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Soldiers of Fortune [S0F] ""Turning the Good into Great""



- Guild Members -
Name Full Name Guild Title
a bearded clam The Scoundrel a bearded clam No
a Ram The Dark Lord a Ram, Grandmaster Naturalist No
A Watermelon The Glorious Lord A Watermelon, Grandmaster Naturalist Too Fruity!! [S0F] No
a white walker The Outcast a white walker No
a Wiffle Ball The Scoundrel a Wiffle Ball No
a wildling The Outcast a wildling No
Abox The Glorious Abox Trump Train [S0F] No
Absit Omen The Rude Absit Omen Trump 2020 [S0F] No
Alf The Dastardly Alf Gordon Shumway [S0F] No
Amulek The Glorious Lord Amulek: Opponent of Evil, Grandmaster Naturalist Rucruitment Cpt. [S0F] No
an axe miner an axe miner No
Andrehicks The Glorious Lord Andrehicks, Grandmaster Tamer No
Asmodeus Asmodeus No
Aurelius The Famed Aurelius No
Banned Tryin' The Malicious Banned Tryin' Trump 2020 [S0F] No
Beastigrats The Glorious Beastigrats: Spite of Evil, Grandmaster Naturalist Champ Spawner [S0F] No
Beelzebub Beelzebub No
BigTuna The Vile BigTuna No
Black Elk The Villainous Black Elk No
Bongshmo The Illustrious Bongshmo, Grandmaster Fisherwoman No
Brick The Fair Brick No
Brickhouse Brickhouse No
Chingos The Malicious Chingos No
Chuck Norris The Scoundrel Chuck Norris Texas Ranger [S0F] No
Combat Looter The Outcast Combat Looter No
Combat Looter The Outcast Combat Looter Trump 2020 [S0F] No
Covfefe The Wretched Covfefe No
Crunk Juice The Proper Crunk Juice Love to Hate me [S0F] No
Cypherus The Evil Cypherus, Grandmaster Tamer Soldiers of Fortune [S0F] No
dai The Wretched dai No
Deathboy The Evil Deathboy: Hunter of Evil, Grandmaster Naturalist All Kill [S0F] No
Deathboy The Despicable Deathboy: Venom of Evil All Kill [S0F] Yes
Deathboy The Dread Deathboy: Hunter of Evil, Grandmaster Naturalist All Kill [S0F] No
Dirdee The Great Dirdee Yo Momma Is [S0F] No
Doosh Baggins The Scoundrel Doosh Baggins No
Drum Stick The Glorious Drum Stick, Grandmaster Pacifier No
el Ray del Mundo The Trustworthy el Ray del Mundo Soy Tu Mami [S0F] No
Evil Dead The Wicked Evil Dead: Spite of Evil Recruitment Cpt. [S0F] No
Ex Libris The Scoundrel Ex Libris No
Funeral Director The Wretched Funeral Director Trump 2020 [S0F] No
Gadianton The Scoundrel Gadianton Stick It In Em [S0F] No
Galvatron The Dark Lord Galvatron, Grandmaster Naturalist No
Glo The Noble Glo, Grandmaster Naturalist No
Gucci The Admirable Gucci No
Gzus The Great Gzus Your Savior [S0F] No
Helios The Famed Helios No
Herpatitis V The Prominent Herpatitis V No
Hitman Hart The Wretched Hitman Hart Sharpshooter [S0F] No
In Omnia Paratus The Prominent In Omnia Paratus No
Infamous The Scoundrel Infamous The O.G [S0F] No
Jackalope The Scoundrel Jackalope Gordon Shumway [S0F] No
Kebab Remover The Outcast Kebab Remover Trump 2020 [S0F] No
Kermit The Glorious Lord Kermit, Grandmaster Scholar No
Lil Junk The Honest Lil Junk No
Living Dead Girl The Dastardly Living Dead Girl No
Lugnut The Dark Lord Lugnut, Grandmaster Naturalist No
Mahgnitton The Scoundrel Mahgnitton No
Marauder The Wretched Marauder Trump 2020 [S0F] No
Medic The Despicable Medic You Need A [S0F] No
Merv Sykes The Villainous Merv Sykes, Grandmaster Tactician No
Notorious The Illustrious Notorious, Grandmaster Tamer No
Notorious The Illustrious Notorious, Grandmaster Tamer No
Notorious The Noble Lord Notorious, Grandmaster Scholar No
Phil the guard The Malicious Phil the guard Cpt. Merksauce [S0F] No
Pork Fried Rice The Admirable Pork Fried Rice No
Psycrewl Psycrewl Mental Screw [S0F] No
Qurupeco The Wicked Qurupeco: Spite of Evil No
RedBeard The Glorious Lord RedBeard Red Angel [S0F] No
Ruck The Malicious Ruck: Spite of Evil No
San Conglenik The Good San Conglenik No
ScubaSean The Glorious ScubaSean, Grandmaster Naturalist The Real Scuba [S0F] No
Shwack The Glorious Shwack, Grandmaster Biologist No
Siegfried The Glorious Siegfried, Grandmaster Veterinarian Pet Food [S0F] No
SneakyT The Illustrious SneakyT No
SneakyT The Noble SneakyT No
Spook The Evil Spook No
StarScream The Evil Lady StarScream: Opponent of Evil, Grandmaster Naturalist No
Stercus Tauri The Ignoble Stercus Tauri Merica' [S0F] No
Syducsion The Great Syducsion No
TailorWoman TailorWoman No
Taint Taint No
Taywen The Scoundrel Taywen I like Turtles [S0F] No
Taz The Glorious Taz, Grandmaster Naturalist No
The Dank Nugget The Wretched The Dank Nugget No
tom tom The Famed tom tom No
Tone Deaf The Admirable Tone Deaf No
Tormund The Scoundrel Tormund No
Tynian The Noble Lord Tynian No
Vas corp rel The Evil Vas corp rel, Grandmaster Warder No
Visera The Great Visera No
Wiggles The Illustrious Wiggles, Grandmaster Rouser First Mate [S0F] No
Xavaan Lord Xavaan, Grandmaster Tamer Blue Blitz [S0F] No
Zonde Foi Barta The Outcast Zonde Foi Barta No
Guild Data Last Updated: 2/29/2020 6:28:36 AM (CST)

"When you do things right, people won't be sure that you've done anything at all."

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