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Team GG [[GG] "No charter has been specified."

Duke Cannon


- Guild Members -
Name Full Name Guild Title
Al The Villainous Al, Grandmaster Healer Good Game] [[GG] No
Boreder The Glorious Lord Boreder, Grandmaster Cartographer Good Game] [[GG] Yes
Charles IV The Glorious Lord Charles IV Good Game] [[GG] No
Daisy Buchanan The Honorable Daisy Buchanan Good Game] [[GG] No
Duke Cannon The Evil Lord Duke Cannon: Spite of Evil, Grandmaster Shade Good Game] [[GG] Yes
Gold Digger The Vile Gold Digger Good Game] [[GG] No
Haalgard Haalgard Good Game] [[GG] No
Hard In The Mac The Evil Lord Hard In The Mac, Grandmaster Demoralizer Good Game] [[GG] No
Hollywood The Distinguished Lord Hollywood: Spite of Evil, Grandmaster Mage Good Game] [[GG] Yes
James Stampley The Glorious Lord James Stampley, Grandmaster Ranger Good Game] [[GG] No
Jasmine The Glorious Lady Jasmine, Grandmaster Mage Good Game] [[GG] No
Karrelane The Glorious Lady Karrelane, Grandmaster Tamer Good Game] [[GG] No
Labyrinth The Glorious Labyrinth, Grandmaster Ranger Good Game] [[GG] No
Merc The Dark Lord Merc, Grandmaster Biologist Good Game] [[GG] No
Monkey Island The Glorious Lord Monkey Island, Grandmaster Pacifier Good Game] [[GG] No
Monteith The Glorious Monteith, Grandmaster Bard Good Game] [[GG] Yes
Murkasaurus The Glorious Murkasaurus, Grandmaster Naturalist Good Game] [[GG] Yes
Orcist Lord Orcist, Grandmaster Merchant Good Game] [[GG] No
Phoenix The Illustrious Phoenix Good Game] [[GG] No
Pundaren The Dread Pundaren Good Game] [[GG] Yes
Skull The Vile Skull Good Game] [[GG] No
Stranger Things The Glorious Lady Stranger Things, Grandmaster Healer Good Game] [[GG] No
Treasure Island Lord Treasure Island, Grandmaster Cartographer Good Game] [[GG] No
Tree Hugger The Sinister Lord Tree Hugger, Grandmaster Shade Good Game] [[GG] No
Viking The Prominent Viking Good Game] [[GG] No
Wishing Frog The Glorious Lord Wishing Frog, Grandmaster Scholar Good Game] [[GG] No
Guild Data Last Updated: 6/23/2018 5:08:10 AM (CST)

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