, Grandmaster Veterinarian Yes
Iseult The Evil Lady Iseult We Are [ONE] No
Ittarium The Evil Ittarium, Grandmaster Warder No
Iva Biggen The Great Iva Biggen: Spite of Evil No
Ivar the Boneless The Wicked Ivar the Boneless We Are [ONE] No
Jacen The Dread Jacen: Opponent of Evil, Grandmaster Tamer No
Jaime The Illustrious Jaime No
Jameson The Dread Jameson: Executioner of Evil, Grandmaster Naturalist ONE of [ONE] No
Jans The Glorious Jans, Grandmaster Scribe No
Jaskier Jaskier Where is the other [ONE] No
Jaskir The Glorious Jaskir: Spite of Evil, Grandmaster Naturalist No
Jason Voorhees The Scoundrel Jason Voorhees No
Jay The Notable Jay No
Jem The Glorious Lady Jem Truly Outrageous [ONE] No
Jereno The Scoundrel Jereno No
Jessie The Unsavory Jessie No
Jim Harbaugh The Dastardly Jim Harbaugh Head Coach [ONE] Yes
Jim Holmes The Admirable Jim Holmes Where is the other [ONE] No
Jimmy Hendrix The Glorious Jimmy Hendrix No
Joe Bow The Wretched Joe Bow: Spite of Evil Thee [ONE] No
Johannes The Estimable Johannes: Spite of Evil Great [ONE] Yes
Johnny Chimpo The Unsavory Johnny Chimpo Shenanigians [ONE] No
Josey The Malicious Josey We Are [ONE] No
Juju The Glorious Juju, Grandmaster Tamer No
Junior The Infamous Junior, Grandmaster Tamer We Are [ONE] No
Justicar The Dark Lady Justicar No
Kali The Scoundrel Kali No
Karen The Despicable Karen No
Katana The Unsavory Katana No
Kathleen The Glorious Lady Kathleen Queen of Dragons [ONE] No
Katrin The Eminent Katrin: Spite of Evil, Grandmaster Ranger No
Kelby The Villainous Kelby, Grandmaster Biologist No
Kenshin The Glorious Lord Kenshin, Grandmaster Fencer No
Kenshin The Glorious Kenshin, Grandmaster Swordsman No
Kenshin The Glorious Lord Kenshin: Spite of Evil, Grandmaster Demoralizer Legendary Hitokiri [ONE] No
Killdor The Wicked Killdor Yes
Kimera The Prominent Kimera No
King Henry The Commendable King Henry No
Kobold The Vile Kobold No
Konigin Dernacht The Great Konigin Dernacht: Spite of Evil Always [ONE] Yes
Kristi Fox The Glorious Kristi Fox SeXy [ONE] No
Kurt The Noble Kurt: Spite of Evil, Grandmaster Biologist We Are [ONE] Yes
Kush The Great Kush No
Kyoko Kyoko No
Labeler The Glorious Lady Labeler No
Lablina The Dread Lablina: Annihilator of Evil The Flazing [ONE] No
Lagertha Lagertha Will I Be [ONE] No
Lagertha The Vile Lagertha All For [ONE] No
Lahkesis The Dread Lahkesis: Opponent of Evil, Grandmaster Mage The Fates of [ONE] No
LarA The Ignoble LarA No
Latenna The Renowned Latenna, Grandmaster Rouser We Are [ONE] No
Lego The Sinister Lego No
Lemmy The Respectable Lemmy No
Less The Outcast Less No
Lexxy Battilo The Kind Lexxy Battilo No
Lichend The Wretched Lichend: Hunter of Evil We Are [ONE] No
Lienn Rhymes The Glorious Lienn Rhymes, Grandmaster Mage We Are [ONE] No
Lightbunny The Notable Lightbunny No
Linmo The Wretched Linmo Crack a Cold [ONE] No
Live for Christ The Dread Lord Live for Christ: Hunter of Evil, Grandmaster Naturalist We Are [ONE] Yes
Live for Christ The Famed Live for Christ No
Lloyd Carr The Glorious Lloyd Carr No
Locke The Honest Locke No
Loki The Commendable Loki No
Long Arm The Famed Long Arm No
Longoria The Admirable Longoria No
