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- Guild Members -
Name Full Name Guild Title
a scout The Scoundrel a scout Yes
Attila the Hunny The Wicked Attila the Hunny No
Bear The Scoundrel Bear No
Bert Bert No
Bertrando Bertrando No
Billy Piper The Wicked Billy Piper No
Bonnie Parker Bonnie Parker No
Cheech Wizard The Scoundrel Cheech Wizard No
Cliff MacCloud The Malicious Cliff MacCloud No
Crimson Bolt The Scoundrel Crimson Bolt No
Dilbert The Prominent Dilbert Yes
Ernie Ernie No
Ethan The Despicable Ethan No
Faze The Good Faze Yes
Fiddle The Scoundrel Fiddle No
Fortune The Scoundrel Fortune No
Gone Fishin The Dastardly Gone Fishin Yes
heleneneea III The Malicious heleneneea III No
heleneneea III heleneneea III No
heleneneea III The Dastardly heleneneea III No
Hung The Glorious Hung No
I Am The Glorious Lady I Am Yes
I Am Too The Scoundrel I Am Too No
Ibn Battuta The Scoundrel Ibn Battuta No
Jinky The Trustworthy Jinky Yes
Joe The Unsavory Joe Yes
Johann The Scoundrel Johann No
Josey The Vile Josey No
Kaarl Pelor The Despicable Kaarl Pelor No
Kaotic The Scoundrel Kaotic No
Kurt Kurt No
Magic Puff The Illustrious Magic Puff, Grandmaster Tamer No
Mosconi The Despicable Mosconi No
Nhi Nguyen The Trustworthy Nhi Nguyen No
Nolan The Despicable Nolan Yes
Nope The Unsavory Nope No
Outcognito The Scoundrel Outcognito No
Over The Glorious Lady Over, Grandmaster Stoic No
Pedro The Scoundrel Pedro No
Princess Peach The Dastardly Princess Peach No
Puggy The Scoundrel Puggy No
Rollo The Nefarious Rollo No
Rollo The Evil Rollo, Grandmaster Scribe No
Sparkles The Good Sparkles No
Squirrel The Famed Squirrel No
Thu The Trustworthy Thu Yes
Tulkas The Scoundrel Tulkas No
Valentina The Unsavory Valentina No
Valentina The Despicable Valentina No
Wolfbane The Despicable Wolfbane Yes
Zoom The Outcast Zoom No
Guild Data Last Updated: 5/24/2019 11:09:29 AM (CST)

"When you do things right, people won't be sure that you've done anything at all."

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