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rss The Renaissance Automated Event System

Capture The Flag

Renaissance currently has a capture the flag game run several times a week, taking place in a variety of Arenas for 2 to 4 teams. CTF games pit teams of players against each other in an attempt to capture and defend team flags to score points.

    Capture the Flag is a game that normally lasts 15-30 minutes each.
    Points are scored for capturing the flag and killing the opposing teams players.
    After each event scoring information is sent to the Renaissance Website.
    Players can win awards in a variety of categories that are awarded once a month.
    There will eventually be 8 CTF game arena's made available, with several random games a week.
    To learn more about the Renaissance CTF Events, click here for our CTF Event Guide

Player vs Player Tournaments

Players wishing to test their combat skills against other players can take place in our weekly combat tournaments.

    Several tournaments are held each week in a variety of times.
    Within the next few months players will be able to create their own Tournaments.
    Detailed player stats are uploaded and trackable on the Renaissance Website.
    Players can win a variety of Trophys for winning tournaments.
    To learn more about the Renaissance Tournaments, click here for our Tournament Guide

Player vs Monster Challenge Events

Challenge events allow players to test their skills vs monsters in a controlled environment that focus on battle skills and teamwork.

    There are a variety of challenge events in arena's and in the overworld.
    Points are scored by accomplishing the unique tasks set out in each event.
    Scoreboard and a leader broadcast are provided during the event.
    Players can win trophys for their event accomplishments.
    Challenege event results are added to the challenge leaderboard.
    Most challenge events are run over a 14 day period, with some run weekly.
    To learn more about the Renaissance Challenge Events, click here for our Challenge Event Guide

Unique Holiday Events

The Renaissance Staff have created unique and fun holiday events that take place over 14 day period allowing our players to no longer give up their holidays to play UO.

    These events allow our players to experience the holiday fun, while not giving up their holiday activities.
    Each event provides players with unique challenges to overcome.
    Additional tasks are usually hidden away to recreate simliar events that OSI used to run.
    To learn more about the Renaissance Holiday Events, click here for our Holiday Event Guide

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