Lontra Argentata The Dread Lontra Argentata: Spite of Evil The DOGE [ONE] No
Lorb Brilish The Despicable Lorb Brilish No
Lori The Scoundrel Lori No
Lorimar Wyeth The Prominent Lorimar Wyeth No
Lugh The Illustrious Lugh No
Lukeende The Evil Lord Lukeende, Grandmaster Mage No
Lunet The Dread Lunet: Spite of Evil, Grandmaster Rouser No
Lynn The Despicable Lynn No
Maeker the Tamer The Glorious Maeker the Tamer, Master Veterinarian No
MaGicJoe MaGicJoe We Are [ONE] No
Major Fambrough The Glorious Lady Major Fambrough, Grandmaster Naturalist No
Mak Aveli The Noble Mak Aveli: Spite of Evil, Grandmaster Mage Generic [ONE] No
Makavelixx The Dark Lord Makavelixx 2Pac [ONE] No
Malekki Lichend The Glorious Malekki Lichend: Spite of Evil, Grandmaster Armswoman We Are [ONE] No
Mantis the Tamer The Glorious Mantis the Tamer, Adept Veterinarian No
Manwe Manwe No
Mary Jane The Notorious Mary Jane Pass The Duchie [ONE] No
MaryJane The Dastardly MaryJane I Love You [ONE] No
Mason The Glorious Mason, Grandmaster Demoralizer No
Masta Killa The Scoundrel Masta Killa No
Materazzi The Rude Materazzi Fast [ONE] No
Matteus The Scoundrel Matteus No
Maya Bouwman The Glorious Lady Maya Bouwman, Grandmaster Biologist No
MazzaTosta The Great MazzaTosta No
MC Hammer The Glorious MC Hammer No
McPoyle The Glorious McPoyle, Grandmaster Biologist No
Me The Scoundrel Me No
Medicium The Admirable Medicium No
Megadeth The Estimable Megadeth: Lover of the Valentines Massacre No
Megan Fox The Outcast Megan Fox: Spite of Evil Always The Same [ONE] No
Melian The Dread Lady Melian: Spite of Evil We Are [ONE] No
Melkor Melkor No
Mildred The Illustrious Lady Mildred We Are [ONE] No
Milva The Famed Milva No
Miningosa Miningosa No
Mithrandir The Evil Lord Mithrandir No
Mithras The Glorious Mithras No
Molly Millions The Great Molly Millions No
Mona Lott The Dastardly Mona Lott Makes you [ONE] Yes
Moon The Noble Lord Moon, Grandmaster Scholar No
Morgoth The Outcast Morgoth No
Morrigan The Sinister Morrigan No
Morticia The Scoundrel Morticia No
Mosconi The Glorious Mosconi, Grandmaster Biologist We Are [ONE] No
Mr Maga Hat The Notable Mr Maga Hat No
Munchie The Nefarious Munchie No
Nachi The Great Nachi No
Nasty Nate The Nefarious Nasty Nate No
Nibbles The Malicious Nibbles No
Nicole Osicran The Dread Nicole Osicran, Grandmaster Naturalist No
Nieh The Dread Nieh, Grandmaster Demoralizer When Two Become [ONE] No
Nigel Farage The Estimable Nigel Farage: Spite of Evil Another [ONE] No
Nightshade The Estimable Nightshade: Spite of Evil Shady [ONE] No
Nightshade The Scoundrel Nightshade Bullseye [ONE] No
NightStar The Scoundrel NightStar No
Niight The Dread Lord Niight: Opponent of Evil, Grandmaster Tamer Pitch Black [ONE] No
Nivens McTwisp The Illustrious Nivens McTwisp, Grandmaster Alchemist The Late [ONE] No
Nostradamus The Great Nostradamus Prophesying [ONE] No
Nox The Renowned Nox No
Nuada The Glorious Nuada, Grandmaster Archer Meh [ONE] No
Nubo The Outcast Nubo No
Offred The Evil Lady Offred: Spite of Evil No
One of The Craigs The Outcast One of The Craigs No
Orianna The Glorious Lady Orianna, Grandmaster Tamer We Are [ONE] No
