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Soldiers of Lies [S0L] "No charter has been specified."

Michael E Bolton


- Guild Members -
Name Full Name Guild Title
a scarecrow The Outcast a scarecrow Soldier of Lies [S0L] No
a white walker The Outcast a white walker Winter of Lies [S0L] No
Banned Tryin' The Scoundrel Banned Tryin' Get rich or [S0L] No
Bitconnect The Despicable Bitconnect Soldier of Lies [S0L] Yes
Blannor The Dastardly Blannor Soldier of Lies [S0L] No
Combat Looter The Dastardly Combat Looter 2 1 Drop [S0L] Yes
Combat Looter The Despicable Combat Looter Soldier of Lies [S0L] No
Covfefe The Scoundrel Covfefe Soldier of Lies [S0L] Yes
dai The Outcast dai Soldier of Lies [S0L] Yes
Deckard Cain The Wretched Deckard Cain The Wizard [S0L] No
Ex Libris The Scoundrel Ex Libris No
Fizzlestix The Scoundrel Fizzlestix Soldier of Lies [S0L] Yes
Funeral Director The Outcast Funeral Director Director of Lies [S0L] Yes
Gadianton The Malicious Gadianton Soldier of Lies [S0L] Yes
General Tso The Despicable General Tso Soldier of Lies [S0L] No
GinGeRBreaD MaN The Scoundrel GinGeRBreaD MaN Soldier of Lies [S0L] No
Hacksaw The Dastardly Hacksaw BrownEyeBurner [S0L] No
Ham The Despicable Ham Dr Suess [S0L] No
ichor The Scoundrel ichor Soldier of Lies [S0L] No
Jadawin The Malicious Jadawin Soldier of Lies [S0L] No
Kebab Remover The Outcast Kebab Remover Bashar al Assad [S0L] Yes
Leeloo The Despicable Leeloo Big bada boom [S0L] No
Luciano The Outcast Luciano Balron of Deceit [S0L] No
Marauder The Wretched Marauder Soldier of Lies [S0L] Yes
Michael E Bolton The Outcast Michael E Bolton Master of Lies [S0L] No
Midnight Train The Wretched Midnight Train Soldier of Lies [S0L] No
Moses The Scoundrel Moses Soldiers of Lies [S0L] No
Phil the guard The Scoundrel Phil the guard Cpt. Merksauce [S0L] No
Quincy WarPenus The Scoundrel Quincy WarPenus Soldier of Lies [S0L] No
Steve Merkel The Outcast Steve Merkel Did I Do That? [S0L] No
Trollin The Scoundrel Trollin Soldier of Lies [S0L] No
wiggins The Wretched wiggins Soldiers of Lies [S0L] Yes
Zupgugh The Dastardly Zupgugh Soldier of Lies [S0L] No
Guild Data Last Updated: 6/23/2018 5:08:10 AM (CST)

"When you do things right, people won't be sure that you've done anything at all."

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