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Explosion Potions, crafted with the reagent Sulphurous Ash, provide the user the ability to hurtle an incendiary at a target within a 10 tile range.

Explosion potions damage all targets within a 5x5 tile area around the target, or landing place, of the potion.

When used, the player has 3 seconds to throw their potion at a target, or it will explode in their hand causing them damage. Explosion potions are also used in the making of trapped containers, by way of the Tinkering skill.

Staff Note: On UO:R There is no bonus to Explosion Potion effectiveness for having Alchemy skill.

Lesser Explosion: (3 Sulfurous Ash)
Deals 4-8 damage to all targets in the area of effect

Explosion: (5 Sulfurous Ash)
Deals 9-13 damage to all targets in the area of effect

Greater Explosion: (10 Sulfurous Ash)
Deals 14-18 damage to all targets in the area of effect


Base TypeItem
Primary TypeAlchemy
Sub Types
KeywordsExplosion Potion

Spawn Locations

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