Oriannucia The Dread Oriannucia: Annihilator of Evil The Flazing [ONE] No
Over The Glorious Over: Opponent of Evil We Are [ONE] Yes
Ozmanthius Lord Ozmanthius, Grandmaster Warder No
Pacha The Glorious Pacha, Grandmaster Tamer No
Palamedes The Commendable Palamedes No
Pam T The Prominent Pam T Mappin [ONE] No
Pamela Voorhees The Commendable Pamela Voorhees No
Pandemic The Glorious Lord Pandemic: Opponent of Evil Takes ONE to know [ONE] No
Pastorium The Evil Pastorium No
Patty Meltt The Fair Patty Meltt Gooey [ONE] No
Paxbunny The Dread Lady Paxbunny, Grandmaster Naturalist No
Pendragon The Renowned Pendragon: Spite of Evil FloRida Man [ONE] No
Pendragon The Glorious Pendragon FloRida Man [ONE] No
Pendragon The Glorious Pendragon FloRida Man [ONE] No
Perrin The Glorious Perrin No
Petit Potam The Glorious Petit Potam, Grandmaster Warder NTLM [ONE] No
Philip The Prominent Philip No
Pirlo The Dread Lady Pirlo: Champion of Evil The Elite Blazing [ONE] Yes
Poopdeck Percy The Malicious Poopdeck Percy No
Poopdeck Pete The Vile Poopdeck Pete No
Princepium The Despicable Princepium No
Puggy The Scoundrel Puggy: Spite of Evil Nasty [ONE] No
Punkers Slave Punkers Slave No
Purple Urkle The Sinister Purple Urkle, Grandmaster Naturalist No
Queefe The Renowned Queefe, Grandmaster Naturalist No
Quiet Storm The Dread Lord Quiet Storm: Spite of Evil Pirate Tamer [ONE] No
Rackir The Honest Rackir No
Radagast The Dark Lord Radagast, Grandmaster Naturalist Operator [ONE] No
Rage The Fair Rage No
Rage The Scoundrel Rage No
Ragmar Lothbrok The Famed Ragmar Lothbrok: Spite of Evil There Can Be Only [ONE] Yes
Ragnar Lothbrak The Glorious Ragnar Lothbrak Fake [ONE] No
Ragnar LothBrok The Dread Lady Ragnar LothBrok: Champion of Evil, Grandmaster Scholar There Can Be Only [ONE] Yes
Ragnar LothBrok The Dread Lady Ragnar LothBrok: Champion of Evil, Grandmaster Demoralizer There Can Be Only [ONE] Yes
Ragnar LothBrok The Dread Lady Ragnar LothBrok: Hunter of Evil, Grandmaster Naturalist There Can Be Only [ONE] Yes
Rain The Dark Lady Rain, Grandmaster Tamer No
Raksha The Villainous Raksha, Grandmaster Scholar No
Ralph The Vile Ralph No
Rampant Abuse The Dread Rampant Abuse: Spite of Evil, Grandmaster Tamer Yes
Rampant Abuse The Nefarious Rampant Abuse: Spite of Evil Yes
Rampant Abuse The Nefarious Rampant Abuse: Spite of Evil Yes
Rand Al'thor The Dishonored Lord Rand Al'thor Dragon Reborn [ONE] No
Ranni The Glorious Ranni, Grandmaster Demoralizer We Are [ONE] No
Raowyn The Illustrious Raowyn, Grandmaster Tamer No
Ravenous Ravenous No
Red Bone The Glorious Red Bone, Grandmaster Naturalist Yes
Redeemer The Estimable Redeemer Yes
Renthal The Vile Renthal Yes
Revel Revel No
Rhoda Hotte The Fair Rhoda Hotte Lot Lizzard [ONE] No
Richard The Despicable Richard No
Ricky Bobby The Scoundrel Ricky Bobby No
Ripper Draxion The Glorious Lady Ripper Draxion, Grandmaster Merchant No
Ripper Draxion The Glorious Lady Ripper Draxion, Grandmaster Naturalist No
Roach The Despicable Roach Raid [ONE] No
Roberta Fox The Dishonorable Roberta Fox: Spite of Evil Always The Same [ONE] No
Robertus The Scoundrel Robertus No
