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rss Connecting

Step 1. Download and Install an Ultima Online Client

Renaissance supports any classic client version of ultima beyond version 5.0. Should you not have a client installed head on over to the downloads section. Make sure that you download and install our minor client patch regardless of which version of Ultima you have.

Step 2. Download and install the latest version of razor

Make sure your computer has minimally .Net framework 2.0 here. When in doubt, you can assume you probably have this unless you computer is old, and you avoid windows updates. You can download razor here.

Step 3. Open Razor and configure it to connect to Renaissance

    Before opening razor for the first time, we want to make sure we run it as an administrator. Right click on your razor icon and choose "run as administrator". You can also change the properties of your razor shortcut on the compatability tab. This will ensure razor operates optimally. Once razor is open you will want to check these three settings.

      UO Data Directory: Leave this on autodetect unless you utilize multiple ultima online installs.

      Server: login.uorenaissance.com

      Port: 2593

Step 3. Creating your account and selecting the server

    Once connected enter in an account name and password of your choosing. Your account will be automatically created if the username you select is not already in use. Make sure to choose a complex password and write down your account information somewhere. Passwords are case sensetive.

You are allowed to create two accounts on Renaissance. If you have trouble making additional accounts it could be because your internet address is already linked to two accounts.

Welcome to Renaissance!

    Before you get started, if you are new to Ultima Online, you should consider reading our getting started guides. Should you have any other questions head on over to the forums.

    Once you create a character and log in you will be promted to register your account by entering in an email. This is an important step in order to determine ownership of an account, should you ever forget your username or password. These emails are never shared or used for any other reason. Please register all of your ingame accounts with the same email address.

"When you do things right, people won't be sure that you've done anything at all."