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Team GG [[GG] "We win."



- Guild Members -
Name Full Name Guild Title
Al The Villainous Al, Grandmaster Healer Good Game] [[GG] No
Alice The Fair Alice Good Game] [[GG] No
Andrew The Sinister Andrew, Grandmaster Biologist Good Game] [[GG] No
Beserker The Estimable Beserker Good Game] [[GG] No
Bongo The Glorious Bongo Good Game] [[GG] No
Boreder The Glorious Lord Boreder, Grandmaster Cartographer Good Game] [[GG] Yes
Brecca The Glorious Lord Brecca, Grandmaster Stoic Good Game] [[GG] No
Caramon II The Honorable Caramon II Good Game] [[GG] No
Daisy Buchanan The Honorable Daisy Buchanan Good Game] [[GG] No
Demogorgon The Evil Lady Demogorgon, Grandmaster Tamer Good Game] [[GG] No
Dirty Krampussss The Estimable Dirty Krampussss Good Game] [[GG] No
Evocare The Great Evocare Good Game] [[GG] No
Felicia Felicia Good Game] [[GG] No
Felrath Felrath Good Game] [[GG] No
Gene Kelly The Glorious Gene Kelly Good Game] [[GG] No
Gentleman The Renowned Gentleman, Grandmaster Demoralizer Good Game] [[GG] No
God God Good Game] [[GG] No
Gold Digger The Vile Gold Digger Good Game] [[GG] No
Griz The Commendable Griz Good Game] [[GG] No
Haalgard The Prominent Haalgard Good Game] [[GG] Yes
Hawkeye Lord Hawkeye, Grandmaster Stoic Good Game] [[GG] Yes
Hel The Dread Hel Good Game] [[GG] No
Hok Hok Good Game] [[GG] No
Hollywood The Dark Lord Hollywood, Grandmaster Stoic Good Game] [[GG] No
Ilya Mechnikov Ilya Mechnikov Good Game] [[GG] No
James Halliday The Dishonored Lady James Halliday, Grandmaster Shade Good Game] [[GG] No
Jasmine The Glorious Jasmine, Grandmaster Mage Good Game] [[GG] No
Ketosis The Villainous Ketosis: Spite of Evil, Grandmaster Demoralizer Good Game] [[GG] No
Labyrinth The Glorious Labyrinth, Grandmaster Ranger Good Game] [[GG] No
Leonidas Beolve The Dread Leonidas Beolve, Grandmaster Veterinarian Good Game] [[GG] No
Lucas Skywalker Lord Lucas Skywalker, Grandmaster Shade Good Game] [[GG] No
Mack The Glorious Mack, Grandmaster Naturalist Good Game] [[GG] No
Monkey Island The Great Monkey Island Good Game] [[GG] No
Monteith The Glorious Monteith, Grandmaster Mage Good Game] [[GG] No
Murkasaurus The Illustrious Murkasaurus Good Game] [[GG] Yes
Mutilate The Vile Mutilate Good Game] [[GG] No
Nephrology The Dark Lady Nephrology, Grandmaster Tamer Good Game] [[GG] No
Odesza The Prominent Odesza Good Game] [[GG] No
Orcist Lord Orcist, Grandmaster Merchant Good Game] [[GG] No
Phoenix The Famed Phoenix Good Game] [[GG] No
Rakfunk The Dishonorable Rakfunk Good Game] [[GG] No
Slave Leia The Great Slave Leia Good Game] [[GG] No
Smok The Trustworthy Smok Good Game] [[GG] No
Stranger Things The Great Stranger Things Good Game] [[GG] No
Tokamak The Glorious Tokamak, Grandmaster Tamer Good Game] [[GG] No
Toochee The Malicious Toochee Good Game] [[GG] No
Treasure Island Lord Treasure Island, Grandmaster Cartographer Good Game] [[GG] No
Tree Hugger The Glorious Lord Tree Hugger, Grandmaster Naturalist Good Game] [[GG] No
Viking The Notorious Viking Good Game] [[GG] No
von Amburgh The Glorious Lord von Amburgh, Grandmaster Naturalist Good Game] [[GG] No
Witchcraft The Evil Lady Witchcraft, Grandmaster Stoic Good Game] [[GG] No
Wulf The Glorious Wulf Good Game] [[GG] Yes
Zylphie The Proper Zylphie Good Game] [[GG] No
Guild Data Last Updated: 3/28/2020 3:27:42 AM (CST)

"When you do things right, people won't be sure that you've done anything at all."

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