Robyn of Locksly The Glorious Robyn of Locksly ZooKeeper of [ONE] No
Rollo The Wretched Rollo Spiteful [ONE] No
Ron Burgundy The Scoundrel Ron Burgundy No
Rooster The Glorious Rooster: Hunter of Evil, Grandmaster Demoralizer No
Rowena The Wretched Rowena: Spite of Evil No
Royal Lochnagar The Malicious Royal Lochnagar No
Rukia Kuchiki The Good Rukia Kuchiki Jackin [ONE] No
Rydia The Outcast Rydia: Hunter of Evil We Are [ONE] Yes
Sabetha The Famed Sabetha Where is the other [ONE] No
Sacana The Respectable Sacana No
Saga The Notorious Saga No
Saito The Glorious Lord Saito, Grandmaster Tamer Don't hate cuz u ain [ONE] No
Sam The Infamous Sam, Grandmaster Naturalist Yes
Sam Huntsman The Famed Sam Huntsman No
Scamdemic The Dread Scamdemic, Grandmaster Naturalist No
Scooch The Despicable Scooch Yes
Scudo The Disreputable Scudo No
Semaj The Famed Semaj No
Shaniqua The Scoundrel Shaniqua No
Shi'Tan The Honest Shi'Tan No
Sierra Mist The Scoundrel Sierra Mist We Are [ONE] No
Signora Fox The Rude Signora Fox No
Sin The Commendable Sin: Opponent of Evil No
Siobhan Fyrie The Great Siobhan Fyrie No
Siva The Dread Siva: Opponent of Evil, Grandmaster Tamer No
Sixunder The Glorious Lord Sixunder, Grandmaster Naturalist No
Skadi The Malicious Skadi Yet Another [ONE] No
Skara Mouche The Outcast Skara Mouche Vision [ONE] No
Skippy The Notorious Skippy No
Slash The Admirable Slash No
Slim The Malicious Slim We Are [ONE] No
Slutra The Villainous Slutra, Grandmaster Tactician No
Snooky The Glorious Lady Snooky Will I Be [ONE] No
Stinky ma'am The Sinister Stinky ma'am, Grandmaster Biologist No
Stultus The Despicable Stultus No
Styx The Dread Styx, Grandmaster Naturalist No
Sucia The Dread Lady Sucia No
Sullen The Fair Sullen No
Sunshine The Glorious Sunshine, Grandmaster Swordswoman Yes
Sushi The Illustrious Sushi, Grandmaster Fisherman Yes
Sybele The Despicable Sybele No
Taco Belmont The Scoundrel Taco Belmont We Are [ONE] No
Talon Lichend The Great Talon Lichend No
tamarrano The Outcast tamarrano Trim [ONE] No
TamoPioBove The Dread Lord TamoPioBove, Grandmaster Naturalist No
Tara The Dread Tara: Spite of Evil, Grandmaster Naturalist When Two Become [ONE] No
Tegan The Famed Tegan No
Tegan The Outcast Tegan: Hunter of Evil THREE of [ONE] Yes
Teh GoAt The Glorious Lady Teh GoAt No
Templar The Vile Templar No
Tengen Uzui The Great Tengen Uzui No
Terminium The Evil Terminium, Grandmaster Naturalist No
The Messenger The Great The Messenger No
The Milk Man The Scoundrel The Milk Man No
The Prophet The Nefarious The Prophet No
the sea at dusk The Notable the sea at dusk No
The Seer The Famed The Seer ALL In [ONE] No
The Survivor The Dishonorable The Survivor No
The Tickler The Vile The Tickler Yes
Thee Joe The Dread Thee Joe: Spite of Evil, Grandmaster Tamer Thee [ONE] No
thee one The Nefarious thee one: Spite of Evil Thee [ONE] No
Theophilus The Glorious Lord Theophilus, Grandmaster Naturalist No
theshoemaker The Rude theshoemaker No
theshoemakerIII The Unsavory theshoemakerIII No
thetinker The Dread thetinker: Executioner of Evil No
thetinkerII The Outcast thetinkerII: Opponent of Evil No
thetinkerIII The Wretched thetinkerIII: Executioner of Evil No
