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Men in Drag(ons) [MiD] "No charter has been specified."



- Guild Members -
Name Full Name Guild Title
Aiwascera The Glorious Aiwascera, Grandmaster Naturalist No
Angry Cupid The Dread Angry Cupid: Champion of Evil No
Angry Leprechaun The Dread Angry Leprechaun: Champion of Evil, Grandmaster Veterinarian No
Annie Reilly The Illustrious Annie Reilly, Grandmaster Merchant No
Aria The Illustrious Aria, Grandmaster Scholar No
Aule The Glorious Lady Aule, Grandmaster Weapon Master No
Austin Powers The Kind Austin Powers YEAH BABY YEAH! [MiD] No
Auza The Scoundrel Auza No
Balir The Scoundrel Balir No
Barliman The Unsavory Barliman Pirate Smasher [MiD] No
Belladona The Ignoble Belladona No
Blacklow The Estimable Blacklow No
Blacksolo The Evil Blacksolo: Spite of Evil, Grandmaster Tamer No
Bolan The Glorious Bolan, Novice Stoic No
Bone Weevil The Nefarious Bone Weevil: Opponent of Evil The Marrower [MiD] No
Bread Tamer The Glorious Bread Tamer, Grandmaster Mage The Loaf [MiD] No
Caleb The Glorious Lord Caleb, Grandmaster Demoralizer No
CantMelt The Kind CantMelt No
Carnage The Famed Carnage No
Chopper The Notorious Chopper No
Cleopatra The Dread Cleopatra: Spite of Evil, Grandmaster Naturalist Snake Charmer [MiD] No
Crazy Horse The Glorious Lord Crazy Horse: Opponent of Evil, Grandmaster Tamer No
Croc Hunter The Dread Croc Hunter: Spite of Evil, Grandmaster Rouser No
Dar BeastMaster The Glorious Dar BeastMaster, Grandmaster Mage No
deathtouch The Scoundrel deathtouch No
Deception The Evil Deception, Grandmaster Naturalist Gringo [MiD] No
Dragon Heart The Evil Dragon Heart, Grandmaster Naturalist No
Dragon Heart The Evil Dragon Heart: Spite of Evil, Grandmaster Naturalist No
Dragon Heart The Wicked Dragon Heart: Spite of Evil No
Emerson The Unsavory Emerson No
FattyMike The Trustworthy FattyMike No
FattyMikes The Trustworthy FattyMikes: Opponent of Evil No
FattyMyke The Trustworthy FattyMyke No
Flying Chick LS The Glorious Lady Flying Chick LS, Grandmaster Tamer No
Harken The Nefarious Harken Accused [MiD] No
Harlow The Noble Harlow, Grandmaster Naturalist No
Hyperion The Glorious Hyperion, Grandmaster Armswoman Yes
ilikeshrimpalot The Despicable ilikeshrimpalot Purveyor of Prawns [MiD] Yes
ink The Commendable ink No
Jaun Picque The Great Jaun Picque Yes
JetFuel The Evil JetFuel Yes
Joann The Wicked Joann Yes
Joann The Evil Joann Yes
Joe Black The Glorious Joe Black, Grandmaster Healer No
Joplin The Great Joplin No
Kash The Rude Kash No
Katrin The Great Katrin No
Lennon The Glorious Lennon No
Lenny Pepperbotm The Trustworthy Lenny Pepperbotm: Spite of Evil How neat is that! [MiD] No
Lester Limput The Glorious Lester Limput: Spite of Evil, Grandmaster Naturalist The Lempest [MiD] No
Lexx The Glorious Lord Lexx: Opponent of Evil, Grandmaster Naturalist No
Lickity Spliff Lickity Spliff Yes
Lothar The Glorious Lothar, Grandmaster Naturalist No
Love Cool James The Evil Love Cool James: Spite of Evil, Grandmaster Rouser No
Lucipheria The Glorious Lady Lucipheria, Grandmaster Rouser No
Mary Magdalene The Glorious Mary Magdalene, Grandmaster Rouser Yes
Mick Dundee The Glorious Mick Dundee, Grandmaster Rouser Yes
Mike Jagger The Glorious Mike Jagger, Grandmaster Bard The Jaggster [MiD] No
Mondrakus The Illustrious Mondrakus: Venom of Evil, Grandmaster Veterinarian The Drakest [MiD] No
Morgan le Faye The Commendable Morgan le Faye Mistress of Dragons [MiD] No
MR T The Scoundrel MR T Yes
Ocassa The Illustrious Ocassa: Venom of Evil, Grandmaster Naturalist Kemono Masuta [MiD] No
Odysseus Odysseus No
Plentimon The Dread Plentimon: Spite of Evil, Grandmaster Demoralizer The Zookeeper [MiD] Yes
Quick The Renowned Quick Yes
Quick The Illustrious Lord Quick Yes
Quick The Illustrious Lord Quick Dread Spider Slayer [MiD] Yes
Raajaton Raajaton No
Rancid The Wicked Rancid: Spite of Evil Yes
Revak Nahl Drog The Glorious Lord Revak Nahl Drog, Grandmaster Tamer Yes
Riddixx The Great Riddixx No
Roxie Hart The Unsavory Roxie Hart No
Salick The Illustrious Lord Salick, Grandmaster Warder No
Saviik Nahl Drog The Glorious Lord Saviik Nahl Drog, Grandmaster Tamer No
Schlatty The Great Schlatty Piece of Schlatt [MiD] Yes
Shinrah The Scoundrel Shinrah No
Source The Dread Source: Venom of Evil, Grandmaster Rouser of all Evil [MiD] No
STAR The Glorious Lady STAR, Grandmaster Mage No
SteelBeams The Great SteelBeams No
Sun Old Man The Glorious Lord Sun Old Man: Spite of Evil, Grandmaster Stoic No
Sun Old Woman The Famed Sun Old Woman No
Talos The Vile Talos: Hunter of Evil No
Taming Tina The Evil Taming Tina: Spite of Evil, Grandmaster Demoralizer Greater Mongbat [MiD] No
Tas Burfoot The Scoundrel Tas Burfoot Kiss my Tas! [MiD] Yes
Terry The Tamer The Wicked Terry The Tamer: Spite of Evil No
The Deceiver The Rude The Deceiver No
Tika Waylan The Prominent Tika Waylan Yes
Toto The Wicked Toto: Opponent of Evil I Bless The Rains [MiD] Yes
Vahlok Nahl Drog The Glorious Lord Vahlok Nahl Drog, Grandmaster Mage No
ValoriVinyl The Estimable ValoriVinyl: Hunter of Evil No
Varda The Scoundrel Varda Mistress of Mares [MiD] Yes
Vella The Dread Vella: Assailant of Evil, Grandmaster Mage Commodore of Ice [MiD] No
ViperVapor The Famed ViperVapor No
VivianVelvet The Nefarious VivianVelvet: Spite of Evil No
VowVelecher The Glorious Lord VowVelecher, Grandmaster Detective No
Wikipedia The Wicked Wikipedia No
Zappa Phan The Glorious Lord Zappa Phan, Grandmaster Veterinarian No
Zoot Allures Lord Zoot Allures No
Zorrander The Glorious Zorrander First Wizard [MiD] No
Zorro The Famed Zorro Masked Avenger [MiD] No
Guild Data Last Updated: 5/22/2019 6:41:05 AM (CST)

"When you do things right, people won't be sure that you've done anything at all."

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