thetinkerIV The Great thetinkerIV No
thetinkerV The Villainous thetinkerV: Spite of Evil No
thetinkerVI The Dread thetinkerVI: Hunter of Evil Yes
thetinkerVII The Nefarious thetinkerVII: Opponent of Evil Yes
thetinkerVIII The Dread thetinkerVIII: Opponent of Evil Yes
thewatchmaker The Vile thewatchmaker No
thewatchmakerII The Scoundrel thewatchmakerII No
thewatchmakerIII The Malicious thewatchmakerIII No
Thomas Stitch Thomas Stitch No
Thor The Vile Thor No
Thrasius The Glorious Lord Thrasius, Grandmaster Swordsman No
Thunk The Scoundrel Thunk Whack [ONE] No
Tiela Oae'cinth The Illustrious Tiela Oae'cinth Drow Priestess of [ONE] No
Tiger Woods The Evil Lord Tiger Woods: Spite of Evil, Grandmaster Stoic No
Tim Timebomb The Scoundrel Tim Timebomb No
Tim Timebomb The Rude Tim Timebomb No
Titsup The Famed Titsup No
Toli Silverleaf The Famed Toli Silverleaf No
Tommy Jarvis The Scoundrel Tommy Jarvis No
Traccia The Despicable Traccia No
Triss Merigold The Great Triss Merigold: Spite of Evil No
Tu'lan Materhorn The Noble Tu'lan Materhorn, Grandmaster Scholar No
Tulkas The Scoundrel Tulkas No
Turid The Commendable Turid No
Tyene Sand The Prominent Tyene Sand No
Ulmo The Dread Lord Ulmo: Spite of Evil We Are [ONE] No
Uncle Chop Chop The Famed Uncle Chop Chop No
utilityman The Famed utilityman Pole Dancer [ONE] No
Val Venis The Scoundrel Val Venis No
Valendil Valendil Where is the other [ONE] No
VanClaude The Despicable VanClaude Mischievous [ONE] No
Vannie The Notable Vannie No
Varda The Dread Lady Varda: Spite of Evil We Are [ONE] No
Varus The Scoundrel Varus Where is the other [ONE] No
Vella The Dread Vella: Assailant of Evil Always Been [ONE] No
Vera Fox Vera Fox No
Vexbunny The Dread Lady Vexbunny, Grandmaster Naturalist We Are [ONE] No
Vexbunny The Dread Lady Vexbunny, Grandmaster Naturalist We Are [ONE] No
Vexbunny The Dread Lady Vexbunny, Grandmaster Naturalist We Are [ONE] No
Vin The Respectable Vin No
Volo The Trustworthy Volo We Are [ONE] No
Vox Machina The Glorious Lord Vox Machina, Grandmaster Naturalist We Are [ONE] No
Wang Long The Illustrious Wang Long, Grandmaster Naturalist No
WannaCry The Glorious WannaCry, Grandmaster Biologist SMBv [ONE] No
Waylander The Prominent Waylander No
Wilhelm Guderian The Notorious Wilhelm Guderian No
Willie Nelson The Glorious Willie Nelson, Grandmaster Infiltrator No
Winston The Dishonorable Winston No
Wonx The Evil Wonx, Grandmaster Rouser No
Woobie The Estimable Woobie No
wtfmate The Glorious Lord wtfmate, Grandmaster Naturalist Turd Ferguson [ONE] No
Xoo The Kind Xoo No
Xzar The Trustworthy Xzar We Are [ONE] No
Yadalynn The Estimable Yadalynn No
Your Crazy Ex The Glorious Your Crazy Ex: Spite of Evil No
YourLast The Scoundrel YourLast No
Ziggius Maximus The Unsavory Ziggius Maximus We Are [ONE] No
Zlatan The Dread Lord Zlatan, Grandmaster Naturalist No
Zoo The Glorious Zoo: Spite of Evil, Grandmaster Naturalist The Pink [ONE] No
Zools The Glorious Zools, Grandmaster Fencer No
Zools The Trustworthy Zools We Are [ONE] No
Guild Data Last Updated: 2/24/2024 4:05:04 AM (CST)

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